Monday, April 7, 2008

eliminating our proof

i wasn't going to post today.

decided instead to work on packing, spending time with my family and taking it easy.

my favorite way to "take it easy" is to read. i find it really difficult not to share. so here it is...

we are in the process of eliminating our proof...

in my reading travels i came across items that felt like confirmation of my purpose.

recently i met a world traveller and african historian. he sent me today an over view of the history of argentina. he did this without knowing that the history of argentina has been on my mind for awhile. in the coming days i will share it with you. i want to make it easier for all to know the truth. there is so much that i would like to share. i am so aware that the lies (or "myths" as they are consistently called) are killing us. literally.

i can see clearly the road that the u.s. is on. i read a book once about "solutions to the negro problem" and am horrified to see our reproductive choices become the ultimate tool.

Kola Boof says this better than i could hope to; so i will let her tell you, if you will listen. in her article she says:

"America is a western society that completely fears, hates and seeks to erase black people and Africa. And I would say that most Black Americans (at least 70%)...also hate black people and Africa...but because they themselves are black, they don’t realize it.

They will curse the photos of a lynched black man hanging from a tree as white people sit around having a picnic...but they will not give birth to that black man again. Instead, they will marry the lynch rope and produce children who look more like the white lynchers at the picnic.
They will call out the words, “Mother Africa”...but the lowest, most despised, hated person in Black America is the authentic Black woman. And the reason is...her WOMB makes them black, therefore, she is the enemy. And they make all manner of excuse, create any and every bald-faced lie against her...their own order to place the White man’s mother above a savior; as a bridge out of blackness."

know that black men and black women are just as guilty of being used to eliminate ourselves. it is not about the blame game. it is about solutions. in the absence of honest dialogue solution is not a possibility.

visit for the entire piece and to get fed...the truth, for a change.

read it. think about it. share your thoughts if you feel so compelled.

we must save ourselves. it is in the best interest of no one else to save us...



Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

yes we are and ca be our own worse enemy

tasha212 said...

I am a light-skinned black woman, what some people would call a red-bone. I grew up loving blackness. Dark brown skin has always been the most beautiful to me. I'm not just saying this, I'm being honest. What this means is summers spent in the hot sun trying to get as dark as possible. I never could achieve the darkness that I desired, but my skin did turn a dark caramel so I was always happy about that. My love of blackness has caused me to date black and brown-skinned men exclusively in the hopes that one day I'll have beeautiful black babies. I have seen beautiful dark-skinned people hate themselves. They don't even realize that they have been given God's most beautiful gift, to be the most like the original human beings, therefore being the closest to His image. For, if the orignal man and woman were black, and we are in fact made in his image, then wouldn't that mean that the Creator of all mankind is black? So, I just wanted to give the perspective of a light-skinned woman who has always, and will always love black in its most original form.

focusedpurpose said...


yes sir!

i am teaching my tall, muscular,athletic,chocolate son to determine early that he will reserve the right to think for himself.

i have challenged him to see that not only will the wicked "powers that be" not encourage him to love black women that reflect back his image or produce more in his image---it will cause him to be on auto destruct. he will hate himself and everyone else that looks like him. much as we see right now.

thanks for stopping in! i really appreciate you:-)


mrshadow33 said...

Powerful post as always my Sister! I have Kola Boof's book and the things she has gone through are a revelation. You should also look up her radio interviews.

What that wise man gave you IO believe was a reminder to all of us that we must never forget to be on our guard. The enemies to our existence will never stop scheming and plotting to bring about our destruction. So we must always fight the misinformation and lies that are put out about us by others and unfortunately many of our own people. We must teach our children the meaning of being true women and men. We have to teach them the mental, spiritual and physical skills and techniques necessary to survive and thrive in this world as proud Black people.

Thank you again for another powerful post my Sister. May the Creator continue to heap blessings upon you and your family.

focusedpurpose said...


this is the 3rd time i have responded:-( my computer is wanting a vacation.

i am going to save to word before i attempt to submit this time.

question- do you find the term "redbone" offensive?

i am dark chocolate. in the summer time i lay out as well; in search of my sudan tan:-) i call it glorious black and like to wear white outfits! glorious and fun. i love my beautiful blackness. one would be surprised how black women come to me and say they envy me for how comfortable i am in my blackness. this has happened to me more times than i can count. it started my quest to help sisters be happy and comfortably black.

i feel sorry for those other rich deep black people that make a mad dash to the shade in order to prevent themselves from getting blacker. OMG how miserable that must be for a sun-person.

i believe that black people are created in the image of God. it is deliberate that we possess dna coiled, resilient, electrifying crowns. just as it is deliberate that we are taught to hate our glorious crowns/skin and do all in our power to change them in our futile quest to become white-like. this behavior is also corroboration/validation of white supremacy.

i appreciate my black family for all of the colors we come in; this despite the ways that we came to be.

everyone knows how beautiful black people are people. it is my mission to do my part to change this sad state of affairs.

blessings sis,

focusedpurpose said...

Mr. Shadow-

thank you for your support and encouragement.

i agree we must be vigilant. i feel purposeful because i am consistently blessed with information and encouraging people that cross my path.

as long as i have breath i will continue to keep doing my part:-) it is all any of us can do!


tasha212 said...


Yes, I do find the term red-bone offensive. I had a boyfriend once that took pleasure in calling me by that name all the time until I threatened to break up with him. I don't know why I don't like the name, I just don't.

Ana said...

There is a belief that a large number of the black population in Argentina was annihilated, or pushed off away from the central areas to the most inhospitable region of the Pampas, and there many intermarried with the indigenous people of that region.There was an agenda to wipe out both the native and black population.

I receive a monthly free online magazine -www.Revista from a group of Argentines and Uruguayans, mostly white and some black from the Southern cone area. This online magazine (Quilombo),named after the haven of runaway slaves in Portuguese, celebrates African culture. If you speak Spanish or even understand a bit, write and subscribe.

Modern day Argentines are some of the most arrogant and racist people the world over, and they love to boast that they have no blacks in Argentina. But a large a number of them have curly, curly hair with white skin.Black showed up in the DNA of many of them.

Despite that,there is a resurgence of African culture in the Southern cone area.

In Uruguay which has a small black population, their national dance is called "candomble", not to be confused with the "candomble religion" of Brazil.Both are African in origins.You should see the white skinned Uruguayans dancing like black people.The indomitable African spirit has a way of remaining indefinitely.

I believe Black skin is the loveliest of all.Somehow deep inside me from I was a child I have always understood that God adores blackness.


focusedpurpose said...


i find the term very offensive. honestly, i have never heard it used except by doggish black men. so, i was surprised when you used it. that is why i asked the question.

i hope you left mr. man! i hate the term because it doesn't denote the worth of the woman. she is priceless. calling her a bone is rude and demeaning at best. adding red seems like a great indication of one that suffers from colorism. all in all it is repugnant to me.

blessings sis,

focusedpurpose said...


yes! blacks were deliberately driven out (gentrification in the u.s.) blacks were used as cannon fodder in the wars (blacks that get in trouble get to dodge bullets rather than jail; u.s. wars are fought by the poor) and the intermarriage became the law of the land (much like the media campaign and push that we see right now).

yes, much like today in the u.s. there are external and internal efforts to de-populate black folks. we are only too happy to participate it seems.

thanks for sharing!

blessings sis,

focusedpurpose said...

also Ana-

yes there is a push to bring the contributions of the African to the forefront---much like here in the u.s.---and like here it seems cyclical. it comes in and out of fashion depending on in argentina who is in power and in america if we can focus long enough. but then in america we like to sell everything to big corporations who then dilute, pervert and corrupt us and our images globally. will we ever learn?

my random final thought.

thanks for engaging me.

blessings in abundance,

Khadija said...


