Wednesday, June 18, 2008

heart of a whore...a re-post

i posted this awhile back.

since r. pissy walked and celebrations have ensued (proof that the black collective is in BIG trouble!) i decided to do a re-post. i said all that i feel the first time. in light of the long tradition/history of disrespecting the humanity of black women and girls in this country; i am neither shocked nor discouraged by the verdict. it was to be expected. at least by those of us that pay attention.

"Heart of a Whore" was written after a conversation i had with a black woman. she described the child in this case that way; the child had the "heart of whore" and therefore it wasn't rape. apparently, there are black women that are only offended by baby rape. in the real sense of baby---as in infant. for me, a thirteen or fourteen year old is a baby as well and in need of our provision and protection.

the pervert also known as r. pissy walks.

are we surprised?

i, for one, am not. he chose his victim wisely.

white girl=time. black girl= entertainment in open court for all & the pied pedophile walks. (i understand that this child pornography was shown twice in open court, yet no one can understand why this young woman decided to be otherwise occupied!)

in due time, the entire black nation will crumble if we don' t all---male and female---get serious about...


here's a clue because i am a women are the mothers of our nation. our black children are the promise of our future. this is why men of self respecting nations fight to protect and provide for their women and children at all costs.



Piú giú, in fondo alla Tuscolana...!?...passavo per un saluto!

Anonymous said...

I hate to be melodramatic, but this verdict sends shivers down my spine and I worry about the very existence of black women on this planet. This verdict sends out the unmistakable message that it is perfectly okay to violate black women and girls without fear of negative consequences. Ladies, we are on our own.
What sickens me the most are the responses from the Kelley supporters; those low lifes are actually blaming the child - and that's what she was at age 14, a child - for that pervert's sick violation of her body, soul and mind. I don't understand why prosecutors did not bring her parents up on charges. People who were supposed to protect and guide this child in the right way, instead guided her in the way of prostitution - all so that they could bask in the glory of a "star".
This makes me so damn mad!!!!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

the problem is the women who read this will already have such self respect, now what of the ones who need to read this

San said...

Black women should pay real close attention to this verdict. It sends a clear message: Not needed nor wanted! It is time we put aside our petty divisions and begin to examine ways and means to help ourselves and our children. The world has many "colored" people so they can do without people of dark African people, especially women.
Thank you for being a watch woman concerning vital issues that effect our existence and survival in this country and the world.

MacDaddy said...

The fact that R. Kelly the pedophile got off wasn't surprising. The main witness said she wasn't in the video. Other witnesses gave conflicting stories; and a rich black guy with very good lawyers ensured that he walked.

One more thing: I don't think this is black women's fight alone. Men have to stand up and hold other men accountable. Too many of us make excuses for the behavior not only for our male friends, but our sons as well. "Oh, he's just a playa."
We have to call it for what it is-- we need to call men in committed relationships sleeping around what they are: whores. Blessings.

La ~ msviswan said...

This is a great post. I was not surprised at the verdict. I followed your thread from another blog.

I'm sorry for changing the subject of this post, but I also want to thank you for writing what you did on another blog about that particular wealthy black couple adopting an obvious looking white baby girl over a black one. You said things so eloquently. Why couldn't they adopt a little black girl instead?? I found that to be blatant, and I was equally hurt by all those "let's play fair and color blind" comments from other black commenters, especially other black women. I went total haywire. It bothers me how some black people/black women always want to ignore our own crisis and needs just to play the "fair" game when we don't even get general reciprocation.

Thank you for being you and presenting your conscious wisdom in the blogsphere.


focusedpurpose said...


hi and welcome.

and to what you said...ok! thanks for stopping by and weighing in.

will you do me a favor? next time you are in my neck of the woods, would you translate for me? i felt the passion, i would like to stand in the light of understanding. cool beans?

thanks again for stopping in:-) i look forward to your next visit.


focusedpurpose said...

hi Anonymous-

so this verdict is just what it is; to be expected, especially when putting current events in historical perspective. i don't attach anything else to it you know?

i only worry about the existence of black women if we continue to wait for someone ELSE to stand on our behalf. faith without works is dead. we are the descendents of the original women on the planet. so… aside from waiting for others to step up on our behalf, i am sure that we are ok. we just need to get focused, organized, along with one another, and less well-behaved with our enemies in order to make history:-) Yaa Asantewa said if you won’t stand and fight…i will do it myself! i am with her. we are blessed with great examples throughout centuries. effective immediately, we must declare that there will be no victims, only volunteers. no one can take our power…we have to lay it down ladies. for my journey, i choose to wield mine with truth, love, and wisdom. join me.

