Wednesday, November 5, 2008

putting it in perspective

i am tickled pink! long ago, i consoled myself with this possible upside. there is always an upside!

at the very least, black males and others will be hard pressed to "joke" about black women in the white house and as impediments to success now.

as the clowns "joked" about Michelle in the white house, when black, i allowed myself to excuse them. i found empathy and compassion in the realization that their poor little enslaved minds just would not allow them to see in their minds eye what they've not been shown consistently in the media---many examples of regal, educated, classy black women. in their little minds we don't exist, much less deserve to be featured in prominent places. especially not those that look undeniably, no need to stare black. (yes! i said it, it is true! i don't believe Mr. President elect would wear such a title had he been born to two parents that looked like his father in hue and features. but that's just me and beside the point.)

i am tickled pink that there will be a black woman and two little black girls in the white house!

i pray that his Oness does a great job; otherwise i fully expect for it to somehow be widely accepted as Michelle's fault. sound familiar?

in the interim, i will enjoy the images and hope that Michelle brings as many black women with her as she can. black wardrobe stylist, black hairstylist, black chef, black secretaries, black assistants...

OMG, i just described a nightmare for some americans! lol!

self love~ self acceptance~ self respect

if i were a boy...a.k.a. male privilege

i must confess, i have found Beyonce hard to stomach at times; in fact most of the time.

the sole reason for this assertion is that i cannot listen to music and tune out the messages. i cannot watch videos and discount the power of images. i listen to lyrics/words. i pay attention to images. i respect the truth that words are powerful and can give both life and death to the speaker as well as the listener. i honor the fact that a positive image can build you up and a negative one can tear you down---if you allow it. additionally, i have trained myself to pay attention. so it has been impossible to tune out the bootylicious, freak 'em dress, upgrade, sugar momma lyrics/images that she has jiggled, bounced, and gyrated her way through. i have felt neither entertained, amused, nor proud. being decidedly heterosexual, i haven't felt titillated either; there has been no appeal whatsoever.

i haven't really bothered to address this issue before. it has been my experience that when women make any effort to hold other women accountable for their words and/or (mis)behavior, we are oftentimes met with accusations of "hating" or "jealousy". so i had very politely turned her off and saved myself from the pollution. when she married the woman beater, who has 99 problems but a b ain't one---it occurred to me that she would have no choice but to get a clue in due time.

so i was sitting on the parking lot, a.k.a. the 101 freeway:-) when i heard this song...

If I Were A Boy - Beyonce

...and it made me think. thanks at last Beyonce.

i thought again about the fact that we hold great power ladies. we frequently choose to foolishly relinquish it. we possess the power to change our worlds. we must strive to become better wiser women each day. in addition to doing this for ourselves, we must take the time to help a girl get these nuggets as well---it just may save her life.

you know, now that i think of it, Joe sang about the same thing..

ok. that was for me. i told you i was decidedly heterosexual:-)

back to my original point...

...reciprocity saves lives and time. check for reciprocity. demand reciprocity. settle for nothing less than reciprocity in our lives. reciprocity is the best way to neutralize male privilege, i think. what do you think? share if you feel so inclined.