Wednesday, August 14, 2013

in the world...not of it...take 4...know your enemy

know your enemy...

then you will see how silly it is to ask him to save you...from him.

seek Almighty's face.  humble yourself...turn from your iniquity and the ways of the it is written.

we don't need the system.  the system needs us.   this is why He says to come out from among them.  they are leeches draining our blood and souls...daily...but only if we consent by direct will or...silence.

we have the power to crush the serpent's head...too many still sleep yet.   not awake to their true power.

please wake up.

3pm is the hour of prayer.  if the Words He gives me touches you; i invite you to pray with me to Him within that hour...daily.  just a moment of His people's mind power.  a moment of concentrated silence.  for however long we can devote, depending on where we are in our journeys.  we can release His Kingdom to it is written.  i believe.        

these brothers right here...feel like i do about evidenced by the passion in their song. 

i write for my life.

nasty devils don't like my style.  nor appreciate my voice.



i know my enemy.

i know also that Love is the answer.  Love voids hate.  stat.

the fight is spiritual, not physical, as it is written.

let's fight like men and women of Yah and PRAY in...

ONE Love~ ONE People~ ONE Mind...release heaven to earth...Matthew 6:9-13...ONE Voice, Now!

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