of course, we already knew that the judicial system has not/ will not work for us. there is nothing new on that front. when has claims of rape NOT been a figment of black women’s imaginations. ok, so now we are still lying despite video---so? why get brand new and feign surprise? on some level every conscious man and woman knew this verdict was coming. the question is, what are we going to DO about it? what will we DO to make this a non reoccurrence for our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives nieces, cousins, and granddaughters? we are each charged with doing our parts to answer this question.

r pissy's fans/supporters are idiots! the male and the female ones alike. idiotic black males and females are working together to sow the seeds of confusion, division, dissension, and destruction in our communities. God’s people are sitting back timidly when it is clear that the righteous are to be bold as lions. obedience is worth more than sacrifice. it is time to get bold and obedient. we need to contain the trifling male and female segment of the black population, by any means necessary. others may find them "entertaining". i find them to be a liability that must be eliminated or integrated… white folks love them so much and are so lenient and understanding, let them integrate! i crack me up folks:-)

what is most amazing to me is that no one even considers the fact that this grown azz married man has consistently preyed on underage girls---for years---and his black penis gets him a…pass with quite a few black folks. WTF!!! black men should be livid and motivated to DO something as well. one cannot tear down the black woman without tearing down the black…man. get that. it is the gospel truth. our survival is tied together whether anyone likes that fact or not. it is what it is.

at the end of the day, black women and girls could not be raped/violated in the 1800s and we still can't be in 2008. only WE can and obviously will bestow value upon ourselves and exact a penalty for the continued crimes against our humanity. the fact that we need to take black men to task is disheartening (sp:-); however we must deal with things for how they are, not how we would like or feel they should be. evil can and will show up in black skin; always has always will.

get mad, get serious, get focused, and get busy where you are making a difference in the lives of black women and girls. take what the devil meant to defeat us and turn it to our good. the devil is defeated and we win in the end. it is written therefore it is. it is time to go to work sis!

that's my position and i am standing on it.

also, when you get a chance go over to blackwomenvote! Shecodes does an excellent job giving ideas of how that anger, disappointment, and discouragement can be channeled into to positive productive energy. that is the challenge. rise to it. THIS is what it means to be STRONG. all that other biz is for the birds…or non black women…hee hee hee:-) i tell you, i been looking at this ALL wrong:-) it is a good thing to challenge one’s natural inclination to view things a certain way! it is time to flip the script ladies!!!

blessings sis,

focusedpurpose said...

hi T:-)

welcome back my intellectual entrepreneur:-) when you encounter these sisters that need to read what i am writing, invite them to check me out.

talk to them from a respectful, loving place. they need to hear from women and they REALLY need to hear from men that are not trying to exploit them sexually, financially, emotionally or at all. as much as we spend time talking about how much black boys need fathers---our future mothers need fathers, mentors, and male figures in their lives as well. how else will they know how to set boundaries and standards for their Queendoms? how else will they have the emotional, spiritual and psychological health to raise, nurture and mother our future generations? it is all connected. for this reason the blame game= wheel spinning. our survival as a people mandates that we stop it now.


focusedpurpose said...


speak! sister.

you are welcome. i couldn't be quiet if i wanted to.

blessings sis,

focusedpurpose said...

hi and welcome MacDaddy:-)

ok, first let me say your name cracks me up! it feels weird to call someone that...

...ok, i am back:-)

you said:

"I don't think this is black women's fight alone. Men have to stand up and hold other men accountable. Too many of us make excuses for the behavior not only for our male friends, but our sons as well. "Oh, he's just a playa."
We have to call it for what it is-- we need to call men in committed relationships sleeping around what they are: whores."

i say:

THANK YOU! there are large numbers of black men and women that need to get this. fast! thanks for telling it like it is.

know that you are always welcome here.


focusedpurpose said...

hi La:-)

welcome sis. thanks for weighing in.

yep, black folks are DETERMINED to be colorblind to our complete and utter detriment. i have said it before and will say it again---IF i were a white supremacist i would see our collective stupidity as proof that we are inferior. since i am not a white supremacist, i will keep sounding the alarm that we should knock it off...NOW!

THANK GOD!!! i understand that life is NOT a popularity contest and that universal truth rarely meets with mass approval otherwise i would be very discouraged.

it was tempting to go back to that other blog and invite those that want a perfect infant, despite God not seeing fit to allow them to biologically conceive to try on the fact that maybe they are not ready to be parents. those of us with children spend months on pins and needles praying that we have healthy babies. i have friends that have children that started out that way only to be diagnosed special needs later. you want to parent or you don't. this is not HSN (home shopping network)

had that man called relatives, i feel certain he could have found someone in HIS family to gift with a privileged life. black folks need to get it together. white does not equal right. i guess he said he married a black woman he has to have a white girl some way some how. ok, i need to puke now.

thanks La for visiting and know that you are welcome anytime.


