Friday, April 25, 2014

few...are truly "accomplished"...

this week, so far i have learned...

few are truly accomplished.

folk keep recommending a "makeover" in so many ways...

some subtle.

some in the form of double speak.

others in the rudest of ways...these usually reserve the right to then ah ha! accuse me, when i accept the invitation to go for their jugulars verbally. 

not literally, of course;) 

non-violence is the way, if at all possible to maintain.  my Understanding informs my belief that i should not be the aggressor.

be that as it may, a couple of nuggets have made me smile + encouraged me greatly. 

not sure who said what...

all i can say is many thanks to Yah Almighty and the Universe for bringing the information to me when i was most in need;)  i Love Him so.  more than these words convey or anyone else can possibly know.  it is my soul's Gratitude that He allows me to be so close.     


    "to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."

so folk coming at me with this:

  will need to show me how it is done;)

folk bold faced with the shut down your blog command, while stating their "credentials".  even to go so far as to suggest that i should retreat to a cave.  similar to the days when King David retreated to a cave to hide from King Solomon pursuing him. 

you know...i did ssshhh! in the face of all that historical inaccuracy, as i get better about picking my battles. 

while my accusers keep accusing me, viciously, of everything under the sun.  i count it all joy really, on the other side of soul cleansing tears.  'cause at least as i AM Peter-like with my thankful dance for the painful lashes gotten from serving Him/His Word.  i am reminded that i could be Peter like and deny Him;(  which for me will never do.  encouraged even to see that one who walked with Messiah could err in such a way.  helps me not feel so bad about not being perfect;)  upside to everything, indeed.   

so even as folks are real serious about my need to:   

be quiet.

submit to their their voice i am commanded to heed. 

like silence will save a soul. 

like it is written that His will overcome by their...

silence + fear of mere men.

these same folk don't seem to like Scriptures + what is written concerning those of US that are called to give His Universal Law.  i keep going back to Genesis to see if it indicates that the Law Givers of Yahudah will carry out their Chosen roles in sign language.   i can't seem to find the tribe of Yahudah mimes.  it seems when it is time to tell the Truth...folk want to do away with the tribes + Scripture altogether.   



so...folks pushing a Psalm 83 hoax/bad joke will choke before i stand down.  


as i work out my salvation with fear and trembling of Him/His Word, alone.  

i see the devils/demons all around me clearly.  i cry as i spiritually die inside.  seeking to kill the strong desire to stand and regulate in the face of such hate.  despite the folk that seek to tell me how i should feel and relate to my Creator.  through it all...i AM from the south and prefer folk to say what they need to say.   rather than hating me + grinning and skinning in my face.  wolf in sheep clothes with it. 


praise Almighty, i AM called to wait on Him/His Word.  this is what we are all called to do.  wait for Him.  He will set all matters straight. 

as a side note: other folks' fear + intimidation does not equal my responsibility. 

folk need to sit with that Truth for a minute + get real clear on it. 

i AM learning to be kind in the face of unkindness.  it is quite the challenge for me and i ask that those who know Him/His Word + Love Him, will pray for me.   i ask Messiah even to pray for me that i will better walk/talk as He walked/talked...

...though i AM learning that what we are taught has nothing to do with Truth.  from his appearance to his demeanor.    

this little nugget, gave me cause to laugh + reconsider the wrathful thoughts that were banging around in my head. (oh, strange folk also wanted me to know their opinion that i am "full of myself".  not sure what to do with that outside of thank folk for sharing their very valid to them personal opinion.  instead, i confessed my sin of wrath, with which i struggle mightily and asked for prayer.   i was informed that righteous wrath should not destroy anything.  um.  ok.  wrath plays pattycake + leaves all standing in tact in its wake.  got it.  new school, i guess.  not much of this new school makes sense so non destructive wrath just gets added to the  brand new, no sense list.  since folk slap "crazy" labels if one mentions off program/script matters;)

my favorite criticism/judgment is this:

"YOU are your own worst enemy!"


how long did folk have to sit in class to come up with all that DUH! philosophy?  i sure hope folk got a free ride with no school debt on the other side of all that obvious. 

isn't that usually the case for most souls? 

isn't this why success and all things are an inside job?

don't most souls battle the demons from within first + the most?

another thanks for sharing moment + moving forward...powerfully...  


don't know who said these words.  Heraclitus, i think.  don't quote me, though;)  the Truth of the words resonated and increased me in Strength and Hope. 

leave no man behind...

"Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn't even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle.  Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back."


so...while there will be no "cave dwelling".  i heard Almighty clearly instruct me to avoid toxic situations and people- like the plague.  that doing so will allow me to next level with greater ease.  so while He allows one double back to set the record straight...i won't get stuck in the muck this time around;)

those that fear the face of man, like to remind that folk can kill me or take my life.  like they don't know it is written those that seek to save their lives will lose them anyways.  had occasion earlier in the week to share my Truth.  feel compelled to post it here as well: 

i AM with Him/His Word.  i AM my Father's daughter.  just as Messiah's life was not taken, but He laid it down.  i seek to follow His example.  it is my soul/heart's desire for Him to take my life and use it as He sees fit.  i seek to be Set Apart (H-ly) and a part of His elect, flaws and all- while the world teaches one should seek to be a part of the "elite". 

this song expresses my heart today and i thought i would share with other souls.  it is my prayer that all souls resolving to Stand Strong will be as encouraged by this song as i was earlier.  we are in full fledged spiritual war.  hold fast to your crown + refuse to bow down to anyone/anything but Him/His Word.

His People/my people...that's what is written.  won't make folk popular, but then Messiah was perfect + blameless.  that was not enough to be popular, either.  folk still sought to discredit Him.  even claimed He was of the devil.  so they can keep bringing it this way if they must.  i AM grateful to be with Him/His Word + safely in His Strong tower.

btw, according to what is written, no one knows the day nor the time when Messiah will return.  though those that seek to silence me sure seem hellbent on the notion of three (3) years. 

i don't know.  though the book of Revelation seems to be unfolding right on schedule.  head wound.  riding around in a car called the beast.  given another 3.5 years...the whole nine.

His ways + thoughts are Higher than mine can ever be.  so i will follow Him/His Word.

nod to the peekers/haters/motivators and seekers;)  may all be blessed.

all i know with certainty is i want to be ready + Standing Strong in His Spirit and Truth.  UNafraid to Stand and Speak to the Goodness that is He/His Word.  truly accomplished + pleasing in a way that is meaningful to the One most important to me...

as He is the Love of my Life, never lets me down and is my source of Strength, Comfort and Peace.

prayers from my heart for all souls in this turned up battle for souls.  whether folk know it.  this is what it we head on into...


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