Friday, October 30, 2009

there is no way to "title" THIS for me

hear primal screaming...

child abuse, child rape, child prostitution punishable with...

life in prison...WITHOUT parole PLUS four years????????????????????????????????????????

where in the world is our...

self love~self acceptance~self respect?


Anonymous said...

This is a travesty of justice if I ever saw one. No mercy at all. Just lock her up and throw away the key. What about mitigation. The fact that this grown male was pimping out a child - selling this girl to other males for sex and then he would pocket the money. He was a predator. This to me is mitigation of whatever crime was committed. Life in prison - no way. I don't see it.


goodness80 said...

I'm so sorry for this child. Is anybody attempting to get an appeal? Where is the justice and protection of black children and women? Here we go again with sorry butt parents and pedophiles running free among blacks wreaking havo. Where are the so-called black leaders? Thanks for this information.

Anonymous said...




goodness80 said...

I posted earlier but don't know what happened to the post. Is anyone working on an appeal for this child? I don't understand why the so-called black leaders(female and male) are not giving this tragic situation attention.

Thank you for posting this. You have a great blog.

La♥Incognita said...

And what would have been his punishment? In CA and other states, cold blooded men who kill women/wives/girlfriends get 20-25 or less. Rapist and child molesters who permanently damage the lives and souls of innocent women akin to death, are readily placed on parole. Most of these men are released back into general population to wreak more mayhem - and to even bury more victims in their backyards/crawl-space. Where is the fair justice scale?

It wasn't about the crime, all that judge saw was "another" black female prostitute. He didn't see an abused, confused and battered child.

The life of a grown, low-life child molesting pimp is worth more than the life and well being of a 13 - 16 year old black female. That's your title. I am so tiered.

Ensayn1 said...

These judges are really out of control in the courts. And each election time they ask for our votes for them to throw children in jail without a second thought about the situation.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I wonder what race that piece of garbage filth pimp was?

Poor girl. Bless her.

Ana said...

Very shocking. The court showed no sympathy for this young woman who was clearly abused from a very young age.

Where were the psychologists,sociologists and scientists to defend this child when this court case took place?

How on earth could the judge have told her she lacked moral scruples when at an early age she experienced this type of abuse?

Here the criminal justice system was in the clouds,incapable of looking at this case in its entirety and rendering true justice.

They failed to see that this was not just a random criminal case.

This case was about a little girl who had suffered abuse by the hands of a heinous individual.

Thnks for posting. I will investigate this matter.


Stealthkitty said...

This case should be appealed. Who defended this child? That's what she is - a child. Some white women get off with killing their abusive husbands - but this child gets life plus 4 years for putting the scumbag who was selling her young body to other sickos to sleep?

Dana said...

You can read more details of the case here.

More than 15 years ago, a slight 16-year-old girl killed her former pimp inside a Riverside motel room, shooting him in the neck with a pistol when he turned his back. She took $1,500 from his pocket and the keys to his Jaguar.


The video, scored dramatically and cut frequently, implies that Kruzan killed Howard out of a need to protect herself or impulse after years of abuse and prostitution.


But prosecutors argued at trial that Howard no longer employed Kruzan at the time of the killing, and that a week earlier, she had moved into the Rubidoux home of one of Howard's rivals -- a drug dealer who put her up to robbing and shooting him.

On March 10, 1994, Kruzan agreed to go to the movies with the 36-year-old Howard and spend the night with him at the Dynasty Suites motel on Iowa Avenue. She packed a pistol.

"She seduced and she killed," prosecutor Timothy Freer, now a Riverside Superior Court judge, told jurors.

Kruzan confessed to the slaying upon her arrest, four days after a maid found her purse left behind at the motel. But it was only when she testified at trial that she stated Howard's rival had threatened her life if she didn't shoot him, prosecutors said.

The district attorney's office offered a plea deal that offered Kruzan possible parole but she refused, officials said then. Her defense attorney, David Gunn, also now a judge in Riverside, asked Hanks to consider a lesser sentence, citing her upbringing and life under a pimp.

It didn't appear that anyone else, including any relatives, spoke in Kruzan's support at her 1995 sentencing.

In imposing the maximum sentence recommend by the jury, the now-retired Hanks then said she showed "no inhibition with regard to her conduct when a pimp asked her to kill another pimp."

focusedpurpose said...

children that are being molested and exploited show little "inhibition" when it comes turning tricks as well. it is apart of the abuse cycle.

it surprises me NOT that her family failed to stand up on her behalf. they demonstrated THAT refusal when they did not PROTECT her from the dead trash that she took out.

thanks for the comments and your patience with my delay in responding.

blessings all,

M. Rigmaiden said...

That's fucked up. I truly hope the dead pimp is in hell right now. And I hope somebody grants her clemency. I have a baby son and I daresay if anyone tried to mess with him, I'd be the first to get ruthlessly violent. If you saw her story on the Lifetime network we'd all be crying and asking the governor to set her free. Poor, poor baby. I cried seeing her pain. God bless her.