Saturday, April 19, 2008

enough already...d@#n!

i have said it for awhile; only to be reassured that it is good to have black skin in high places. black skin is changing things from the inside ya'll. not!

vehemently i have disagreed. it is better to go unrepresented than to integrate the wickedness perpetrated against humanity.

for awhile now, i have suggested that surely the countenance of this woman must make infants cry immediately upon laying eyes on her. it seems those with whom i shared these sentiments thought that i was joking or hating. often times i was accused of hating. sipping on haterade; so here it is for you folks...

proof that she must go. it will be interesting to see if her "husband" will save her. (she isn't married...she refers to the commander in chief this way...bananas!) i doubt it seriously, he'll save himself first and cheney second. that's my bet.

if anyone has this woman's number; will you please give her a ring and ask her to take a hike? she has contributed plenty...her services will no longer be needed. please?

btw...Impeach Bush and Cheney for Torture
On Friday, George Bush told ABC News he personally approved of the approval of torture - including waterboarding - by Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell and George Tenet.

america is returning to her barbaric roots. i have signed on to impeach bush and cheney. i stand against this corruption and greed. i urge all that don't like the idea of being tortured to do the same. for those that think if they do nothing wrong they will be safe; may i urge you to pull your head out of the sand? there is no need for there to be proof of wrong-doing at this point.

please know that this isn't a witch hunt; though i do think rice an evil assimilated witch---with all due respect of course:-)



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I'm not anonymous@ *lol* Just too lazy to log in!

Focused Purpose,
I am still believing that Condi will do what God has asked of her while she is in the position to do so. My good friend has talked to Condi from time to time, but it's all work-related. Condi is a praying woman so we DO need to pray that she hear and heed our Lord.

Thanks for showing this video!

tasha212 said...

I can't believe this! Wait a minute, yes I can. I have been wanting to get rid of Condi and her pal President Bush. Where do I sign up?

focusedpurpose said...


hi sis:-) you have considerably more patience than i. scenic routes to obedience of the Lord; littered with torture, death and destruction don't work for me.

so when she decides to do a gov. george wallace or strom thurmond, it will be too late for me. justice delayed is justice denied as far as i can see. or in other words---nothing matters until it matters.

people praying mean nothing to me. who is she praying to? people pray to the devil, heads of lettuce, themselves, etc... i see bush up in church, too. what do you do when you come out of church? if it is nonstop evil what difference does it make? those white folks and their assimilated wicked negroes toting bibles is nothing short of sinister/devilish. but then we know the devil knows Scripture as well! yep, i will continue to watch the behavior. i believe that more than mere words.

while i do believe in praying for those that spitefully use me---it seems selfish to focus on that/them and not the millions of lives that being destroyed by these integrated minions. she sits at the table with decision makers and grimaces, scowls and goes along with the wickedness for a nominal fee. when she isn't doing that she is shopping while people that look just like her die, needlessly.

i cannot forget how we came to know christianity in the first place as descendants of africans and slaves in this country and around the world. let us never forget that it was never to save us. it was always to degrade, dehumanize, and enslave us. in keeping with God's words---what the devil meant to use to destroy us can be turned to our good (paraphrasing)and this is truly how i see christianity. i am not so religious that i am detached from reality. i am in this world yet not of it. however, i see really clearly. as such, i don't write black passes, woman passes, christianity passes, etc. i write no passes...rice is a wicked, money grubbing mess and she needs to be promptly charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity along with her "husband" and other cronies. if infidelity can get you impeached; by God lying to the american public, waging an illegal war(s), violations of international laws, crimes against humanity---that must be enough to begin proceedings. the fact that to date it has not been; should make every conscious person stop with the rhetoric and get real. real fast. plain and simple. period. point blank.

Lisa, my saying anything else constitutes a compromise. i fully intend to do that in my next life. maybe:-) in the interim, i am committed to being afraid, telling the truth anyways, and acting in obedience to my God that i serve with gratitude.

Lisa, thanks for sharing your thoughts. you are always welcome here. i learn from you and am grateful.


focusedpurpose said...


hi sis!

click on the links and weigh in. go to the website at the end of the video to weigh in on rice.

if we sit for this we will have forfeited our right(s) to get upset when these horrors knock on our door(s)...

...this will knock on our doors. it is inevitable.

blessings sis,

focusedpurpose said...


i am clearly not as hip as you:-) what does "t" mean?

focusedpurpose (Lisa) said...

Hi there! {waves}

Thank you for welcoming me!!

You said:
"...rice is a wicked, money grubbing mess.."

Daaaaaaang, FP!

I'm not ready to throw in the towel on Condi. And what did Colin Powell do to end the insanity? He was in there going along to get along...

Another point:

You said, "i cannot forget how we came to know christianity in the first place as descendants of africans and slaves in this country and around the world. let us never forget that it was never to save us. it was always to degrade, dehumanize, and enslave us."

The Bible was written BEFORE the African slaves came to America on ships and in that Bible it is recorded that the Ethiopian eunuch brought the message of the Gospel back to Africa. It also records an African who carried the cross with Jesus. Africans did not become "informed" about Christ from the slave master in this country. What they encountered in this country from listening to the white slave master justify enslavement with scripture was the slave master's corruption of the Gospel - it was not Christianity that they were being introduced to.

I keep hearing black folks say that the white slave master introduced Christianity to the black slave - not true. The Africans HAD knowledge of Christ before ever seeing a white face in America. 'it is written'!

I just wanted to clarify that!
{climbing down from my soapbox}

Thanks for letting me blow my trumpet!

focusedpurpose said...

hi Lisa-

yes, powell was in there an assimilated mess---no doubt swearing with vehemence that he was "working to change from the inside".

he is a part of the "cronies" that i referenced. to his wicked credit, he had the decency to know when to stop. rice, not so much.

their black presence makes it harder for black folks that reap no benefit from the integration. there are now black faces attached to imperialism, death and destruction world wide. this cannot be viewed as progress.

i have done a piece on it before where i used a hard core, independent rapper to lay it out there. i was feeling fierce and full of cuss words that day; so i decided to let him do it for me; the piece is called follow up to do

yes, white folks have whitened everything. i know that Christ wasn't the lily white cat depicted all over. black folks have been so conditioned that they will swear it makes no difference. when in reality it very much did/does---otherwise there would be no need to lie. his image has been whitened and his vocals raped. christianity when preached by white folks has been perverted. in fact white folks talking to me about God feels devilish. i am ever conscious of the counterfeit that runs concurrently with the authentic. it does me no good to pretend that this is not a real issue. i know a lot of people that cannot hear the preaching of Christ as a direct result of the perversion. that is all i am saying. if i had a penny for everytime i have heard, "you need to give white folks back their religion"...

be real clear---i know white folks, collectively, are thieves of legacies, histories, birthrights, and freedom. i say this knowing there are good white folks. they are just not yet offended enough to respond violently against the evil as their history/past indicates they are want to do when sufficiently offended.

back to rice---her white house stint is coming to an end---when pretell do you think she will get it in gear?

thanks for stopping in and blowing your horn sis:-)