Sunday, September 7, 2008

the wait is over!!! time for the happy dance!!!

i am so happy and excited that i had to post the announcement.

Truth, i know, i know, i am supposed to be tagged cooperatively. my cooperation was to be my next post, however my ally is blogging and props are in order! i am sure you understand. i will honor my word this week. thanks for your patience.

folks check out Khadija's blog:

she is an amazingly smart, gifted, courageous woman. all that are able to hear her voice will be blessed in some way. i know that i am.

YAY!!! Khadija's blog is up!!! the wait is over!

self love~ self acceptance~ self respect

Monday, September 1, 2008

let ALL that have an ear...hear!

so, this is a comment that was left on another post. i felt it worthy of center stage.

i pray that all that have an ear, hear. this message is what God loves...the truth!

i have been busy in preparation, i pray that more will do the same. NOW is the time!


I hope you don't mind me borrowing your forum for a moment for an urgent public service announcement. This has been on my mind a lot lately, and I'm feeling more alarmed with each day that passes.


If you haven't already done so, I strongly urge you to get a 2nd source of income immediately!

Here's why:

In the midst of our mass Obama-mania, most of us really haven't thought through the repercussions of having him in the White House.

1-If Sen. Obama is elected, the days of crying to White folks about racism will be OVER. They won't entertain that anymore. After all, racism can't be that bad if there's been a Black (sort-of) president elected. This is a problem because we don't have a collective Plan B. Our entire strategy (such as it is) revolves around protesting racism.

2-I firmly believe that this economy is going to crash. I also believe that the powers that be have been mitigating & concealing the full extent of the damage to protect George W's image. They won't extend the same favor to Obama if he's elected. In fact, they'll be sure to let all of the rotten economic eggs drop to the ground on his watch. [To make sure that he gets the blame for the past 8 years of fiscal mismanagement & crime.] This is why everybody needs a side hustle. Right now. Being totally dependent on a single (more fragile than you realize) paycheck is courting disaster.

3-When the full extent of the economic disaster hits, help WON'T be on the way from an Obama Administration. At least, not for Black folks. A Pres. Obama will feel the need to prove to White folks that he's not partial to Black people or our problems. Given our hypnotic support for him, the masses of Black folks won't even scream out while he ignores us. Our elders will quietly start eating dog food instead of groceries. They'll quietly go without medication that they can no longer afford. Many of us will quietly go without heat during the winter. And they'll want YOU to suffer quietly too! After all, "we" gotta support the "brother." You won't get any support from other Black folks for crying out (or making any noise at all) during an Obama Administration. Don't let this scenario happen to you or your loved ones. Get ready. Get prepared. ASAP.

Peace, blessings and solidarity."