Tuesday, July 30, 2013

in this world...but not of it...time to tell the Truth

in the world...not of it...
believe with all that i am that it is time for all to know and tell the Truth...this black, brown and white man makes you bob your head while they break it down. 

for those that can't get with the Scriptures just you go...tip of the iceberg to a bomb beat.  can you dig it?  

side note:  this is the appropriate use of the n-word.  the folks that most embody the traits...tend to be suited up, secret society members, well educated, demonically racist and pale.  know this.  know your enemy.   of course, the evil colored help...folks are quick to assign the slur.  make sense?   

know Him...know  Truth.  

ps...for me...i don't want to see anyone dead.  my sincere prayers are for peace...His Light...resurrection...awakening.  i pray for those in positions close to the fire that must struggle daily on a whole different level.  He wants that none of us be lost.  i want what He wants...let's come together on one accord in...

ONE Love~ ONE People~ ONE Mind...and release heaven to earth...Matthew 6:9-13...ONE Voice, now!

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