Friday, October 30, 2009

there is no way to "title" THIS for me

hear primal screaming...

child abuse, child rape, child prostitution punishable with...

life in prison...WITHOUT parole PLUS four years????????????????????????????????????????

where in the world is our...

self love~self acceptance~self respect?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

stronger than me

this could be wrong...

that is the only disclaimer i will make.

now that i have gotten that out of the back to your not so regularly scheduled, fully expressed program:-)

there is a song that plays in my head as i look around from time to time and indulge in people watching, one of my favorite pasttimes.

my life is set to music. for pretty much any thought/memory i have, there is an artist that has already written and sung about it. funny that, artists actually causing one to think! can someone please let the new school so-called hip hop/r & b crowd know? geesh. it is a shame when one must look to england to get the closest dose of the lost artform.

the lyrics:

You should be stronger than me (i once had to explain this to a man in conversation. thank God! i wasn't misguided or unfortunate enough to try to date him.)
You been here seven years longer than me
Don't you know you supposed to be the man?
Not pale in comparison to who you think I am (if men, black ones in particular, held themselves to the same standard they hold bw women, it would be a NEW DAY. that is just an observation, i for one am NOT holding my breath.)

You always wanna talk it through

I don't care

I always have to comfort you
When I'm there
But that's what I need you to do
Stroke my hair
I've forgotten all of young love'
s joy (don't forget love's joy, walk away from the liability. stat.)
Feel like a lady, but you my lady boy ("lady boy" cracks me up-can't think of a better way to call the condition.)

You should be stronger than me
But instead you're longer than frozen turkey
Why'd you always put me in control?
All I need is for my man to live up to his role

You always wanna talk it through

I'm O.K.

I always have to comfort you
But that's what I need you to do
Are you gay?

I've forgotten all of young love's joy
Feel like a lady, but you my lady boy

He said 'the respect I made you earn, thought you had so many lessons to learn'
I said 'you don't know what love is get a grip'
Sounds as if you're reading from so other tired script

I'm not gonna meet your mother anytime
I just wanna grip your body
over mine (despite ALL other observations made, still maintaining this mindset is the quickest route to disgraced/dishonored baby mamadom---forget whatever else you heard! sex is designed for procreation. the ladyboy whose body you grip, may be the father of your child. WHY do that to yourself and the innocent child? think. do your part to help his useless genes die! NO BODY GRIPPING!!! stop the madness sisters. we have the power.)
So tell me why you think that's a crime (because it is. hence the aforementioned red comment. lol! i am cracking myself up right now!)

I've forgotten all of young love's joy
Feel like a lady and you my lady boy

You should be stronger than me (if he clearly demonstrates that he is not and has no idea of his two primary roles as a man---P&P ladies! RUN in the opposite direction of him; don't worry about appearing rude.)

now for the visuals and music. say what you like about Ms Winehouse, her music is amazing. she should have won awards for her music. now, if folks wanted to give her awards for her sustained sobriety...that would be a whole other Oprah.

Amy Winehouse- Stronger than me video

the images are a trip. but hey, i guess it is more acceptable when others say it?

i said it in the interest of...

self love~self acceptance~self respect

Thursday, October 1, 2009

self destruction...

ok. it has been a few minutes. i intended to sit and write a certain post, then life intervened. lol!

we have the dunbar village trial in full swing. i have learned my stomach is not as strong as i would like it to be. i can't hang.

one should give thanks and praise to the most high that i am not in charge. it would be my order that the assailants and their trifling parents be thrown in a burning building and folks just walk away. seriously. the excuses are too much.

where is the sharpton clown now? hmmm?

then the Derrion Albert murder on video. as expected the excuses flow freely. who has time?

as the mother of a seventeen year old son, i used the video as a teaching tool. my son and i engaged in conversation about the real life experiences that he will encounter. i was reminded of one such real life experience i encountered last holiday season.

my friend girl and i were headed to the mall in hollywood, to return the jeans i purchased without trying on. don't quite know why i did that, nonetheless, they did not fit. as we are standing in a crowd of pedestrians, a black and hispanic male started to pound one another in the head right next to us.

the violence in such close proximity to me frightened me to no end. my instincts led me away from the melee. as my friend and i held hands running away from what became a brawl that spilled into the crosswalk and street, we encountered a group of young black males. they asked what was happening. we told them that there was violence in the direction from which we had come. to my utter amazement they went towards the violence despite our warnings to go in our direction. looking back, i could see shirts being ripped off and folks getting dragged across the concrete. my friend and i called the police and flagged down a police car to send them to assist the folks that were caught up as a result of waiting for the light to change.

as i watch the video of Derrion Albert, all i can think is he might have lived had he walked in wisdom and moved away from the violence. my beau says at least his mother knows he was being a good samaritan and attempting to break up the fight. my logic is, he could have moved away from the violence and called the police as an act of a good samaritan. a dead good samaritan is dead nonetheless.

watching the video made me think of another video. i am posting it here.

which leads me to something else that i read:

in the words of a great African scholar and author, Chinweizu:

“The n-i-g-g-e-r is the African mangled by white power, a peculiar travesty produced by centuries of European imperialism and Arab hegemony. And alas! After more than a century of being completely in the dungeons of White Power, all (most---some of us understand what we are seeing and refuse to become niggers) of us Africans today have become N-i-g-g-e-rs.

The N-i-g-g-e-r is the zombie into which White Power has deformed the African. The N-i-g-g-e-r is a fake African—a person of African race, who has been stripped of African culture, and who is culturally Eurocentric and Arabocentric.

The N-i-g-g-e-r is a biological African who has internalized white supremacist superstitions, and become Afrophobic and even Eurochauvinist…the N-i-g-g-e-r is a person with black skin, white mind and white spirit, an African salt that has lost its savor, brown sugar that has turned sour.

The N-i-g-g-e-r is a strange creature—the nominal African, who despises his race, denies African culture, demonizes his ancestors, and yet expects, even demands that people of the other self-respecting races of humanity should respect him and treat him as an equal member of humanity.

The N-i-g-g-e-r is possessed by the ideas and ideals of White Supremacy; the Afrocidal African who craves to be white, physically (eg. Wacko Jacko), or culturally (eg. The assortment of Black Europeans in the Homeland, Afro-Saxons in the Diaspora, and Omar Bashir with his criminal band of Arabizer—Jihadeer slavers and ethnic cleansers in the Sudan).”

in other places i have spoken at length about mentacide. mentacide is the condition whereby one acts without conscious thought against their own best interest(s). Dr. Bobby Wright wrote extensively about this condition. it has been diagnosed yet folks refuse to acknowledge it or act in ways to counter it. instead, i hear arguments about why the slur with "er" is different than the slur with "gga".

as a result of collective refusal to get real with ourselves and one another, we see and will continue to see episodes like the video of the murder of Derrion Albert play out time and again...Derrion Albert never had to worry about the klan, but he most definitely needed to be concerned about a fellow black man...

my sisters and daughters, you, too, need to be concerned. pay attention. act in your best interests at all times.

....i call it out in the interest of ...

self love~self acceptance~self respect