Thursday, October 1, 2009

self destruction...

ok. it has been a few minutes. i intended to sit and write a certain post, then life intervened. lol!

we have the dunbar village trial in full swing. i have learned my stomach is not as strong as i would like it to be. i can't hang.

one should give thanks and praise to the most high that i am not in charge. it would be my order that the assailants and their trifling parents be thrown in a burning building and folks just walk away. seriously. the excuses are too much.

where is the sharpton clown now? hmmm?

then the Derrion Albert murder on video. as expected the excuses flow freely. who has time?

as the mother of a seventeen year old son, i used the video as a teaching tool. my son and i engaged in conversation about the real life experiences that he will encounter. i was reminded of one such real life experience i encountered last holiday season.

my friend girl and i were headed to the mall in hollywood, to return the jeans i purchased without trying on. don't quite know why i did that, nonetheless, they did not fit. as we are standing in a crowd of pedestrians, a black and hispanic male started to pound one another in the head right next to us.

the violence in such close proximity to me frightened me to no end. my instincts led me away from the melee. as my friend and i held hands running away from what became a brawl that spilled into the crosswalk and street, we encountered a group of young black males. they asked what was happening. we told them that there was violence in the direction from which we had come. to my utter amazement they went towards the violence despite our warnings to go in our direction. looking back, i could see shirts being ripped off and folks getting dragged across the concrete. my friend and i called the police and flagged down a police car to send them to assist the folks that were caught up as a result of waiting for the light to change.

as i watch the video of Derrion Albert, all i can think is he might have lived had he walked in wisdom and moved away from the violence. my beau says at least his mother knows he was being a good samaritan and attempting to break up the fight. my logic is, he could have moved away from the violence and called the police as an act of a good samaritan. a dead good samaritan is dead nonetheless.

watching the video made me think of another video. i am posting it here.

which leads me to something else that i read:

in the words of a great African scholar and author, Chinweizu:

“The n-i-g-g-e-r is the African mangled by white power, a peculiar travesty produced by centuries of European imperialism and Arab hegemony. And alas! After more than a century of being completely in the dungeons of White Power, all (most---some of us understand what we are seeing and refuse to become niggers) of us Africans today have become N-i-g-g-e-rs.

The N-i-g-g-e-r is the zombie into which White Power has deformed the African. The N-i-g-g-e-r is a fake African—a person of African race, who has been stripped of African culture, and who is culturally Eurocentric and Arabocentric.

The N-i-g-g-e-r is a biological African who has internalized white supremacist superstitions, and become Afrophobic and even Eurochauvinist…the N-i-g-g-e-r is a person with black skin, white mind and white spirit, an African salt that has lost its savor, brown sugar that has turned sour.

The N-i-g-g-e-r is a strange creature—the nominal African, who despises his race, denies African culture, demonizes his ancestors, and yet expects, even demands that people of the other self-respecting races of humanity should respect him and treat him as an equal member of humanity.

The N-i-g-g-e-r is possessed by the ideas and ideals of White Supremacy; the Afrocidal African who craves to be white, physically (eg. Wacko Jacko), or culturally (eg. The assortment of Black Europeans in the Homeland, Afro-Saxons in the Diaspora, and Omar Bashir with his criminal band of Arabizer—Jihadeer slavers and ethnic cleansers in the Sudan).”

in other places i have spoken at length about mentacide. mentacide is the condition whereby one acts without conscious thought against their own best interest(s). Dr. Bobby Wright wrote extensively about this condition. it has been diagnosed yet folks refuse to acknowledge it or act in ways to counter it. instead, i hear arguments about why the slur with "er" is different than the slur with "gga".

as a result of collective refusal to get real with ourselves and one another, we see and will continue to see episodes like the video of the murder of Derrion Albert play out time and again...Derrion Albert never had to worry about the klan, but he most definitely needed to be concerned about a fellow black man...

my sisters and daughters, you, too, need to be concerned. pay attention. act in your best interests at all times.

....i call it out in the interest of ...

self love~self acceptance~self respect


Khadija said...

Hello there, FocusedPurpose!

Sis, I had to come out of my current period of online "radio silence" to say THANK YOU and to salute you for your recent comment at What About Our Daughters regarding the murder of Derrion Albert and the inappropriate responses to this murder.

You quoted your new beau (congratulations on that, by the way---*Smile*) when he asked, “who/what do you expect to save you when it is your own men that destroy you?” As you noted, "the rest of the men of the world are focused on saving their women, children and themselves……"

That sums it all up. {raised fist salute}

I have very little to say about any of the atrocities among us except that the number and pace of these atrocities will increase.

