Tuesday, July 30, 2013

in this world...but not of it...time to tell the Truth

in the world...not of it...
believe with all that i am that it is time for all to know and tell the Truth...this black, brown and white man makes you bob your head while they break it down. 

for those that can't get with the Scriptures just you go...tip of the iceberg to a bomb beat.  can you dig it?  

side note:  this is the appropriate use of the n-word.  the folks that most embody the traits...tend to be suited up, secret society members, well educated, demonically racist and pale.  know this.  know your enemy.   of course, the evil colored help...folks are quick to assign the slur.  make sense?   

know Him...know  Truth.  

ps...for me...i don't want to see anyone dead.  my sincere prayers are for peace...His Light...resurrection...awakening.  i pray for those in positions close to the fire that must struggle daily on a whole different level.  He wants that none of us be lost.  i want what He wants...let's come together on one accord in...

ONE Love~ ONE People~ ONE Mind...and release heaven to earth...Matthew 6:9-13...ONE Voice, now!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

redemption song...

'the path of the virtuous leads from evil; whoever follows that path is safe.' Proverbs 16:17

He is not a man that He should lie.  there are no sneak attacks, lie by huge omission, nor snare.  the enemy to our souls specializes in evil.  his demons specialize in their specific field.  they work diligently to deceive you into disobedience to Almighty's Word and Way.  they can only be successful, though, when we exercise our will.  we must agree to be deceived.

to my sisters and daughters...we  must know that our virtue is our protection.  society=all of us, both men and women.  society will go in the direction that we allow it.  now is time to turn this thing around. 

as i walk through my journey, i see bw in crisis.  hurting and suffering for sin...acting as if folks are having a good time.  evidence of media programming on display all day.  very short shorts, high heels, lots of cleavage, plenty makeup, big hoop earrings, red is time to put some clothes on and behave as daughters of Yahweh Almighty.  He is a strong tower.  run to Him for safety. 

Proverbs 18:10-the name of the Sovereign is a strong tower:  the righteous runneth into it, and is safe. is crucial that take a look in the mirror.  we must know that as Eve played her part to contribute to the fall...we Eves today will also have to play our parts to contribute to humanity's redemption.   it is not easier to hurt than heal.  we have the power to shut this down...another post for another time.  for the last couple of days i have been listening to this song.  thought i would share.  i like the natural balance...which has been interrupted by demons on assignment.  only we, through our consistent collective behavior, will be able to restore much needed balance.  the spirits are subject to us.  we are not subject to them in His power.  we can only move in His triumphant power...when we seek redemption through Him...

ONE Love~ ONE People~ ONE Mind...release heaven to earth...Matthew 6:9-13...ONE Voice, now!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

we are lovely...believe Him

hit play, forgive the abrupt ending when you get there, and hear me...if you can...
'to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.' -Ralph Waldo Emerson
to my sisters i urge you to determine within yourselves that you are lovely, just the way that you are...ignore the world.  please.  believe Him, instead.  He is not a man that He should lie. 
believe that history will look favorably upon women...the daughters of Yahweh...the sleeping giants, will awake to see the resurrection...the raising up...a rising from the dead...that of Messiah...that of all men at the end of this present age...the resurrection of certain ones' history who were restored to life
accept deliverance.. that we might receive our men from their sleep and be free my sisters...we are lovely...believe Him...resist the enemy...we women have always played a significant part in history and the resurrection...see it written...and know we are lovely...right now.  our virtue protects us.  turn to Him and be secure in your lovely. 
'I will make you and the woman hostile toward each other. I will make your descendants and her descendants hostile toward each other. he will crush your head, and you will bruise his heel.'-Genesis 3:15
 ready to spiritually crush heads?  i am...i'd like to spiritually behead then crush; it's personal.  thank you.  let's go!   Almighty leading the way...
ONE Love~ ONE People~ ONE Mind...release heaven to earth...Matthew 6:9-13...ONE Voice, now!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

looks like mj 2.0 next the signs

noticed the glaring obvious as i went in search of mj pics for the last post...

   is that Kurt Cobain on her t-shirt?  throwing up horn sign as well?  cutting scars, before our attention was called to her doing this? 

visited vigilant citizen's  blog where he was updating Paris' current situation.  my heart feels sad for her and prays that the whole host of heaven will encamp about her and help her stand strong.  why are her family behaving as they are?  is no one strong enough spiritually to intervene?  is every Jackson for sale?

  i knew when i read awhile back that Paris indicated some of the singing on her dad's last album was not him, there was going to be a problem.  the other two children aren't as vocal it seems.  this little girl has a lot of spunk.  i pray that Yahweh will reach out, touch, and compel Paris Jackson to Him, even now.

