Saturday, July 5, 2008

i'm proud to be an american...where at least i know i'm free...

i laugh when i see how my steps are ordered of the Lord. i feel humbled to know that all things that come to pass are with divine purpose.

recently, i felt, what seemed, at the time, like my lowest low since my journey began. my sisters, please know, NOTHING frees you quicker or more completely than forgiveness.

i have to sit with that statement for a moment..., i rejoice! seeing clearly with my spiritual/mind's eye that with which the enemy meant to destroy me, will be turned and used for my good. did i tell how much i love the Lord? with ALL my heart, i do.

my heart is full of praise right now. ok. now i am switching gears...

...i don't like math. i am more artistic, creative, and love words more than numbers. i could easily eliminate all numbers with the exception of 3 and 7 without any guilt. why 3 and 7? they are my favorite numbers:-)

interestingly enough, one of my newest endeavors means that i must crunch a lot of numbers, daily. funny huh?

it also means that i get to see, up close and personal, a LOT of angry white men that want this country to return to being a free republic. return? HUH?

i addressed this same topic awhile back in Dear Dr. King . what is interesting to me is the behavior of men, most men...

...ALL colors. they insist on being "in charge" while blaming everything but themselves when things go sideways. most men engage in this practice i notice.

the country is in ruins and any suggestion that white men have only themselves to thank for it is...white man bashing! yes, despite steadfastly shutting everyone else out of the governing process and in quite a few instances even the human circle, one must never suggest white men and white folks, in general, stop the "traditional" lying and look at themselves. interesting.

despite knowing the "rules", i have decided to honor and respect my ancestors and tell the truth. i have been doing it all week. so much so that a white man had the gall to tell me that he was "sick" of hearing about slavery and the injustices in this country. this man is so entitled that he rebuked me while maintaining that the laws that govern this country are based on the bible. (so much for loving your brother/sister as you would yourself, i guess?) he went further to presume to teach me about the constitution and the bill of rights.

being who i am, i informed him that i am sick of hearing about what white men (washington, jefferson, clinton, bush, etc.) think and listening to them preach about "freedom", especially since they were/are enslaving and brutalizing other human beings while preaching their "freedom" sermons. the hypocrisy is unGodly and more than i can stomach quietly.

he indicated that the constitution and bill of rights were just as relevant today and that is why he continued to mention them. when i suggested that slavery and the after effects were as well, and suggested that the curses earned by the sins of the fathers would be visited upon the children to the second and third generation, hence cointelpro's baby, the patriot act and other constitutional/bill of rights violations...crickets...tumble weeds...crickets...ANGER!

i for one appreciate the equal opportunity born under the patriot act. now, EVERYONE gets to be angry! maybe now folks will understand that it is impossible not to feel anger in the face of injustice? will God's people now unite, stand together as one, and resist the devil as he unleashes lies, division, and suffering?

i would go into greater detail, however, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. i was reading over at Professor Tracey's and came across a post that sums it up for me. check out THE 4TH OF JULY over at BEAUTIFUL, ALSO, ARE THE SOULS OF MY BLACK SISTERS. i could not have said it better. this post made me cry, it is so beautifully written, sad, and true.

without apology, i love my people. i want us to be healed, whole, and basking in the many blessings that God has bestowed upon us.

i love my country. i want us to be healed and in harmony with humanity. i want us to dismantle the wickedness that is at the core of the foundation of this country, this will require that we have the courage to get real.

real fast.

r.i.p. Laura Nelson. she is pictured above. she was brutally raped and lynched while protecting her teenage son who was also lynched. i believe her son was accused of stealing, only to be found "not guilty" after the fact.

i will never forget nor will i stand silently and be told to "get over it". over 100 million of my ancestors perished in this "free" nation as a result of such brutal inhumanity. as long as i have breath i will continue to honor my ancestors and tell the truth. this has NOT EVER been a free nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

i do this in the interest of...



Ann said...

FocusedPurpose, thanks for linking to my 4TH of July post.

Your post is great especially that you have to re-educate the white Americans who remain blind to this country's injustices, many of which have created lasting inequality into present-day America.

Your photo of Laura Nelson reminded me of a post I put up on the lynching of black women in America:

Please check it out.

Have a good day.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

painful pic folk
surprised u aint ref fred douglass speech he gave on the 4th
be safe sister

focusedpurpose said...

welcome Ann:-)

your post was amazingly written and right on point. linking to it was my pleasure.

i would say that quite a few white americans are not blind, they are willfully, and at times maliciously refusing to tell the truth. those that are bold enough to stand in my face and spew lies with conviction have entitled themselves to hear the truth from me. they know it, they just refuse to tell it---fiercely guarding and reinforcing white supremacy.

this world is backwards, Scriptures tell us that the righteous should be bold as lions. i will not tremble and act as if my blessings come from any other source than God. the devil is a liar and i will shame him each time he tries to bombard me with disrespectful lies. i owe as much to my ancestors. their blood equity affords me the right and responsibility.

i will check out your post on lynching. it would be nice to see more brothers acknowledge the indisputable fact that as it relates to black women, there has never been and has yet to be chivalry for black women in this country and around the world.

if more brothers respected our shared pasts i don't think they would/could stand by on "good behavior" as we endure millenium lynching today.

thanks for stopping by. know that you are welcome anytime.

blessings in abundance,

Anonymous said...