Most AAs will be physically destroyed or form part of a PERMANENT underclass in this country. This is because 99.99% of AAs are in denial and lack the will to take the stern measures that would be needed to salvage even a small fraction of our people. Starting with NOT making excuses for inferior lifestyles and depraved, savage behavior.

The crackdown will come from non-Black political elites when they finally decide that AAs' horrific crimes and dysfunction are a national security threat to them and their safety. Then you will see physical barriers erected around the Black residential areas. These barriers will be designed to keep the AA residents and our emerging pattern of Rwanda-levels of violence confined within the Black residential ares.

These physical barriers will be similar to the "peace walls" that exist in Northern Ireland; and the walls the US military has built around various neighborhoods in Baghdad.

And the police are not going to risk their lives to enter these blocked-off Rwanda-zones. They're not going to even pretend to protect the AA residents who live within them. They are going to police the perimeters of these zones and the barriers to make sure that the Black residents stay inside those zones during the night.

All of the above is why I strongly encourage any AA woman who wants to survive and thrive to GET OUT of Black residential areas NOW.

Peace, blessings and solidarity.

Amarie said...

Excellent post. You are a very wise woman and give valuable information. I read what you posted on field negroes blog and I had to copy,paste and save to my files for present and future use. I can tell that you are a woman who knows her worth and you have common sense ( something that alot of black women unfortunately don't have. Keep telling the truth. Godbless

focusedpurpose said...


hi sis.

THANK YOU for all the knowledge you continue to share.

i was saddened to see that you have decided to stop blogging. i do understand though. consistent blogging requires a great deal of time and i, too, find that i don't have a lot of it to spare these days.

thanks for your congrats. i am happier than i have been in awhile:-)

i, too, have very little at this point that i will say about what we see happening around us. those that refuse to get real will perish.

it seems so simple, yet denial and excuses are making it hard for folks to see the obvious. bm protectionism is killing folks...literally. i have decided i will not get myself all worked up about it. it takes courage to live. those that lack courage have no one but themselves to blame at this point. BFOLKS are bfolks worst enemies. anyone with eyes can see it.

Sis, be well and keep in touch. know that you have blessed many in your efforts. those that want to can take the information you freely share and save themselves. or not. life IS about choices.


welcome sis and thanks for your kind words.

it is our challenge as bw to have the courage to call it like it is and act according to what it is, as opposed to what we would like it to be.

thanks for visiting and know that you are welcome back anytime.


Karen said...


This is my first time at your site.

I cannot add anything to what has been said by you and Khadija other than the following:

The TIME IS NOW , for those who want to live and thrive.

These BWE bloggers are the "Canaries in the Mine". They are your first and final warnings to what is happening and what will come to pass.

Godspeed to all of you who are using "stealth" to make your escape routes, make haste and do not waste time as TIME IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE if you choose to delay.

kathy said...

Focused Purpose,

I fundamentally disagree with the idea that the "rest of the men of the world are focused on saving their women, children and themselves....

Men all over the world kill, maim, rape, and treat women and children like they are nothing. I think you have many valid points, but on this one, I completely disagree.

However, I apologize for my anger the other night. I am sorry.

focusedpurpose said...



yes, i agree wholeheartedly, the time is now.

heaven and hell exists right here on earth. we must choose which we should like to have for ourselves.

it is my sincere prayer that bw will collectively wake up and stand in our own best interests without apology nor asking permission.

we have demonstrated a great willingness to stand on behalf of others without appreciation nor reciprocity for our efforts. so yes, the time is now!

thanks for stopping in and know that you are always welcome back.


focusedpurpose said...


and here you are...again, AFTER i have respectfully and in a very straight forward fashion told you i will not indulge you.

i have long held the opinion that for some ww, to be ignored or dismissed, registers as cruelty. despite the CONSTANT validation in our society and world, your collective CONSTANTLY requires more validation, while you try to consistently invalidate others. i don't have time. alas, i am not a cruel person. so, i will try this again, you will need to savor this...

you are entitled in general and entirely entitled to fundamentally disagree with my true statement; your disagreement makes it no less true.

i am without apology, addressing the needs, interests, and conditions of BLACK women and girls. i am not speaking of "women", which for the vast majority of our entitled melanin deficient sisters means WHITE women.

there is no need to apologize for your petulant, entitled, brazen, simpering, inappropriate, disrespectful behavior out in the field over on the plantation. i understand that by virtue of my presence on the plantation you may have mistaken me for a slave. your mistake. take it as one to grow on and try not to make it again with others.

now, that i have AGAIN, held myself accountable to rising to my higher self, and treated you charitably, will you now just go away? i really don't need new friends. really.

please know that your apology is accepted and that i am not being mean nor funny. i am serious. how you start is how you finish. i see clearly that this will only be a tiring experience for me unless i stop you now. lol! focus and purpose mandates that i stop you now.

blessings to you,