you know, this is my prayer for all of His people.  He wants that none of His children be lost.  that is my heart's desire as well.  i pray that in persecution and tribulation, we can all remember to give Him the praise and remain prayerful that He might strengthen us by the hour...daily.  i pray that He will guide us to where He wants each of us to be.  when we get in position, having brought our spiritual A game;  i pray we will each act in set apart boldness to spiritually behead devils that come against us...using the sword of His Word to bind and cast them back to the place they will dwell for eternity.  Love is the answer and only way...this is a spiritual, not physical battle.  please know this...those that seek to satisfy blood lust/walk in disobedience are not operating in His Understanding, Power nor Protection...and will surely bite off more than they can chew.

before we were all distracted...remember the hollow point  ammunition stockpile, that even the compromised politician puppets were making noise about?  i remember... 

back to baby girl Paris... is that animal print?  no bueno. 

then her twitter update pic breaks my heart.  is her lip bruised?  Embedded image permalink

since Almighty has turned up my spirit in a mighty way...i have asked Him to give me confirmation of certain things along the way.  i don't want to make anymore mistakes.  it was interesting to go to vigilant citizen's site and see his post on Paris Jackson.  she was on my mind after seeing the above pics of her, as i looked for back in the day photos of her dad.

if you have not visited vigilant citizen's site...i suggest you do.  it was his site where i first learned of Paris' twitter status.  that pic is haunting when coupled with the secret society messages vigilant citizen attributed to her twitter account.  i also suggest you get and stay prayed up...full of the Word...and be alert.  watch.  pray without ceasing.  lean not on your own understanding...look to Him and He will direct your it is written.

i find the comment section to be a wealth of minds coming together of one accord are powerful.  invite Him in...and we it is written.    

ONE Love~ ONE People~ ONE Mind...release heaven to earth...Matthew 6:9-13 ONE Voice, now!

Monday, July 15, 2013

signs and symbols rule the world...

signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius


for those of us that understand the programming...these photos speak volumes. 

looking back...your eyes always looked so sad.  guess that's why you stopped showing them in the end as the sadness progressed to Michael.  it took awhile for me to see...

for those that don't have an understanding yet.   i will post links below.  before i do...let me say this:

if you don't have the proper will find yourself being programmed.  that said the following sites have been instrumental in opening my eyes:

i urge folks to youtube esoteric kitty...she did an excellent job of breaking this down so that i can recognize the programming that happens nonstop in plain sight.

once  we understand how the enemy works, it becomes easier to flip the script...the Truth is inverted thus perverted.  it has been His answers to my prayers that helped me to understand:

'if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.'-Nikola Tesla

there is another nugget that i cannot paraphrase...nor find just now where i wrote it when understanding put it all together..when the notepad reappears (it always does;), i will be sure to share.  it is something to the effect that if one can identify the script another is operating on...they can mentally/spiritually flip the tangible (what manifests materially/flesh) with the intangible (mind power).  combine that with understanding of energy, frequency and vibration...coming together on one accord...we.can't.lose.  it is written.

MJ, doing a rewind, while paying attention to your life, helped me to better understand much.  thanks again, for your efforts to sound the alarm. 

ONE Love~ ONE People~ One Mind...release heaven to earth...Matthew 6:9-13...One Voice, now!

they don't care about us...

...they don't care about us...i'm here to remind you...  -MJ

they don't care about none of us people...all colors...know this.  know also  'that there is no fear in love; but perfect love cast out fear:  because fear has torment.  he that fears is not made perfect in love.  we love Him, because He first loved us.  if a man say, i love Almighty, and hates his brother, he is a liar:  for he that loves not his brother whom he has seen, how can he love Almighty whom he has not seen?  and this commandment have we from him, that he who loves Almighty loves his brother also.' - 1 John 4:18-21

the enemy wants to de-populate.  programming us to hate, fight and kill one another is a means to that end.  they are too 'elite' in their minds to get their hands dirty.  as per usual they expect the poor slaves (which we are all to them) to take each other out.  recognize the game and flip it.  duality.  inverted knowledge.  the others serve the defeated one, as it is written. flip the script my people.  i can only do it with His strength.  those operating in their own strength, won't make it.  that's the Truth my people.  the righteous are called to be wise as serpents but as harmless as doves.  let us in Love stand down in Peace and force the hidden hand to reveal itself...all over the country.  i pray in His Mighty Name that this is the energy that prevails today across the nation.  recognizing the game and flipping it, is what folks around the world are waiting for us to do. 

