Saturday, May 3, 2008

american blackout

i love spoken word. it is a powerful gift. this brother is one of the most gifted i have yet to encounter. this is the opening piece of american blackout. enjoy. then check out...

...Watch this: American Blackout . Shecodes over @ Black Women Vote! rocks as usual. i greatly admire her. if you haven't visited her house, you don't know what you are missing!

we must all learn the truth and act courageously. Queen McKinney is a great example to follow. if you haven't read AMEN SISTER!!! check out her discussion of race that matters. race neutral? really? america? when? this is what we are up against.

the more you know...



Felicity said...

Very good, what he said made absolute sense.

sevenofnine said...

My Sister,

Thank you and Shecodes for posting this!
Greg Palast said it recently on Gil Noble's program LIKE IT IS, on ABC.
The 2008 election is already being compromised. The way this is done is through CAGING LISTS.
A caging list means you send mail to someone whom you know is away, and when they don't answer, you say they moved and take them off the voting roles.
This is being done to soldiers in Iraq for instance. Also to students at college, and men in prison, some of whom still have the right to vote.
According to Mr. Palast, as many as 3% of all Democratic voters have been or will be removed by these Republican caging lists.
This means if the election is close, the Democrats are at a disadvantage.

By the way, in 2004 election in which George Bush won Ohio, was stolen. Here's proof:

Let's pray for our country,

focusedpurpose said...

Felicity- welcome sis. yes, truth tends to make perfect sense.

know that you are always welcome here. i look forward to your next visit.

Barry- welcome back bro. thank you for the info. Palast is on my blog roll. i love him. he, for ther most part, speaks the truth which i appreciate greatly.

thanks for the link. i will definitely check it out.


focusedpurpose said...

i meant for the most part...


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

im with felicity on this

T.I.C. said...

absolutely unbelieveable! I've been telling everyone I know.

T.I.C. said...

absolutely unbelieveable!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

yep folk
glad u noticed
good to have more good reading material