Friday, October 4, 2013

i AM coming out!

as He continues to have me flip the script and take back that which belongs to US...

understanding who runs the music industry, i take back this cut for Almighty's Glory. 

to 'The Boss',  Diana Ross,  i say, Michael Jackson loved do i. i see the signs in the videos, so i pray you know that if you feel caught in the snare of the enemy...Almighty always allows a way of escape.  grab His outstretched hand and make a dash toward His Light.  come out!  He will guide + protect you.  i AM a witness.  

please know...the 'stars' will go out...He showed me.  it is my earnest prayer that you will turn to Him and follow Him, even now.

i love this song.  always has even greater significance today than ever before.  He has this all planned.  it is my honor + pleasure to be used of Him for His greater Purpose.  i pray this Sabbath evening, that listening to this song with a set apart flip...brings ALL joy and increased Power in Him.  


because i think Diana Ross beautiful in equal parts to her vocal gifts...and as a nod to my much needlessly angered homosexual beloved ones...enjoy the visuals + rainbow;)  i kick + dent the kinsey sacred forbidden golden calf...not you. 

 i AM fully persuaded and folks had best we head on into....


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