Tuesday, June 25, 2013

tell Him, Lauryn...the Victory is in the Praise

sis...i see clearly... and urge you to stand strong.  know that the only One that matters is the One that holds your Salvation.  there is a reason the world hates Black women and it is ok...we are the Eves (mothers of all) and as long as we are close to Almighty, they are on the wrong team.  all Praises to Almighty Yahweh!!!

may the whole host of heaven encamp about you as you are strengthened in Faith and Trust in Him.  i pray in the mighty name of Yahweh and His Son Yahushua Messiah, that you and your family are protected and peaceful with your minds focused on Him.

your beautiful songs and desire to marry Scripture and hip hop has inspired me through the years.  may you find your unbreakable/unshakeable sista Strength as you go within and allow your relationship with Him to sustain and guide you.  no one on the planet has written nor sung a song that embodies the essence of the music that most fittingly accompanies such a Mind/Body/Soul freeing exercise than you...

i am a living witness sis...when it seems that all will fall, when i foolishly moving by sight...that is when my Faith kicks in and from my Soul i can give Him the Praise because i know, that i know, He's got me.  i pray you, too, know this and are surrounded by others that stand strong in Faith as well.  confuse the devil up in here and...tell Him sis...right now...i stand in agreement with you.

confession: some days i play this song on repeat.  my heart is heavy at times as i look around me.  so many sleeping soundly souls.  do what you got to do, spiritually, to move forward...powerfully.  we war not against flesh; this one is a spiritual battle and it's personal to Yahweh.  woe to His enemies that will surely see His wrath.  may Almighty get the Glory!  i love Him, with all my soul.

if you don't know Him closely- and the day rapidly approaches when all will need to know Him- it is written that even the elect may be fooled.  my prayer is all will call on Him, with a pure heart, and ask Him to reveal Himself....He'll answer.  He doesn't lie.  you can even ask Him to pray for you...He will.  truly we receive not because we ask not.  tell Him...right now...and i pray He compels you, in the Mighty Name of Yahweh.

side note:   chose the above pic for your smile.  may you reconnect with it.  your upside down pyramid reads as a distress call for those of us that are symbol literate.  i see.  my third eye is wide open, as i pray daily to turn back attempts to calcify it.  it is written the prayers of the righteous prevaileth much.  so it is.  so i pray and tell Him...

ONE Love~ ONE People~ ONE Mind...release heaven to earth...Matthew 6:9-13...ONE Voice, Now!

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