Felicity said...

MacDaddy said
The fact that R. Kelly the pedophile got off wasn't surprising. The main witness said she wasn't in the video. Other witnesses gave conflicting stories; and a rich black guy with very good lawyers ensured that he walked.

One more thing: I don't think this is black women's fight alone. Men have to stand up and hold other men accountable. Too many of us make excuses for the behavior not only for our male friends, but our sons as well. "Oh, he's just a playa."
We have to call it for what it is-- we need to call men in committed relationships sleeping around what they are: whores. Blessings.

I could not have put it any better myself and my heart feel very sad, when people blame the young girl. Lord help us!

Anonymous said...

Kelley and all other predators choose their victims carefully. They only pounce on the weak and unprotected. Children like the victim in this case and the others have the misfortune of being parented by people who have very low self-esteem and low morals themselves. They think nothing of pimping out their daughters to the first rich pedophile who approaches them. I read some time ago that this young lady and her mother were living on Kelley's estate and he was picking up all the bills. Don't know if that is true or not, but I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it is true. Sickening.

sevenofnine said...


My Dear Sister,

I'm glad to see you are on the mend. I also have been sick for the past few weeks, but have gotten my strength back.
I was touched by your picture of the young Black crying which accompanies this post "The Heart of a Whore." Perhaps you will tell us someday who it is. The picture is a propos to Lisa Van Allen, the woman who testified against R.Kelly, at his trial. Ms. Van Allen told Essence:


Van Allen: Yes, I'm here. [Tearfully] Because I really didn't want to do it. I didn't want to have sex with him and any other women. But it would be things that he wanted. If you didn't want to do it, he would always tell you if you love him, then you shouldn't try to change him. You should be able to accept him how he is. Being that I was young, (17)
I thought that was love. That it's okay because I love him, and I should be able to do this for him. And I just couldn't hide my feelings sometimes. Then he'd get upset at me for being upset. I still cry about it. It's not a good situation to be in, when you love someone and you want to make them happy, but to make them happy you have to do something that you don't want to do.


I have another name and place to go with your picture. Like the mystery girl in the RKelly video, and she was only FOURTEEN when incarcerated last year in Paris, Texas. They told her she would have to spend the next seven years, the rest of her adolescence, in jail for pushing a (presumably white) hall monitor in school.
Her name is SHAQUANDA COTTON. Shaquanda, who is a girl without any previous criminal record, had been in jail for over a year when she was released this past March.
Shaquanda tried to kill herself three times when she was in jail. She told the Chicago Tribune that:


"Inside the youth prison in Brownwood where she has been incarcerated for the past 10 months--a prison currently at the center of a state scandal involving a guard who allegedly sexually abused teenage inmates ... she has not been doing well.

Three times she has tried to injure herself, first by scratching her face, then by cutting her arm. The last time, she said, she copied a method she saw another young inmate try, knotting a sweater around her neck and yanking it tight so she couldn't breathe. The guards noticed her sprawled inside her cell before it was too late.

She tried to harm herself, Shaquanda said, out of depression, desperation and fear of the hardened young thieves, robbers, sex offenders and parole violators all around her whom she must try to avoid each day.

"I get paranoid when I get around some of these girls," Shaquanda said. "Sometimes I feel like I just can't do this no more--that I can't survive this."


As far as I recall, Shaquanda's story didn't get much publicity from the usual sources where we read about the Dunbar Rape, and the Megan Williams kidnapping and rape, the Hovey St. killings, and of course, the RKelly trial. Perhaps it was because, thank God, nobody was raped or killed, yet!

I found out about this Black girl crying from VANESSA BYERS, whose blog ON THE BLACK HAND SIDE had a story about the senior Chicago Tribune reporter HOWARD WITT, receiving an award for the major role he played in reporting on Shaquanda's plight and getting her out of jail, finally!

Yes, of course I signed the petition of "Black Men Against the Exploitation of Black Women" which focuses on the R Kelly case.

The petition was organized by Professor JELANI COBB, of Spellman College, which I might point out sits at the center of the (14 yo) child prostitution capitol of the US - Atlanta, Ga. I was told this by ALESIA ADAMS who in 2001, assisted in the preparation of a successful Federal Rico case against Atlanta's most notorious child pimps.

However, as we have seen by last month's PBS / NOW report on Child Prostitution in Atlanta:

not much has changed since then!

We must recognize, as both you and Jelani Cobb say,:

"that the first priority of any community is the protection of its young, "

and I would add, especially when they are 14yo and female, BEFORE, not after they are raped and killed. We as parents, and elders, must teach our sons, and yes our daughters, to NEVER NEVER ignore their sisters who are crying!