thanks for the song that played in my heart this morning, Michael. i became a fan after your death.  it took your leaving for me to pay you attention.  the plain as day murder, cover up, and patsy spanking playing out before my eyes, gave me cause to pause.  i admit...i had you on ignore as a result of my lack of understanding.  looking deeper,  i have had to give in account for my idle words.  as Almighty revealed much to me...i simply say, forgive me.  i love you.  thank you for your efforts to sound the alarm.  may your resilient, courageous, wise soul rest peacefully.  you taught me a valuable lesson...everyone has something of value to offer if one will simply pay attention.  hence the enemy's non stop quest to divide and foment ill will and hatred among otherwise peaceful people. 

all signs indicate it is time for ALL of Almighty's people to come together, of one accord, Galatians 3:28 style and lift our voices to Him in prayer...He will hear...and answer in a mighty way...if we would only obey Him and believe...Genesis 11:6-'and Almighty said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do.'  

ONE Love~ ONE People~ ONE Mind...release heaven to earth...Matthew 6:9-13...One Voice, now!

Sunday, July 14, 2013


rest in peace...

trayvonfreemason2some of us are wide awake and see clearly sir.  it is never too late to repent and turn your heart.  know this. 

couldn't put my finger on it.  knew something was amiss all along.  saw clearly that the prosecutor was laying down rather than mounting a case.

ONE Love~ ONE People~ ONE Mind...release heaven to earth...Matthew 6:9-13 One Voice, now!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

some good news...

it is easy to become a card carrying member of the doomsday brigade...

understanding that what one focuses on expands...i pray more of us back away from the hopeless trickbag and instead re-direct our energy to this Truth.

in the New Testament- Acts 17:31, one learns of resurrection.  just to name one of many Scriptures.  i believe there are over forty.

recently met someone that insisted that the New Testament was first written in greek.  on a personal level, i am not married to that belief.  i understand this is the narrative one is urged to accept.  since i tend to question it all...all i got on the topic are...questions.  

that said, despite this difference in belief/understanding, Almighty saw fit to show me how to show the significance of Hebrew in the New Testament.  why else would there be Hebrews 4:8?  there should be a margin note there if you look it up-which i suggest you do.  take no one's word for it.

more questions, i mean this is the Name above all others, yes? how is the word in the margin note pronounced in Hebrew?  why the specific detail?  might that be an important nugget for those searching through Scriptures to find Him and their Higher Purpose?  add this to when one  reads John 11:25...the same person, called by His Hebrew Name is speaking.  He is saying that He is the resurrection, and the life.  He goes further to say that he that believeth in Him, though dead, yet shall live. 

if we go back to greek and the strong's concordance, we find resurrection , strong's greek G#386 feminnine noun.  anastasis...resurrection.  here's what i found by way of a definition:

1.) a raising up
2) a rising from the dead
    a- that of Messiah
    b-that of all men at the end of the present age
    c- the resurrection of certain ones history who were restored to life (Hebrews 11:35) being me, i go to Hebrews 11:35 and found this Good News nugget:

Hebrews 11:35- women received their dead raised to life again: and others were tortured, not accepting deliverance; that they might obtain a better resurrection.

and folks...that little ditty sent me right back to John 11:25.  read a bit further to John 11:26 and got this Good News...'And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die, Believeth thou this?'

in a word...yes.  i do.  i am good.  saying His Name in Hebrew and blessed with perfect Peace on the other side of fully making up my mind. 

did someone say they felt 'hopeless'?  how so?

ONE Love~ ONE People~ ONE Mind...release heaven to earth...Matthew 6:9-13 One Voice, Now!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

if the new world order had a theme song...

so, i obediently completed my rewind.

in my travels, i saw many lessons along the way.  examples of my looking to the left and the right.  done with that...He showed me how high the stakes really are.  time is short and i am committed to being about my Father's business.

i love music.  it is such a powerful medium.  who was in charge of it before he was cast out to reign over earth for an appointed time?  yeah...funny that.

when He pulled the scales from my eyes, He showed me and gave me Understanding for the symbols that are everywhere.  you know...the folks we see doing all that talking are really the help.  those that create the plans that the talkers execute communicate globally, daily, using symbols.  signs.  handshakes.  doublespeak.  all hiding visibly in plain sight.     

looking at the symbols the artists or their handlers chose to affix to their music is quite telling for those in the know.  with His Understanding and Love, there is no fear.  there is only Love.  i pray for these artists that they will know that it is not too late to seek Him.  it is a lie from the pit of hell to believe that your deals are done and that is it and all.  i could go on and on.   i won't.  folks have got to know this Truth though.   otherwise they will feel hopeless. 

