Tuesday, June 30, 2015

war in the mind...

'conferences at yale...discussing the doctrines of baal.'- LBoogie

princeton, hbcus and harvard, too.  + these are they who make the demonic 'rules.'  -fp/me

catch that clue.

in an idol worshiping, turned from Yah culture...

wonder why the ones that spit the Real are often killed?

eaten by the vultures?

those that tow the line, playing both sides..

do just fine.

on the surface...

of this spiritual circus.

never experiencing a shortage of lost souls who can't wait to agree.  retweet me! follow me, please!

afraid to 'judge' what Yah calls this P.C. ALL DAY nation.   

those that His Hand are on...

hold the place of honor...

aka 'crazy.'
which is just fine by me.

during this time, battling my own...

war in the mind.  

i pray ALL souls will be encouraged and soldier on...

though some days, Truth be told...

i am over it.

Real talk/spit.

don't Understand the point of the exercise nor why...

but then it is not my place to know.  + my Understanding and ways are not that High.

confession:  i will throw a fit, pull it together, and get back to it. 

unless folk are invading my privacy without my permission... 


snooping, without copping to it nor compensating me for such Rights...

they will never know it.

and frankly it is not their business- unless i come outside my house and show it.

i realize i make it other folks' business once i have told it.

do that on purpose.

my reason:  folk that seek to betray me should know i have no secrets.  deliberately.  which makes me free.  

for others that are not perfect little saints, e'erday of the week...

wouldn't want them to think, it is just them.

can we ever be Real?      

this little nugget blessed me today- knowing that He can't lie:


KJV Hosea 1:7

But I will have mercy upon the house of Yahudah, and will save them by the Sovereign their Almighty, and will not save them by bow, nor by sword, nor by battle, by horses, or by horsemen.

there is deception, agendas, and lies coming from all sides...

many many many programs...complete with crosses, ankhs, and hexagrams...

be that as it may; i am praying/fighting hard for US/me to not lose the way, spiritually, heading on into....


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