It was a WOMAN, after all who inspired our exchange by telling you:


Sadly, this is another legacy of slavery.

Professor Tracey said...

This is powerful, yet painful post. It reads so true about the black community. It's a sadness for all of us. said...

Hey Focused Purpose! {waves}

I haven't caught up with you in a while!

This post is just heart breaking...the photo is arresting...

Those of us who know how to CALL ON THE NAME OF THE LORD must do so...with fervor.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!


@ Mac Daddy

AMEN, my brother! AMEN!

That's why you're the DADDY! (smiles)

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

sevenofnine said...

My Sister,

I hear your heart felt feelings on this matter, along with our sister Anonymous. I realize this is a painful subject to both of you as it is to me, and only return to it with great caution.

I offer to your readers, the 2005 report of the Atlanta Women's Agenda, as an example of what (men and ) women can do when they put their heads together to solve a problem. The report is appropriately called "HIDDEN IN PLAIN VIEW, the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of (Girl) Children"

(I might add, these transgressions STILL take place right around the corner from cultural icons: Spellman and Morehouse Colleges, The King Family and Bishop TD Jakes!)

The 65 page report which you can find here:

offers many suggestions including the establishing and funding of shelters and safe houses for the exploited girls, allowing officers of the vice unit to pursue people (pimps) who recruit and solicit in Atlanta, and then leave city limits.

(Of course boy children are exploited in Atlanta and elsewhere in almost EQUAL NUMBERS with girls. Remember the case of the Atlanta Child Murders?
Between 1979 and 1981 more than 20 boys and two girls mysteriously disappeared and were killed.)

There is no doubt in my mind that R.Kelly paid that 14yo girl in his video handsomely NOT to testify against him at trial. There is no difference between Kelly, and the well healed johns who fly into Atlanta's conveniently located airport, buy what they want, make a video to remember the occasion, and then fly out again.

We CAN do something about this!

Best Wishes,

Anonymous said...

This is a job for more than the vice squad. If these children are being transported across state lines, then the FBI should be involved. Also, transporting a female across state lines for these purposes is a crime in and of itself - I believe that the law is referred to as the Man Act. But as you can see from the Kelley case and others, the law does not always protect black female victims. Either they are not believed or there is someone on the inside unwillling to arrest, prosecute or convict a black predator. I have heard such people say that they are unwilling to lock a brotha up for some trump up (choose the expletive of your choice). I have almost gotten into fist fights with idiots like this.

sevenofnine said...

My Sister,

I found another story that fits the description "Don't mind her tears, she has the heart of a whore"

It was of concern to me, when it happened in SEPT. 2006, even before I discovered your blog or Gina's. Gina, who is of course from
"What about Our Daughters" recalled this story for me in her recent post:
"Our Tour of the League of the Immorally Indifferent "Neighbors"

It is the case of an 11 year old girl who sadly was assaulted by as many as 19 males in Milwaukee!

Here are some of the details:


" An adult woman was in the house during the assaults, knew what was happening and did nothing to stop it.

" The girl asked to leave the house several times and was refused because some of the perpetrators were fearful she would tell police.

" The girl was about to be sexually assaulted a second time by a 40-year-old man when police, who had been looking for her, knocked on the door.

" During the multiple sexual assaults, the girl said, someone ran to get a video camera. When the victim yelled at someone to stop pulling her hair, she said, she was told, "You're not supposed to talk on camera. You're supposed to be a porn star."

" Another person in the basement began talking about collecting money for the sex, some of which the girl said was physically painful.

" 'So happy' was the way the girl described her feelings when she saw the police.

"The girl, who was born HIV-positive, (her mother died of AIDS) told investigators that "she feels unsafe, harmed and mad about what happened and wanted to move out of the city."

'Nobody is on my side,' the distraught girl told police."


It turns out that this same girl was molested previously - as a child of six, when she living in her fathers house:



Once again, let's pray for this girl, who is like the girl in your picture, with tears rolling down her face.

May she have all the blessings we wish for ourselves,

tasha212 said...

The R. Kelly verdict saddened me but it didn't surprise me. I was more devestated by the support that this pervert got from his fans, namely black women who were willing to crucify this CHILD for the sake of a grown a** man who should've known better. I weep for black girls because they don't realize how vulnerable and undervalued they are.

In solidarity,


Anonymous said...

We will not survive as a race as long as we devalue the black woman. Without her, the black race will become extinct. And there seems to be a concerted effort on the part of some black men and women to make that happen.
Our predicament reminds me of those cheesy old sci-fi movies where the scientist builds a robot to do this or that, but equips him with a self destruct button to prevent him from falling into enemy hands. We have been programmed to all things black and to destroy those who are working for the improvement of our people. Thus causing the race to fail and self destruct. God help us all...