Sunday, January 4, 2009

happy new year...create your best year...yet...


it's a new year.

this fact alone, i find extremely exciting. it is like a new outfit, new pretty underwear (a personal favorite:-), a new car, new home, new love...

...each new year i tend to spend a great deal of time reflecting.

what did i learn last year?

what did i hold to be the gospel truth before time/wisdom/experience wrenched it away?

who have i allowed in my life that truly has no place moving forward, if my movement is to be powerful?

aaahhh...introspection, reflection, meditation.

frankly, sometimes i find it more pleasant than other times!

here's the thing. i have a post that has been banging around in me for awhile now. each time i sit down to write it, i feel blocked. it is as if writing it makes it real. sometimes, it is very difficult to get real i find.

everything i have ever written, i have believed with every fiber of my being. my paradigm shift born of new year reflections, introspection, and mediation is causing great discomfort.

i have strengthened my resolve to pull it in, reach a place of acceptance, say what needs to be said, and most importantly DO what needs to be done.

all in the interest of creating my best year yet and...