Wednesday, August 27, 2008, super, quickly...

i know this is random.

i tend to be this way from time to time:-)

this bugger of a thought has been stuck in my head for awhile now...

...all of you folks that couldn't/wouldn't shut up about darfur, why are you now talking to me about the olympics?


duh?! i am not watching the olympics this time around! maybe they can hold the next one in the congo or iraq?

i am not trying to be funny, i am just saying...


Sunday, August 17, 2008

tell the truth and shame the devil... has been a minute since i last wrote anything.

i have been in a season of transition. in that time i have lurked in the blogosphere, as time permits, and read and read and read. ok, i have commented as well when i could not resist the urge:-)

i sat down to write a post that would honor my commitment to be tagged cooperatively. Truth, i promise i will be cooperative real soon!

however, right now i feel led to go in a different direction.

in reading today, i came across an essay that really resonated with me. i have come to a place where i can hear the truth and appreciate it from where ever it might come. i feel no shame in admitting that there was a time when such was not the case.

there is a blog that i visit whenever i have the time. i have learned to watch how the messages flow and unfold. i have learned the hard way that too hastily embracing folks will leave me needing to severe ties when bloggers demonstrate that playing way out in left field, at black women and girls' expense, is the regular practice...

this blogger, however, has been pretty consistent in telling the truth despite all the rules and conditioning that he must cast off in order to do it. i appreciate and respect him as a result.

in all reality, i still, at times, struggle with the conditioning that mandates that i stand and fight on behalf of black men. black women are trained and conditioned to love and protect black men. black men are trained to love and men. see the problem?

my reciprocity clause has caused me to consciously work through the impulse to protect black men. especially, when quite a few black men will not make a peep as sisters are being attacked from all directions. any noise made is to add to the assaults. right now, these same black men are still deciding if they want to get serious about standing up and asserting themselves on behalf of black women and children. i would say they were waiting for a sign from God, but then there have already been many. there is instead a collective refusal to say or do anything against other black men that would make them accountable and responsible for their misbehavior.

in the interest of balance, i am sick sick sick of black women that work diligently to maintain the exploitation and degradation of black women and girls. putting these females on blast whenever possible does not trouble me in the least. i am acutely aware that men get not only their names but their games from their mothers. fathers are typically too busy doing other things. all colors. even the good ones. there are women working diligently against the best interests of black women and girls. i consider these women the enemy and will work diligently to neutralize them or take them out. please know title, religion nor age matter to me. the truth is the truth and if you are on the wrong side of it...

my wake up call has been impossible to snooze through.

my commitment to black women and girls disallows me to wake up and quietly allow my sisters to snooze to their total and complete detriment/destruction.

this blogger put into words the realization that has been impossible for me to fight against as a conscious black woman. here is an excerpt:

"Considering the high rate of murder, incarceration, and inter-racial dating among black men, and the overwhelming loyalty of black women, for every single black man walking the streets, he has a veritable harem of black women who are willing to give there bodies to him and even go so far as to take care of him. From a man's point of view, what more could any man ask for in life? This situation suits black men just fine. But, what if men of other races start to take women away from their loyal harem? All of a sudden life doesn't seem so peachy. So it's my belief that black men don't even believe most of their own complaints about black women, they just do so as a deterrent to other men who might be considering "stealing from their harem"."

sisters, read the rest of his thoughts at Other Women Don't Suck. i don't particularly like the title of his blog, however, it is his blog. furthermore, his message is spot on consistently.

allow me to say this a different way...

...those that we fight relentlessly to protect, have no real interest(s) in making our lives better. our suffering enhances their quest to feel/be/live as men.

sisters, help ain't coming! if you want to be free you will need to seize it. immediately exercise your options and create the lives you want. where there is no reciprocity, there is no place for you---flee! period. tell the truth and shame the devil---my personal choice.

questions? comments? feel free to share...