if the new world order had a theme song...i think it would sound a little something like this:

'go back to from pain (which makes man/mankind think) and Truth and choice and other poison devils'

which is the exact opposite of the Truth.  i am reminded of the first subtil lie...Genesis 3:4 'And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die.'

here's the Good News, in our obedience to Him, we win as it is written- James 4:7 'Submit yourselves therefore to Yahweh.  Resist the devil, and he will flee you.'  that sounds like good news to me.   all i gotta do is refuse to be devilish?  refuse to give ear to him?  that's all.  man, His yoke is easy...burden light.  why do we act as if it is easier to hurt than to heal?  why do we act like He wants more than to simply bless us?  that is ALL he wants to do.

despite it being clearly written that the wages of sin is death- Romans 6:23 'For the wages of sin is death but the gift of Yahweh is eternal life through Yahushua Messiah our Sovereign.'

why when faced with a lie, have we throughout history behaved as if Almighty is the one telling it?  sleeping folks don't really think...hence the non stop subliminal and overt messages to go back to sleep.  when i first was led to write, i used to say that folks' want a lullaby when they need wake up salts.  on the other side of spiritual growth, i would only add- folks' flesh beg for a lullaby when their spirits cry out for wake up salts.  most of what we see around us are people suffering for their sin.  the enemy to our soul never saves his servants.  he simply enslaves and destroy them...once and then again for eternity if they serve him to the end. sad really to perish for lack of the Information Age no less...He always provides a way of escape.

it is my sincere prayer in the Name of Almighty and His Anointed One for whom i am most grateful, that more will see that if the world says go back to is time to flip the script and awake.  the enemy specializes in the opposite of the fact, he is the father of it is written...may all spiritually awake and think about it. then make up your mind to do something.  be a part of the solution.   know that love is an essential ingredient in the solution.  know that we win, as it is written.

ONE Love~ ONE People~ ONE Mind...release heaven to earth...Matthew 6:9-13...ONE Voice, now! 

Monday, July 8, 2013


sometimes, in order to move must stop and... rewind.

said order to better know in which direction to next go, once must consider where they have been---their history.  where their people have been.   in the bigger picture this principle also holds true i believe.

i was pricked in the spirit recently.  a soft nudge and caution to rewind.  time found me a bit stuck, for lack of a better word, as i obeyed.  it is one of the pitfalls of rewinding through history.  in the big picture, it is tempting for me to get stuck with the angry screw face.  lol.  injustice gets under my skin.  grrr.  ALL praises due to Almighty that He also saw fit to remind me that i am called to His Purpose and that it was time to move forward...powerfully.  my heart is full of His praise.  only He is worthy of such praise, truly.

introspection and reflection allows me to better extract the valuable lessons that have been amassed along the way.  long has my prayer been for Wisdom.  i feel the beginnings of this great blessing.  on some level...i have always known He was real.  through the years He has revealed Himself to me in mighty ways.  my rebellious nature has been broken.  i no longer feel rebellious toward Him.  i am eternally grateful that He broke the rebellion and not my neck...and prayerful that i don't fall as i work out my salvation with fear and trembling.  He mercifully did not break my neck...but i gotta testify that He definitely can tap you to get your attention when one's head is hard;)  despite reflecting...i am still unclear as to why i felt compelled to run away from Him when He first called?  what was that about?  whatever that mystery was about, i can tell you for sure i am thankful for His Grace and Mercy... 

daily, i remind myself that Obedience to His Word is worth more than sacrifice.  this keeps me in check.  it is my sincere prayer that all that have occasion to read these words will take a few moments and ask Almighty Yahweh Himself to pray for them that they may commit their lives in Obedience to Him.

truly we receive not because we ask not.  it is time to house clean.  if we pay attention...Obey is a prominently featured message.  here's the will truly only obey Him or one other.  when one bottom lines matters...that is the bottom line.  it does not really matter all of the special deeeep ways one has for maintaining their deception.  those that love lies will have no shortage of them to choose from.  some have even layered lies upon layer and layer of more lies.  they have done so for so long that it is now their heartfelt truth.  as it is written:  2 Thessalonians 2:11-12.  i feel most saddened for those that must combat a lifetime of digesting a steady diet of lies.

done with my rewind.  committed fully to moving forward powerfully...may you be in your life as well.

ONE Love~ONE People~ONE Mind...release heaven to earth...Matthew 6:9-13 One Voice, Now!