All I can say is Wow!!! I really like the concept of "the proof." It's so.....empowering. It also highlights how we, as an ethnic group, really don't have any empowering folklore. At least none that I'm aware of that everyday people really transmit to the children.


Thank you for the information. I'm going to check out the on-line magazine you mentioned. And thanks for explaining the Argentina situation. FocusedPurpose has been teasing us for a while about this mysterious Argentina stuff! *Smile*

I'm looking forward to reading more about it. [hint, hint, Focused!]

Peace, everyone.

focusedpurpose said...


hi sis. i am not teasing:-) you are funny. knowledge of self is empowering. this is why it is not taught to the masses. could you imagine how black folks would be if they knew their glorious nappy dna coiled crowns were proof that they are created in the image of God and the first men and women on earth? if blacks did not believe that their crowns made them ugly and cursed? if blacks didn't believe that they needed to kill their crowns (and themselves) in order to have a "good" crown?

btw, my posts don't come out of me according to my understanding. i literally feel led to post on certain topics. in fact i will have one thing in mind and will feel heavy until i listen to the whisper in my spirit. i hope that makes sense.

the historian's article made it so simple; i may just post that. my concern is oftentimes how to share information. your hint is taken, sis. my next mention of argentina after this comment will be in my post.

it is most interesting to note that many seem to believe that they can procreate if you will white supremacy/racism away. there is nothing further from the truth. only black folks go away. white supremacy still stands. invariably we will need to face this head on. i am not mad at ms kola either:-)she said well what has been on my mind for a minute. i don't guess she got the no mulatto memo either. for the record i don't use that term anymore since i got so chewed out about it. i have noticed that many still do. i saw louis gates, jr. doing a seminar and he must've used that term quite a few times. i thought to myself, eeeeew. all jokes aside, i find it interesting that there are so many rules for black folks to abide by as we strive to be free. thank God i am stubborn.

blessings sis,

Ana said...

Good Morning to everyone:

Focusedpurpose and Khadija: I am off to work but will post later on this topic.Regarding the monthly online magazine it is Revista Quilombo and then it will come up. I don't think you have to put anything else.

There was an interesting story in it about a young black boy from that region that was picked up off the street by members of a rich family andd used as an entertainer and taken all over the world.
He grew up and that was his lot in life, to entertain rich people and be ridiculed while living with them. It made me cry. I will post later.

Buen día, Saludos.

Ensayn1 said...

FocusedPurpose, Self elimination is in the process, and I have been really thinking about this and how its happening. I am coming to believe the destruction of Black people by Black people is coming by an effort to destroy the Black woman, cloaked in a shroud of the destruction of Black males. I will expound on this later. But, what brought this to my attention is the wanton murder, rape and mental destruction of the Black woman. Its like I constantly hear stories of men killing their women, police officers raping women they arrest the female genital mutilation on the Continent, and really there is not enough punishment to fit these crimes. One of the most destructive mantras thats repeated is "a woman can't raise a boy to be a man." I think do these people know what they are saying? Do they really realize what they are saying about their own mother's? And when women say this I wonder if they are realizing what they are saying about themselves?
About redbone. Growing up on the West Coast back in the day this was not a common term. But, as I moved to the south I heard it more, and I fully understand the feeling of that term can be used and taken as a negative term. However, in my quest to research the depth of Black people in the Americas I have found that there were a people that lived in the Georgia, Alabama and Florida area that named themselves the Redbones. I am sure this is a translation but it opens the possiblity that originally the term redbone was not a degrading term but possibly relating people that derived from this group of indigenous Black people from GA, AL, and FL that were vicious fighter against the encrouching whites and in most cases crushing the whites. Unfortuantley, there have been many terms that were not originally negative that have been corrupted by whites into something negative because their own bitter experiences, usually war battles they lost. We can look at words like Coon which is now dispariging against Black people when it originally dipicted the Washo people or Racoon Eye people. Zambo which depicted the offspring of Black indigenous Americans and Black Africans into the ugly term Lil Black Sambo. This is no defense of what is now dispariging just what once was something good whites corrupted to something ugly.

focusedpurpose said...

Ensayn1 & Ana-

thanks for your comments. i must get packed today. i will come back later. you both made interesting points.

thanks for engaging me. i love brilliant people they make me smarter.


Khadija said...


Now that you've explained it, I "get" how you do your posts. I admire your mental discipline. It takes discipline to wait for divine permission & to follow where you are led.

This is always a major struggle for me---I'm always tempted to "push" things & my own actions. Instead of listening for the "whisper in my spirit."

It's amazing & infuriating how our children are being snatched up all over the planet! Be it from blatant kidnappers to the institutionalized kidnappings of the courts & child welfare systems. [I am not denying that some of these state-sponsored displacements are necessary & deserved.]


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. Its a subject many try to gloss over or ignore completely. Deep dark brown am I...and I am happy for it.

One day we will see people clamoring to be recognized as African or black. It will be quite interesting actually.

Ana said...


Chancellor Williams wrote an interesting book entitled-"The Destruction of Black Civilizations." His book was criticized for not been scholarly in terms of the research area. I still recommend it. I have read a few of Kola Boof's books and I admire her wisdom and insight. But as a daughter of the African Diaspora I have seen too many contradictions throughout my life to explain things based on a "proof" of hair textures, natural hair and skin tone.

My proof requires much more. I look for the indomitable African spirit and the undying African culture as proof for authentic black presence.When I was growing up as a child in Panama, the first person I saw who painted Santa Claus black was my best friend's dad. He was the son of a black woman and a Scottish man.

This man and his brothers dedicated most of their lives in uplifting black people. Based on Kola Boof's theory, my friend and her relatives don't have the "crown or color". But in my book, they carry the indomitable African spirit.

On the continent where so many carry the proof, many Africans sadly don't even identify with one another.My blood relatives from both my parents side have different skin tones and hair textures, and I have never once heard them make any negative comments about looks, color or hair. In my immediate family- I am the youngest daughter of five children.I have two brothers and two sisters. My sisters and I have little resemblance. We had a grade school teacher who found us very amusing. He would joke and say:"Three sisters with three different faces".We never found him amusing.

I remember from a trip to Brazil, I met a handsome Brazilian(he may have been considered a mulatto there), who was a gatekeeper of African traditions at a black Catholic Church. He took me aside and told me that they only admitted blacks and mulattos, and that the church was more African than Catholic in worship.I will never forget his face, he made me understand that he was not joking and his mission was to restore African traditions.

The resurgence of African spirituality and culture in the Southern cone (Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay) has nothing to do with governments. In Latin America there is a clear distinction between people and the state.Here in the United States, people tend to be confused about these two concepts. This is why many whites were upset with Rev Wright when he made his statements. White Americans and even some blacks believe that they are the highest representation of the U.S. state.

I will be honest, there are many blacks who I do not trust, "proof" and all, and I have met non-blacks who have dedicated their lives in uplifting black and and poor people's existence on this planet.

