Thursday, March 12, 2009

call it what it is...please

quite a few bloggers have posted this video. i have seen and heard it discussed in the news. i have heard it described a lot of ways. yet, i still have a question...

...why do folks have such a hard time calling it what it is?

police brutality

how have we become so content to only use those words as it relates to our sons, brothers, and other male folk?

our collective refusal to have the courage to tell the truth and shame the devil, allows others to pretend not to know that passes are not being written for bw/bg simply because we are female.

i will call it.

may i suggest that other bw/bg start to do the same?

the police are man-handling, raping, and murdering us. we are being incarcerated in alarming numbers. right now. yet, on our watch, we collectively refuse to call it what it is. instead, when we lift our voices, it is to speak to the plight of bm in this so called system of justice.

maybe we should focus more on creating that much needed balance, in the interest of...

...self love~self acceptance~self respect

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

going back to basics

i put myself on a time-out.

from writing, dating, and engaging others to the extent that my "social butterfly" personality would dictate, when in "business as usual" mode.

there have been many reasons for this.

the main reason is that my total focus has been on building my new business and meeting that objective...powerfully.

when i write that it is imperative to ensure survival for bw to channel all energy into creating multiple streams of i am committed to moving powerfully, with focused purpose to that end.

i am committed to not only surviving, but thriving, despite the lean years that one can so clearly see looming ahead. i am committed to walking the walk. as such, there has not been much time for talking. there is a price to be paid for all worthwhile things and i am willing to pay the price.

nevertheless, i have continued to follow, without comment, blogs that make me proud...Muslim Bushido. Khadija, work it out sis! as well as others that challenge and grow BWBTT. Lisa, you are an undeniable powerhouse. while we do not always see things eye to eye, i thank you for unapologetically Evia and Sara, consistently telling the unpopular, needs to be spoken truth as they see and know it. Gina, reading your blog, inspired me to blog. i am eternally grateful for your courage. there are many other bw and others that have fed me as i have been on time-out. i cannot name them all now. however, i will say, continue to lift your voices. one can never truly know whose lives they are impacting. i don't mind "lurkers" for this reason. there is no need to engage with me, if my writing encourages you to claim your birthright as powerful women and children of God.

while on time-out, i also visited blogs that express views totally foreign to me. in fact, while at one such site, i felt truly compelled to ask questions, in an effort to get an understanding. maybe, i will address that further at a later time. considering my time constraints, i cannot justify allocating too much precious time right now. however, in integrity, i will apologize to Truth Be Told, for my assumptions about the anticipated response to me. although, we do not agree and have very different filters, i was not disrespected in our exchange. in fact, let me take a moment and say thank you. i am uncertain of your gender, yet suffice it to say, i appreciate you behaving like an respectful intelligent adult. as time permits, i would like to respond to your last comment. i see open lines of communication as a turn in the right direction. clearly there is a disconnect that can only be repaired by honest, respectful, good-faith communication.

the need to sit and write has been pricking my spirit for awhile now. those that know me can attest to the fact that i am rarely without something to say. (that fact still cracks me up. alas, the more things change, the more they stay the same:-) my lifted voice is a direct result of my spending a lot of time thinking. in fact, i have been admonished often, by male and female, that i think too much.

as i sat to write, i felt compelled to reflect on why i started writing initally.

somewhere i read, that when lost, it is wise to go back to basics. in truth, i have so many thoughts and evolving beliefs that at times, quite frankly, i feel lost in them. so i choose to lean on wisdom and go back to basics...

...i started writing to save my life.

realizing that i must save my life, if i am to impact the lives of other bw and bg. i started writing to quiet the storm of words and wisdom that refused me peace until they had been put on paper. until the message is out of me, i truly know no peace. as the words and wisdom nag me to be given life by being spoken into the universe, so did the scripture that teaches---obedience is worth more than sacrifice. i could not escape that scripture until i started to write, speak, and teach as i navigate my journey. oftentimes i teach my son that life is not a popularity contest. i have had to walk that talk in order to know peace.

upon reflection, it truly was the darndest thing. the fact is, above all else, i seek a peaceful, fulfilling, rewarding, abundant, blessed journey. not only for myself, but for as many bw/bg who will choose it for themselves.

going back to basics, and after much thought, i have decided that it is impossible, for healthy boys/men to be threatened by girls/women that are seeking these jewels in life. should the first teachers of a nation secure these jewels...we all win...

in my message, i have tried to be clear. it seems as though i have failed, so let me make the attempt again. if bg/bw are to be saved---we must save ourselves. if we perish, we will have no one but ourselves to blame. this is not the time of victims. that time has long since passed. there are no victims, barring the babies, at this point. there are only VOLUNTEERS.

the basic truth is that i write in the interest of self love~self acceptance~ self respect...