I love your writing; you indeed speak absolute truth with boldness and it is very refreshing. You don't see this in many of our people today unfortunately. You are right that whites are being deliberately blind to racism and its effects upon african americans. It reminds me of the way God hardened the heart of pharoah when Moses repeatedly told him to let God's people go. I believe that this deliberate blindness and outright lying being done by these same whites is their hards being hardened so that divine justice will come in to let the arrogant and proud know once of for all who is God. I think that racism is Satanic. The elevation of one's self above others who are also God's creation and made in His image is satanic. Who was it who said that they would exalt themselves about God's throne. Same principle at work in white supremecy if you ask me. Keep up the good work.

focusedpurpose said...

hi T-

Professor Tracey referenced Douglass's (sp:-?) on her blog.

i am covered in the blood of Jesus and only those things that He allows can touch me!

thanks for stopping by.


focusedpurpose said...

hi Anonymous-

welcome or welcome back! i have a few anon posters so i am not sure if you have been here before. do know that you are welcome anytime.

ALL GLORY TO GOD my friend, i cannot take any credit. i say/write what i am led to say/write when i am led to do it.

i love your parallels between Moses/Pharoah and black folks/white supremacy. it makes perfect sense. i had never thought of it in that way before.

i did not write in the post about the fact that i also discussed with this white man, a professed Christian, the fact that the world is being fed wickedness that will only lead to the utter destruction of mankind.

in boldness, i shared with this man the fact that he was full of poison a.k.a. as "education". i invited him to check out the fact that despite what we are taught as americans, white folks are the world MINORITY. putting this in perspective it is impossible to not see that the new world order is white supremacy on a global scale, in effect making the whole world a plantation and humankind enslaved.

i also invited him to do more reading. i have the "proof" on my head that i am a descendent of the original people of God. all nations hail from Africa. he seemed flustered and later conceded that he knew what i was talking about.

to this guy's credit, he is seeking the truth. though he wrestled with his anger and the desire to dominate me, (in keeping with his white supremacist teachings) he kept trying to get an understanding of what i was saying to him. at the end of our conversation we embraced and blessed one another.

i am committed to continuing to tell/be/act the truth in love. i know no other way to be a part of the solution.

thanks for stopping by, come back anytime.

blessings in abundance,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the welcome Focused. I have been here and commented before. It's nice to know that I am welcomed.

You write that this man is on a search for truth. I wonder if he will find it. Some white people are in absolute total denial about white supremecy. It is as though their hearts, like Pharoah's, are being hardened. They have had Malcolm and Martin and all of the other black prophets who they refused to hear. Courageous people like yourself boldly confront them with the true and yet they find someway to brush it off; callous indifference to the suffering that their behaviour has and continues to cause to the nonwhite peoples worldwide. it just seems to me that God will have to intervene in this situation Himself - the same way He did with Pharoah.

Ensayn1 said...

FP, Once again you are putting fire on the right issue. Blinded by their own light, the wretched poor white has been taught to believe he is some how better than any hue-man. The fact is the aristocracy uses the poor whites against himself, by exalting in his feeble mind that he, the poor white is equal to the aristorcratic whites. Again the aristocrat whites put out the lie that the man is greater than the woman, even using his bible to prop up the lie by saying the woman is made from the rib of a man. Men, all men fall for this foolishness, including some women who in turn teach the lie to their children male and female. This mentality is handed down by the aristocratic white male and the Black male, finding kinship with the white male on the basis of having a penis believes and enforces the inferiority of woman in general and in turn his own Black women, The Great Goddess! Then we expect Black men to pick up the mantle of protecting women when some how he sees through his own false vision his demise by elevating "mama" to her rightful throne because he believes the lies of the aristocratic white, that man is greater by propagating God over Goddess? Once we burn out the falsehood that Jesus is somehow greater than his first teacher, His Mother, His Mama, when we burn out the falsehood that woman was made from a man's rib, when we burn out the belief that one is greater than the other the lies of the aristocrat will be of non-effect.
But, as long as we hold to the lie that the white man was free and the Black man was a slave, that man is "the man" and his woman is a "help-meet" we will continue to subject ourselves to a slave mentality.
The "Archie Bunker" mindset in whites is a lie that cannot stand thats, why this man began to see your light shining and is going to come around to see the truth from your teaching, FP.

"Burn a fiya pon a weak heart, Babylon and dem free talk coulda neva get me down...." Reggae singer Bushman.

Felicity said...

Yes, we are Praise God!

truth said...

Focused purpose,
I just tagged you, check my blog for details.


truth said...

Focused purpose,
I just tagged you, check out my blog for details.