Kola Boof's "proof" is not enough proof for me. I require a heavier test-the dedication to the upliftment of black and poor people.I will work with anyone who has my philosophy.My proof is cultural, spiritual, passion and mere hard work, because I know that God and our ancestors will be finally vindicated.


focusedpurpose said...

hi Ensayn1:-)

your comment really resonated with me for a number of reasons.

i realize that i am really only interested in being moved not actually packing so i have to box myself in and make myself do what i need to do in order to be ready for the weekend garage sale:-)

you said:

"I am coming to believe the destruction of Black people by Black people is coming by an effort to destroy the Black woman, cloaked in a shroud of the destruction of Black males."

white folks have behavioral scientists that devote their time to studying how black folks behave under persecution.

back in the day, i used to wonder why they wouldn't study themselves and attempt to figure out why collectively they hate black people in particular so much. (it seems that non-white people globally are subject to assimilation or termination---as if the world minority whites want to exist by themselves except for the assimilated few that serve them through labor, sexual gratification and entertainment. this of course after their culture(s) and legacies are stolen and whitened)

in reading i have learned that white people understand that black people are more willing to tolerate all types of abuse as long as it is at the hands of other black people.

one of the reasons that i think white behavioral scientists don't talk about the condition that afflicts the white collective is because it would constitute “game over” to tell the world that collectively white folks fit the clinical definition of a sociopath. i have blogged on this before. i felt there was a part 2 to this blog, however, i have not been led to re-visit the topic, just yet. feel free to check out the clinical definition of the sociopath @

so yes, white folks sit back and watch black folks on autopilot take themselves out. this behavior then serves as proof that blacks are savages. for me, i must confess it has been a great hurdle to overcome to know that i am in greater danger with other blacks than anyone else. in all honesty, i struggle with this reality daily. i do know this to be the truth though. i am constantly reminding myself to make the necessary adjustments. black skin does not equal friend.

"what brought this to my attention is the wanton murder, rape and mental destruction of the Black woman."

this is on the agenda all day everyday. if you listen you will see that it seems to be a prior made agreement in order to have a highly visible platform---from comedians to coaches---denigrating black women and girls is the law of the land. the minions without platforms carry out the orders and then cry racism and judicial persecution when it is time to face the music. and routinely, black folks show up to advocate on their behalf. it is wicked genius. i see it clearly and am bewildered by all those that fall in to cooperate with their destruction. time after time.

"One of the most destructive mantras thats repeated is "a woman can't raise a boy to be a man." I think do these people know what they are saying? Do they really realize what they are saying about their own mother's? And when women say this I wonder if they are realizing what they are saying about themselves?"

this was pretty loaded for me. i will tell you why.

in addition to ripping us apart mentally, emotionally and physically black women are routinely saddled with the God given responsibilities of black MEN & black women. this practice is killing us! why are only black women expected to exist without partnership, protection, and provision? it is a part of our destruction. especially when you apply historical/african perspective and understand that the children don’t belong only to the women---they belong to the community headed by the men.

i have said before and will say again---it was not the divine purpose for black women to carry, nurture, teach, provide for, protect, and raise their children (male or female) alone. it is deliberate and on purpose that men and women must participate in the creation of children. likewise, despite all the lies i have personally heard black women regurgitate "i don't need a man" the most popular one. as they eat themselves to death… men are necessary to raise other men. especially in a mysogynistic sexist society like the one in which we live.

i say this as the mother of a black manchild. he was the epitome of respect & cooperation until he reached thirteen. despite my teaching him the importance of respect and love for me and black women; asserting himself became the order of the day. i had not changed my steadfast course. it would be for me to lie to say that if it were not for the fact that i have a strong black man that leads by example, is the ying to my yang, doesn’t allow non-sense, is a great provider, makes it possible for me to be able to stay dialed into my son and his constant evolution---i would be having a different experience altogether. when my son adopts a strong point of view with me, i instruct him to watch his mouth and to speak with respect while my husband lets him know that in addition to being his mother i am his woman and he won’t tolerate me being disrespected. by anyone. this visible adjustment actually looks like it looked back in the day, when men knew there were other men that would adjust them quickly if they demonstrated publicly that they needed adjusting while dealing with women. such is not the case today, and we can all see the difference.

this from a sister that grew up without any type of love from a man. i have learned the very hard way! i am acutely aware that it is God's grace that allows my testimony to be what it is.

so, yes, i understand fully what i am saying when i say that women should not be abandoned to raise black boy (and girls! for the love of God) by themselves. i have also met, personally, those rare exceptions that have done it well. yet don't for a second fool myself into thinking they are anything other than that---exceptions. black men , collectively, need to wander back home and go to work for the preservation of themselves and their communities. of course, i do not advocate black women waiting for this to occur. in light of the fact that destroying black women is not only encouraged, it is handsomely rewarded a lot of the time.

and yes, white folks have a nasty habit of perverting and flipping everything with which they come in contact. they, collectively, through the years have proven the uncanny knack of acting like devils. i will say it knowing that there will be those that will act as if my telling the truth makes me "racist". whatever:-)

redbone- i grew up in the south and the most color-struck, disrespectful, woman chasing doggish men used this term frequently. it shocks me not in the least to learn that it started out as something honorable that has been "whitened" into perversion. this is another reason i don't like integration. there is no way to get away from the constant need to "flip" everything that crosses your path. most black folks don't know to flip much less bother to do the flip of information. this really is a backwards world! as a wise elder once told me: if you stand next to poop long enough; you will start to stink! we truly become the company we seek. interestingly enough, i am not a separatist either. i just think we must engage without all the extra stupid stuff that pose as “tradition” in this country and around the world. we should engage as black african descendants with a full understanding of ourselves, our history, and our historical enemies. anything less means suicide. mentacide. genocide. homicide. infanticide. pick a “cide”.

thanks for the history of the terms that have become perverted and used as weapons to assault our spirits. you have provided a direction in which to go to learn more. i love it! i appreciate your intelligence and wisdom:-)

yes, i wrote a book! cliff notes didn’t work:-)


focusedpurpose said...


no false advertising here! i push things too! all the time! i have found that by the time i finish cleaning up the mess, i realize it would have been so much simpler just to be obedient:-)

hugs and blessings,

focusedpurpose said...


you are welcome and i agree. in the interim, we must spearhead the project with those that seem to be interested in running away from their rich glorious african heritage! each of us in our own special way according to our gifts. we must share our lights. those that bring darkness do so quite boldly!


focusedpurpose said...

let me clarify a comment that i just made.

i discussed the way that black women are eating themselves to death. i don't for a moment want to seem as if i am taking jabs at black women that are wrestling with issues of weight. i am not.

i have written about this before and it occurred to me that everyone would not know this---i have been one of these women. most recently. when under stress and duress i have engaged in unhealthy relationships with food, alcohol and men for that matter. i say it with no judgment or malice. i say it because it is true.

i just wanted to clarify:-)

blessings all,

focusedpurpose said...

hi Ana-

thanks for the book recommendation! it gets added to my long "must reads before i die" list:-) the fact that the author was heavily criticized is encouraging to me. those that come highly recommended by white folks are suspicious at best:-)

Ana-let me clarify something.

the purpose of my post was not to kick anyone out of the black family. the purpose of my post was to instill a sense of pride, knowledge of self and worth to a people that are taught consistently the world over to hate their distinct, glorious, wooly nappy dna coiled crowns. in fact, we are taught to seek feverishly to get rid of it so that the hair can be considered "good".

the purpose of my post was to speak to the sisters that are scarred mentally by the non-stop assertions that the most beautiful black women are in fact biracial. generation after generation. black women do not have white mothers unless they are adopted. if your mother or father is caucasin/european white,you are biracial. it is white supremacy that mandates that we accept this offspring as black. white supremacy and greed. i reject it. self respect mandate this course of action. the black woman is not ever represented unless she has the world's longest weave and adopts ridiculous efforts to be eurocentric in appearance. what are we teaching our black daughters with this message? i am talking to them. i am talking to black men that think in the absence of "good" hair and light skin sisters are not beautiful. this is self hatred. it is killing us. i refuse to be so p.c. and inclusive that i won’t speak to my dying sisters and daughters. i really cannot say that i am sorry either.

i know without leaving my personal family that there are those that could very well claim "whiteness" and the benefits that come with it that don't. this does not make them black. since all people come from africa originally we could very well call all people african. we all know this is not the case. those people that will tell the truth and teach their biracial offspring to respect and love black---this makes them God's people that have no desire to perpetuate the lie of white supremacy and inflict death/damage to all of humanity.

i also know without leaving my family that the nappiest blackest people can hate black more than the whitest person known to man. this does not make them not black and carriers of the proof of their african heritage on their heads. this just means they don't know who they are much less the power of loving themselves. the oppression of black people and people of color around the world could not take place without these devilish black/colored minions. history bears witness to my statements. yes, black skin does not equal friend. evil comes in all colors, nationalities, religious affiliations and sexual orientations. i am very clear on this point, it just was not the purpose of my post.

as far as the ability for other nations to separate their citizenry from the state---i can only speak from what i have read. for now:-) gimme a minute:-)

again let me say, i am not seeking to marginalize anyone. my focus and purpose is to get black folks to love, accept and respect ourselves.

p.s. you are very fortunate to grow up with many hues and hair textures and not have had it been an issue at home. i, too, grew up in my house this way. when the extended family came together it was a different story all together! i learned quick that black & nappy was interchangeable with ugly and undesirable. to not address this reality for quite a few resonates as negligent for me. i think the cocoon created by my mother (who is light skinned with freckles herself and doesn't know it, yet!:-) allowed me to love, accept and respect black. early. i am eternally grateful.

check out the book i wrote to Ensayn1 to better understand where i stand with black folks:-)

i learn so much from you! thank you for engaging me. it means a lot to me. if we were all saying the same thing some of us would be irrelevant, i firmly believe this.

blessings sis,

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone.

I am a sister from the African
nation Senegal.

Someone here mentioned that
you don't have to be black in
color or have "proof" on your
head to be a black person.

I would like to back up what
Kola Boof said from an "African"

Black "blood" is what makes a
person black.

The more of it they have, the
blacker they are.

There are White people who can
immerse themselves in black
culture and be "culturally
blacker" than any black person.

Cultural blackness is not the
point of Queen Kola's assertions.

She is discussing what we in
Africa call "jisahna" or the
"blood mother", the "roots".

If the ancestors show themselves
in you, then you are black.

Anyone can be an "African". But
not everyone is "black".

I deeply agree with Kola Boof when
she said the Europeans have taught
us to "disrespect" black people
by allowing "JUST ANYBODY" to be
and represent them based on silly
notions of "cultural training"
and one drop rules.

As Queen Kola pointed out, her
most beloved hero Malcolm X is
not as "black" as her most
despised Clarence Thomas.

The "BLOOD" overrules everything
to the people of Africa, just the
same as the Europeans, Chinese
and all other people judge who
is in their likeness.

Kola is right when she says that
the "darkest black woman" is the
mother of our race and is the
natural mate of the true black man.
She is 100% exposing the pre-slave, pre-colonial African
perspective of "proof".

Anyone can "identify with" or be
"trained" to worship blackness.

Vice versa, you will see Africans
who worship Europe and are more
European than any white person, but
does that make them European?

No, the whites will not allow such

I hear that Kola Boof is out
campaigning for Barack Obama. I
heard her say on the radio that
she loves him so very much. Yet
she also says that she does not
consider him to be a "black man."
To her and most Africans he is
a "Half-Caste" African, not black.

I prefer that truth and like Kola
I am still able to love and be
family with mixed people. Just
because she says that he is not
black does not mean he is not loved
for who he really is.

Perhaps African Americans would
be better to love people for their
actual selves and not try to force
any and everything to be "just black". That is not truth.

Thank you for listening my brother
and my sisters.

focusedpurpose said...


it occurred to me that i often times talk in black and white. i do this because when it comes to white supremacy other nationalities adopt a very "white" perspective. acting white means something different to me; always has always will. by this i mean, because they are not black they seem to feel a sense of superiority to black people. especially once they get where they are trying to go. with women it seems to translate as a feeling of greater desirability. this is often times directly related to skin color and hair texture. do you find this to be the case? in fact, i have watched the spirit of confusion set in when i am neither affected nor shut down by the obvious efforts to render me less than due to my blackness. i have learned well that anything only works as much as one believes it. hope that makes sense.

for example, i live in los angeles. i moved here because of the diversity. i really like the yummy differences of people. i love watching/studying people and have learned that we all have more in common than not. it would be so nice to explore these commonalities without the burden of white supremacy/racism all the time. it seems that element manages to rear its little ugly head repeatedly.

at one point, i had a friend that was black (father) and vietnamese (mother). when it was beneficial to her, she identified as black. if we were in other settings together she blatantly distanced herself from black. when i pointed this practice out once she indicated that she had the right to choose. i cannot argue with that. she does, mothers of black babies typically are not from vietnam.

i had occasion to meet her mom. now, dad was what i call dark shiny black---i think it is beautiful the way light bounces off of certain hues of black skin---btw, he also died a millionaire; which explained in many ways mom’s presence despite her dislike of dark black skin. moms was not embaressed to say in my dark black presence that her daughter should not date or marry dark black men. it would make the babies too black. after this comment i stayed away from mom. when the my friend started making these same comments & how much she did not like dark skinned black males, once in the presence of my dark skinned young son, i stopped hanging out with her as well.
as black people we do ourselves a grave disservice to continue to allow our oppressors to define us. ever wonder why the offspring of others don't have to automatically be claimed by the one group? it is purposeful i believe. most black people do not even question this at this point. i have even heard black people say verbatim, "well according to the one drop rule"... that to me is not the behavior of a self
respecting people. i think the sooner we start making these distinctions as black people the better off we will be as black people. we love to emulate all other people for all the wrong reasons. getting clannish would be a great practice to take up. it will be opposed just like black folks gathered with themselves in days of old was prohibited. so what, times have changed, right?

i have by the same token met hispanics, asians, and light skinned blacks that have insisted that they are white. that doesn't offend me. this is america and people can be whatever they want to be. i had a white looking mexican woman that worked with me. she insisted she was white. once a white woman in talking to her asked if she wanted to make some extra money, her other “girl” that cleaned her house had quit. and seemingly oblivious to how much hurt she was causing, proceeded to lament about how hard it was to find good help. when my associate relayed this to me, i resisted the strong desire to share with her why it was important to love, accept, and respect yourself. you can deny yourself all you want to and at the end of the day; they will only see what you are killing yourself not to be.

likewise, i just think for black people that we really must proudly claim our heritage and begin to honor our ancestors in all that we do. anyone doing that (without regard for hair texture or hue) is alright by me.

ok, back to sorting and packing sis! ever notice how much stuff one really has? i promise to God it doesn’t seem like that much until it is time to move! i am really going to stop consuming so much. seriously.

blessings sis,

focusedpurpose said...

hi Anonymous-

welcome! i was writing my other book to Ana when i saw your comment. thank you for sharing! it is so good to hear another perspective.

not that we have to...i stand in agreement with you. i love people and humanity. period. i also love the truth.

i have encountered white invaders of africa that swear they are african by way of Belgium for example or another european nation. it makes me so tired! in my head i literally hear, “here we go!” in this country it is becoming the joke of t-shirts even. i recognize it to be the disrespect that it is and reject it. i also encourage everyone else in self respect to reject it. those that choose not to are entitled to exercise their choices. God doesn’t make you, i won’t even try.

it is interesting, i have also encountered jews that do not accept "converted" ones. again, out of self respect.

Anonymous, know that you are always welcome here:-)

ok, for real now, back to packing! i love it so much...not!:-)


Khadija said...

I'm not offended by the talk about "proof," etc. And my friends tease me that I would pass a manila folder test; in addition to the paper bag test. The reason is that I see the 'proof' as a matter of resurrecting Black self-respect. White supremacy has been so deeply instilled in us, it will be a looong time before Black folks who resemble me feel any pressure on our self-esteems due to any 'proof' talk.

The point about how others don't let just anybody join their category is well taken. I've found that lineage is extremely important to everybody except us. We forget that many of the cultural practices that we've normalized were the result of our ancestors adjusting to slavery. This is one of the reasons I've always been mildly uncomfortable with the terms "play" aunts, uncles, & cousins. You start developing 'play' relatives when your blood relatives have been murdered or sold away.

Most of us (myself included) can't trace our lineage past great-grandparents to begin with. And with the modern practices of mass promiscuity & illegitimacy, the whole concept of verifiable blood lines has been effectively destroyed.
On Black women medicating ourselves with food: I could write a book about that topic. Black women's 'food as prozac' syndrome is superimposed on the already unhealthy relationship with food most Black folks adopted when we left the farms & started eating processed food & fast food.

Once I overheard a hairstylist telling her client (at the next wash bowl) about how she scolded her sister for constantly feeding her nieces & nephews fast food: "Mickey D's isn't real food! That's why her kids are sick all the time!"


BLKSeaGoat said...

Kola Boof's statements are interesting.

In my own experiences of dealing with Black people from Africa I can say that it was I who received the differential treatment from them.

I was always called some sort of derogatory name used to describe light-skinned black people and I never let it bother too much until the authenticity of my own "blackness" was challenged.

At that point, I had to give my black brothers and sisters from Africa a history lesson. They were shocked beyond disbelief that I was not an ignorant, over-indulged, fully assimilated, American Negro.

I grew up with a mother who was a history buff and a grandmother who was a history teacher. My mother raised us as black nationalists; I cannot remember a time in my childhood rearing that I was anything but a proud black man.

Skin color issues aside, after my black brothers and sisters from African began to realize this, their differential treatment stopped. They learned that I was not the enemy, but rather along lost cousin.

What I found ironic is that the same displeasure I had for white people at that time (I have grown since then, but I am still VERY CLEAR about who I am, where I come from, and the lineage I refuse to dilute) they shared!

Talk about common ties that bind!

Great post focused!

Ensayn1 said...

Hi FP,
I would like to clarify; When I said .
" I think do these people know what they are saying? Do they really realize what they are saying about their own mother's? And when women say this I wonder if they are realizing what they are saying about themselves?"

It is not that I'm advocating that women should be left alone to raise our children, I am sayng first and foremost That the Black woman is the maker and Creator of our universe. The Black woman is the first teacher of us all. This is the foundation of what I believe, thus I am convinced that there is nothing she CANNOT do or teach. This is not a burden in my opinion, but a blessing that has been forgotten by many. I feel that strong Black men are re-enforcers of right teaching taught by the mother as you say here
"...i INSTRUCT him to watch his mouth and to speak with respect while my husband lets him know that IN ADDITION to being his mother i am his woman and he won’t tolerate me being disrespected."

This is a role my own father played and the same with me. So, if there is no man in the home the mother is very capable to and should teach right thinking, respect, mindfulness, and the ability to discern right and wrong and do this with consistancy beginning at an early age in a male child's life, she will have raised a strong Black man. Now, I am not saying that the man has nothing to teach, don't get me wrong. There are many things we teach and should teach right thinking along with the mother. However, much of our teaching is by way of example, speech and how we conduct ourselves with our women. I am a man that has taken care of my children, and I am sick of men abandoning & leaving them in the hands of the mother to do all for that child. And please don't misunderstand I see men in the home with their children that have abandonded their children mentally, and spiritually. I am truely believing that we as Black men have to let go of the partiarchal notion that men are the maker and owner of the universe and work with our women as our equal and not men as the head and woman the "help meet" whatever that is. We men should learn to truely understand our position as men and defend our women and not be a destroyer of her.
I believe the destruction of the Black woman is coming in the form black males dying and being put into prisons by the millions as a strike against the basic teaching of our Black mothers in a very covert fashion. Maybe I can't really express what I am intending, as writing like this is devoid of voice tones and inflection along with facial expressions that would truley convey my feelings. But all in all I am an advocate of returning the Queen of Heaven back to her throne and that is our Black Women in all her glorious forms, and skin tones!

focusedpurpose said...

Khadija said-

"White supremacy has been so deeply instilled in us, it will be a looong time before Black folks who resemble me feel any pressure on our self-esteems due to any 'proof' talk."

thank you!

deep, rich, complexioned sisters with the proof of their heritage on their heads have been so conditioned to hate themselves that for the most part---they wrestle from early childhood to hide the proof.

these same sisters have been and continue to be so denied, dehumanized, defiled, and devalued for so long---it really gets on my nerves for people to act like what i am talking about is not real or needed. or all of a sudden get "inclusive". uh, i would happily shut up if black women that you cannot see white or “other “on were not routinely rendered invisible or relegated to the background; in every segment of our society!

while we are on the subject, ever notice the deep rich complexioned sisters that are prominently featured, naomi, gabrielle, nia, etc.---look at their features. what do you notice? these images close the room of beauty off to the majority of black women. then look at the features of prominently featured black men, denzel, djimon, don cheadle, etc. why the disparity?

then start looking at the faces of those women that are suffering the most---what do you notice? everything in this life is related. as soon as people get wise to this the better off we will be as a people. acting like it isn’t real only defeats black folks time after time.

Khadija thank you for consistently keeping it real.

blessings sis,

focusedpurpose said...


it is really difficult to converse this way as you said. i think we are in agreement for the most part, not that we have to be:-)

"The Black woman is the first teacher of us all. This is the foundation of what I believe, thus I am convinced that there is nothing she CANNOT do or teach. This is not a burden in my opinion, but a blessing that has been forgotten by many"

i agree wholeheartedly with this statement. i would say that this blessing is now being perverted, internally and externally. we are merely seeing the fall out from that perversion.

thanks for engaging me my brother.


focusedpurpose said...

hi BlkSeagoat:-)

thanks for sharing your perspective!

you said:

'They were shocked beyond disbelief that I was not an ignorant, over-indulged, fully assimilated, American Negro."

i think the fact that so many black americans are happily all of the above is why Africans have such a disdain for us. not to mention that black americans can be counted on to loudly say the most disrespectful, hateful, ignorant things of all time about africa. consistently.

as far as the common historical and present enemy of white folks---this comes as no surprise to me. in fact there are government initiatives to prevent black americans and africans from having this type of dialogue for this very reason. that whole apartheid thing made them regroup fast. they installed a dummy black president while refusing to redistribute the wealth. black folks everywhere like black faces in high places; even when it means nothing to their existence. that's a whole other conversation:-) efforts to impact the conditions in africa are heavily monitored and thwarted at every turn.

i used to hold africans in contempt for not being able to figure out hosting, teaching, loving white invaders= bad after so many centuries that would indicate otherwise. especially, when given an opportunity they seemed just as bad as their american cousins; in a hurry to marry white folks as if that would guarantee freedom. like the author of kaffir boy. meeting other africans that are organizing against africom and the other imperial interests that we can thank for the congo, kenya, etc. helped me to "chill out" as my soon calls it with thinking they were as stupid as they think we are:-) funny how communication changes things!

true story:

when i was little, my sister and brother and i were sitting and watching an episode of tarzan. my mother came into the room as we were cheering tarzan on in the destruction of africans. while his white behind was in africa. the africans had not invaded europe. my mother very politely turned the t.v. off and began to tell us why would must never cheer against africans. we must always look for the white folks in the mess where africans are being destroyed and destroying themselves. i do this to this day. without fail there they are (white folks) making a killing literally and figuratively. while we are bombarded with images that make us quick to declare africans savages while making sure not to offend savage white folks and their descendants. i refuse.

yes, focusing on the commonalities is always a good thing.

blessings in abundance,

Khadija said...

Another thought about the 'proof' talk: It's a clear choice of what 'look' are we going to hold up as our ideal 'look.' An appearance that is representative of most of us, and representative of our original state (pre-kidnapping & mass rapes). Or a look that reflects somebody else.

That's why I never bought into this "Black folks are a rainbow of beauty" stuff. Certain things cannot be shared---there can be only ONE true idealized appearance for each group of people. There's only one first place. And we all know that the blonde, Aryan European woman has been entrenched in every other group's 1st place slot.

[As a side note, when I noticed that so many Korean female attorneys have light brown dyed hair, I knew they had completely lost their minds as a people. The middle-aged Korean instructor that I had hates this particular fad with a passion & endlessly ranted about how he would never allow his teenage daughter to do that to her hair.]

The Black rainbow myth is a way of keeping White-like beauty in the 1st place slot. While pretending that dark-skinned sisters are somehow sharing in that.


tasha212 said...


"we must always look for the white folks in the mess where africans are being destroyed and destroying themselves. i do this to this day. without fail there they are (white folks) making a killing literally and figuratively. while we are bombarded with images that make us quick to declare africans savages while making sure not to offend savage white folks and their descendants."

All I can say is "Speak truth!" I believe that what has been missing from the discussion about the situation in the Congo and here in the States is the part that white supremacy, colonization, and exploitation plays in this. It is not a coincidence that we are destroying ourselves. I learned this long ago. One of the first books I read as a conscious young black person told me to first identify my enemies and my friends. Alot of us are confused as to who our enemies are. Let me be clear. I realize that in this day and age, most black people are killed by other black people. Most black women who are raped, murdered, or kidnapped are victimized by black men. However, I do not believe that we are the enemy of each other. Our enemy is still the same. The end result of the process of white supremacy is self-destruction. So, it should not surprise anyone that we are destroying ourselves. It should not surprise anyone that the African woman is under seige. For, if you destroy the womb, the life-giving force, you destroy the race. The architects of white supremacy knew what they were doing. They knew that after centuries of slavery, degredation, mentacide, and genocide, all they would have to do is sit back and watch us kill eachother off. In this day in age, they can put a puppet negro politician in office that will cater to their interests, fund an entertainer to glorify pimping, killing, and blinging, and sit back and entertain themselves like they used to do back in the day at a lynching.

sevenofnine said...

Hi Focused,

I am glad to see you are quoting Kola Boof, aka Naima Kitar, (her real name.) She is such a beautiful writer and I am a great fan of hers, for a number of reasons.

1) Her arab father loved and married a Black woman and was ostracized for this.

2) She is from Khartoum, in the Sudan, where the boys and girls captured in Darfur are sent (even today,) to work as house servants and slaves (even today), after their families were killed by the Janjaweed.

Have you read the book SLAVE, by Mende Naser? This is what happened to her.

3) If I am not mistaken, Kola boof's father (and mother) were killed in front of her eyes for the sin of marrying each other.

4) Kola, aka Naima, was sent to live with her paternal grandmother who forced her to under go the worst form of female genital mutilation - infundibulation!

5) Her grandmother ultimately rejected her because she was too Black!! and she was adopted by an African American family the Johnsons from Washington DC.

6) Even though the Johnsons loved her very much, sent her to therapy for the trauma she suffered, and tried to give her a normal life,
she broke their heart and ran away with a young man who promised to make her a movie star.

7) Like the video girls of today, Kola Boof appeared half dressed or without clothes in number of exotic movies filmed in exotic locations such as Morocco.

I will stop here. Feel free to fill in the blanks about the life Kola Boof. aka Naima. I have to go back to work now. I find your blog so fascinating and so literate. I could spend all day and not finish reading it.
I appreciate the way you engage in written dialog with your readers.

I am very glad to have I found you,


focusedpurpose said...


all i can say, sis, is SPEAK!

i refuse to play along. that is so blatantly disrespectful to me and my ancestors. i refuse. i refuse. i refuse. and i don't really care who doesn't like it.

more people need to tell the truth and shame the devil. that takes courage. which is a muscle that needs to be developed like any other one.

blessings sis,

focusedpurpose said...


i say back to you SPEAK TRUTH!:-)

i made a point of introducing these facts into the conversation. black folks like to react to what they see on the surface. most refuse to dig deep and shake off the discomfort knowing that in the end, we win! i refuse.

i am not here in the blogosphere engaging in an all inclusive popularity fest. i am here to make a change. all these people that profess to know God---who is truth and love---who in fact HATES a lying tongue need to get real real fast and tell the truth! find the courage to let the chips fall where they may. know that their blessings come from God not white folks.

we don't need to reform our oppressors' houses. we need to come out of them and devote those energies to healing ourselves and loving, accepting, respecting, building, and progressing ourselves. all this other baloney is just that baloney. i will not take part in it. if i cannot tell the truth i don't want to be a part of it. the black collective does not need one more lie. we are dying from all of the digested lies.

the time for black folks to get real is right now real fast.

thanks sis for your insight. thank you for the courage to tell the truth. i am appalled with all the uber "educated" folks that act like they don't know. or worst yet---DON'T KNOW! GRRR!!!

i have been fighting to kill the images of me in my mind's eye suffering all day. i am determined to do my part to make this better. everyone that needs to move around need to move fast! as i said effective activists as far as i can see throughout history don't need "retirement plans" only the turncoats care about and require them. it is time to go to work.

blessings sis,

focusedpurpose said...

hi Barry-

welcome! i am happy that you have chosen to join us. know that you are welcome anytime:-)

i am well familiar with Kola Boof. i must say that for me that is her "real name". the God in us gives us permission to frame our worlds according to our words. if she chooses to call herself Kola Boof, i won't challenge her on that. (if p diddy can be called p diddy she can be Kola B!:-) i am sure she has a thoughtful reason. whenever i call others, typically Malcolm X by that name it is because i cannot remember his whole Shabazz name and i don't want to butcher it:-)

thanks for the background on Queen Boof. i am familiar with her background. did you know that she also has an Osama bin Laden connection? it was she that opened my eyes to our arab brothers and sisters. for the longest time i saw them as people of color. despite their proclivity for enslaving black africans; even today in mauritania and other places, yet i still feel no joy in seeing them suffer as they are today and will more tomorrow if the u.s. has her blood thirsty way. i am thankful for her perspective which grew mine. appearing without clothing or in few clothes means nothing to me. it in no way invalidates her views.

i love to discuss non mainstream topics. this blog has been a blessing to me for this reason. i learn so much in the process. i have met brilliant minds that i respect and appreciate immensely. so, engaging is my blessing and pleasure:-)

blessings in abundance to you my brother. i am happy you found me as well!


Ensayn1 said...

@ Focousedpurpose, I know we agree ;-). It's El Hajj Malik El Shabazz.

@ BlackGoat, I agree with what you've said. Most Africans from the continent don't expect Black Ameicans to no anything about Africa and are totally shocked when we break down information to them about Africa. Yet, later they give us big respect. As Focused said many times Black Americans have said loudly some very disrespectful things.

My Queen is from Jamaica and she opened me up to a world of one that has come here from another country/culture to the U.S., to see things from the otherside.

I must preface that she came here at a time when Tarzan was still part of the U.S. psychological warfare on Black people. She told me how she was often asked if her family lived in trees or huts. How Americans Black and white would pay her to talk just to hear the accent. And would turn up their noses to any foods she would bring to school. Forutunately, her older brother joined the Black Panther Party in the 1970's which helped to create a Black Nationalist mindset thats ingrained in her to this day.

sevenofnine said...

My sister,

Its best to allow KOLA BOOF, speak for herself on these subjects

1) appearing without clothes or partially clothed (on the back covers of her books)


2) any "connection with Osama Bin Laden."

The first one is easy:

"She claims that it has everything to do with her belief in women starting their own religion, going back to the early African goddess principles of females being considered clean, their bodies' holy temples which bring life into the world. Their "monthlies" celebrated and their breasts regarded as religious ornaments representing the "circle of life."

Says Kola Boof, "I am topless to honor my mothers and grandmothers, my own African womenfolk who were always bare breasted in the sun and who gave birth to this whole world. They created and sustained the natural world.

They were naked not because they were backwards and didn't know any better…but because they had done nothing wrong. They were not dirty and soiled by man's greed and violence. They were naked because it pleases God…and I do believe that it's an abomination against God for any woman's breasts to be covered. So I have it written in my book contracts that I must appear topless on the back covers of
my books. I also do it because it's not Christian and it's not Islamic. I truly want to plant a seed in favor of women creating their own institution of religion ..."

from /naked at the feast.


Since 911, having any connection with Osama bin Laden has put our Queen Kola at risk of being labeled a terrorist, and imprisoned.
If that is not enough, her book publishers have been threatened and in one case burned, because her books speak ill of Islam.

The description of KOLA BOOF'S connection with Osama is contained in her 2003 autobiography DIARY OF A LOST GIRL
I have enclosed an excerpt which appeared in HARPERS MAGAZINE (09/06):


[Memoir] ,

(From Diary of a Lost Girl: The Autobiography of Kola Boof, published last February by Door of Kush Books. Boof has written for the NBC daytime drama Days of Our Lives. In 2003, when she was interviewed on Fox News by Rita Cosby, the network reported that Boof had lived for several months in 1996 on an estate in
Morocco with Osama bin Laden."

People are animals. They f_ck, pray, and make bombs. The Dinka women of Sudan say the devil is the most beautiful man you will ever lay your eyes on. I never took these words seriously until I encountered my now infamous ex-lover, Osama bin Laden.
Soon after installing me in his estate in Marrakesh, Osama started to abuse me. His hand would be resting on my hair, his eyes glued to the pages of his Muhammad Qutub books while I read Galway Kinnell. We would be lying there in bed and he'd say, "African women are only good for a man's lower pleasures. What need do you have for a womb?" I would feel insulted-not just to the
heart, but to the soul. Then I'd go back to Galway Kinnell's bone-white
stanzas-only I wouldn't be able to make out the words for the tears in my eyes.
He would humiliate me by making me dance naked. It was such a strange thing, because for the most part he believed music was evil. If a guest at the estate played music, he would cover his ears until the "poison" was silenced.
But other times he would become this devout party boy who wanted to hear Van Halen or some B-52's. To this day I hear the song "Rock Lobster" in my sleep. I would be jerking around like a white girl-"Dance like a Caucasoid girl!" he would say-and his eyes would track me from one side of the terrace to the other.
"Your ass is too big, show me the front," he said. Osama, you understand, did
not know the difference between being vicious and being tender.
The first night I met him, at a restaurant, I ran out the door, gripped by terror, and drove home. Relieved that his henchmen hadn't followed me, I ran a bath, lounged in the cold bathwater, then changed into a flowing silk robe.
There was a bang on the door, and I could hear shouting: "Hey, black girl!" When I opened the door, there was Osama bin Laden and his sevenman posse. A cold bolt of lightning went through me.
But Osama was trying to be charming, despite the fear in my eyes. "Why did you run? I just think you're lovely and I find you intriguing. I wanted to be your friend." I can't deny what a goodlooking man he wasover six feet with a zesty salmon-orange complexion and very sexy Negrolike facial features, forged
by generations of desert sun. -I remember thinking he had the most beautiful lips and being overwhelmed by the largeness of his hand when he took mine (to kiss it).

Osama's men laughed, and Osama's eyes kept falling on my cleavage. I knew no matter how many Barbara Stanwyck movies I had devoured as a teen, I was powerless, and men can be merciless when women have no power.
"From now on you may see no man but me," he said. I wanted to throw up.

He stepped into my room and told his men to wait outside. We were chest to chest, his eyes looking down at me as he closed the door behind him. A hundred ideas went through my head. Maybe I should get on my knees and beg for mercy, but that was too wimpy. At last, I thought my only escape from death was to seduce him. He wanted to fuck me: that was the only good card in the deck. So I stretched up and kissed Osama very softly on the mouth. I undid my robe and let it slip down to the floor.
"Put your clothing back on," he told me. "I don't want to see this acting. I want to see the real you. Serve me something to eat."


So much suffering in one woman's life. Yet despite all her suffering, our QUEEN KOLA, remains beautiful, talented and outspoken.
We must support our sister!

focusedpurpose said...


thank you for the clarification.

i love Kola Boof!

i must confess, i wasn't sure if you mentioned nudity from a backwards place. i am humbled and stand corrected:-)

her life story is fascinating to say the least.

Ensayn1 i am sending you a big hug!:-)

blessings brothers,

sevenofnine said...

Forgive me my sister, but the spirit moves me to say a few more words about KOLA BOOF, aka Naima.
I promise this time I will be brief. I was doing a little research to discover what Queen Kola has been doing lately.
I was shocked to discover that like TAWANA BRAWLEY, Kola Boof was also gang raped!
She had to undergo a one time gang rape (initiation) by the Sudanese rebels, under the leadership of John Durang, in the 1990's. Queen Kola opted to join them in an armed resistance against the government which enslaves thousands of Black people, not to speak of having killed her parents!

(How different does that make the Sudanese rebels from the government soldiers and militia (janjaweed) whom they oppose, or for that matter, the US soldiers and contractors who are raping our own woman soldiers, with impunity, in Iraq today?)

Tawana Brawley, for the benefit of your readers, was the 15 yo girl whom REV. AL SHARPTON stood up to defend when she was raped by group of men led by a judge's son and an of duty police officer . Tawana never received justice! For his gallantry Rev Sharpton was slapped with more than $30,000 in fines! I think this helps us to understand Al Sharpton's reluctance to stand up for the Dunbar Village rape survivors.
I previously sent you a link to an interview with Tawana Brawley's parents, 20 years later, verifying the story of their daughters rape, along with the facts in the case as presented by Tawana's attorney Alton Maddox.

I was blessed to find a very nice radio interview with Kola Boof and HER MOTHER, in Washington DC.
Kola was in Washington on a book tour, and to speak out against slavery of Africans by Arabs in the Sudan.
I believe it took place in 2003, before she had to go into hiding. In the interview, Kola's Mom sounds so sweet and praises her daughter to the sky! Mom, by the way, calls her daughter by her real name Naima, not Kola, which is a bean which you chew and spit out. Naima is a (s)heroic name! Later in the interview, after Mom has left the conversation, Kola calls herself "a womanist," saying she worships the womb. (You can download the interview in MP3 format here:)

Do you see the parallels here?

1) Both Tawana Brawley and Kola Boof are survivors!
2) Both were gang raped and abused!
3) Their only crime is offending people in important places by speaking out or standing firm -
about her rape by police,
(in Tawana's case)
and the enslavement of Africans by Muslims in the Sudan,
(in Kola's case,)
and demanding justice for themselves and others.
4) Both are called liars and sluts, even by other Black women, and must living in hiding!
(Queen Kola has been in the witness protection program.)

Most important to me is that:

5) Both Kola and Tawana's mothers totally love and support their efforts, despite physical threats to their daughters and themselves.


Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak.


Anonymous said...

You and your posters are heaven on earth to me.

Thank you, focusedpurpose, for choosing to share your knowledge of the real truth.

focusedpurpose said...


i did not want to skate over this topic. thank you for being so patient with me.

correct me please if i am wrong. there is a statute of limitation on rape which varies according to state. i think this is why the kelly rape case is being delayed delayed and further delayed. how would re-opening this case work?

raping black women with impunity by white men is the american way. black men seem to have overcome in this respect. they, too, now enjoy this and al sharpton will show up and throw a press conference to make sure this new "right" doesn't get stripped.

my mother taught me when i was younger that justice delayed is justice denied. i know there was a famous person somewhere that said it. in fact, i have been seeking justice for what i see being done to black women and cannot find it. i am of the firm belief that there is no justice on earth as a result. i am committed to doing my part to make this better for my sisters, daughters,

for the record, i believe there should not be a statute of limitations on rape just as there isn't one on murder. i firmly believe if men were routinely subjected to such torture and dehumanization there would be no statute of limitation and these cases would be prosecuted swiftly and vigorously. unless of course they are black men under our present racist/white supremacist rules.

al sharpton is not a hero nor a leader for me. i was able to tolerate him, despite the hair and the jogging suits, until he took total leave of his senses. this extreme exercise of wicked poor judgment was so destructive to black women collectively that i cannot pretend it did not happen. i am not forgiving of traitors. i emulate what makes sense. black folks are the only people that try to love their traitors into acting right to the detriment of the black collective. mark my words, black folks will continue to celebrate Marshall even after finding out that he was an fbi informant. now what do you think they were talking about---the fbi and the freedom fighting litigator. hmmm?

i am familiar that there is a renewed interest in the Brawley case. i wasn't all that thrilled when i saw that they revealed her new name, pictures, and whereabouts. i can only hope it was done with her approval.


welcome if you are new. if not, welcome back:-) thank you for your kind words of encouragement. you are always welcome here.


sevenofnine said...

My Sister,

If you read Tawana's attorney's FAQ sheet on the case,

the Brawley case also involves the murder of a policeman!
Harry Christ, a policeman allegedly involved in the rape, (along with Stephen Pagones, the Ass't DA and judges son,) had expressed an interest in talking to the authorities before he died. Attorney Maddox cites reasons to believe that Christ did not commit suicide as is commonly believed, but in fact was murdered!
Of course, there is no statute of limitation on murder.

In addition, I believe this case, like that of Megan Williams, may also involve kidnapping!

I heard Glenda Brawley speaking with Attorney Maddox, on Earl Caldwell's program. Mrs. Brawley expressed willingness to come back to New York to testify. I believe she has Tawana's cooperation in this.

We have a new (Black) governor DAVID PATTERSON in New York with a reputation for fairness.

You will never see the Brawley case on TV because the grand jury report
proclaiming Tawana a liar has been sealed TO PROTECT THE GUILTY.

We need to appeal to Governor Patterson to reopen the case,

In order to:

1) Find the murderer of the policeman Harry Christ.

2) Give Mrs. Brawley and quite possibly Tawana an opportunity to testify in court for the first time!

2) Bring the perpetrators of this vile kidnapping and cover-up to justice.

3) Support a our sister who was telling the truth!

4) Restore the law license of Attorney Maddox, one of the most brilliant and diligent lawyers we have!

Best Wishes,


focusedpurpose said...

hi Barry-

you indicated that there was a murder in this case:

"the Brawley case also involves the murder of a policeman!
Harry Christ, a policeman allegedly involved in the rape, (along with Stephen Pagones, the Ass't DA and judges son,) had expressed an interest in talking to the authorities before he died." me just say...this one doesn't count.

i know that seems mean. however, if you find it in your heart to rape a child with your sociopathic/psychopathic cronies; then learn the hard way that sociopathic/psychopathic people don't have accomplices only unwitting be it. poetic justice.

reopening the Brawley rape case on the strength of this death will not be about the young woman. it will be about the psycho that got what he deserved as far as i am concerned. i remember his "committing suicide" and must be honest; i hoped that the others would follow suit! still do, quite frankly.

maddox's reinstatement---ok, that makes more sense. i have to get up to speed on this. give me some time. i am personally, sick of going to bat for black men, though. black men need to stand up and go to bat for themselves and us. this whole thing is backwards. black men should be our protectors. we are not supposed to be the protectors of men. we should be protectors of our children. i am, for one, tired of fighting on behalf of black men only to be deserted once they get where they want to go. this is how it feels to me. i would rather work for black women and girls, without apology, at this point.

there is a statute of limitations on rape. in great part because men don't take this crime that murders the soul that seriously. as a result, the young woman formally known as Tawanna Brawley has more company than she should. we must change this. we must change the environment that makes rape of black women impossible. i don't know if you noticed---since Brawley there have been quite a few other black women accused of lying and having a vivid imagination when it comes to assault and harassment.

al sharpton shows up making sense when the offenders are white. when the offenders are black (most crimes are INTRAracial not interracial) he shows up and loses his total mind. i don't appreciate him. i will not appreciate him any time soon. he basicly said that i need to be raped or assaulted by a white man in order for it to count. this is absurd to put it in a lady like way. i could really break it down---mama raised me well, though:-)

the judicial system treating black people like crud...nothing new there. justice may be blind; but she can sure can see black folks. she hates black folks i have decided. she doesn't seem to care how many times we are raped, murdered, assaulted, maimed, etc. which is why i said---there is no justice on earth. only the struggle for it as far as i can see.

blessings bro,