Thursday, May 1, 2008

the truth as i see it...i am not sorry

so...this has been kicking around in my head for a moment.

i feel myself at times become angry...

...with black folks...for our collective inability to see what is plain. we seem insistent on dining on lies. those that we are fed and those that we insist on feeding ourselves. our mad dash to throw out history is so insane---if i were a white supremacist, i would laugh maniacally and proclaim for all to hear that black folks really are docile, child like, dumb people.

so, i have heard black people say that when bi racials say they are black---by God they are! when i ask if they have met platinum blonde japanese folks that insist they are white or other non white folks that swear they are white; by virtue of swearing that they are, then are they?

i have met folks like this, regularly and routinely, that are not white and insist that they are. maybe others have as well? i love people and delight in our differences; i have had occasion to hang out with people from many different walks of life as a result. i don't have to agree with you or even like you. i do find that i am responsible to respect others. at any rate, whenever i pose this question, i get silence or the whole "all americans are mixed with something" business. "so no one is really____or ____." when i am feeling patient i indulge the silliness with this---ok, that's true, so why don't we just call all nations of people african since all humanity began in africa? or, if everyone is so mixed, how do you suppose the "blind" legal justice system knows to lock up so many more "mixed" black folks than "mixed" other folks? how do you explain racism, white supremacy, and genocide on which this nation and others were built? since we are all so mixed, please help me understand racial profiling? how do you think people are able to differentiate? my new favorite is the "racial litmus test" as if a white mother and black father isn't enough of an indication. or a korean mother and a black father.

and while i am at it, black men and women that want to take the racist one drop rule and make it a cloak for their inability to procreate with people that look like them---despite having the whole world in which to find that person; these people like the one drop rule because they can teach their bi racial offspring that by virtue of their black presence then the child is automatically black. i find this often in the off spring of black men that can't find black women to honor with marriage. this lot also likes to play word games and say that because the woman is an asian or hispanic---then she is a woman of color so the child is black. i say play word games all you want to. don't expect me to play along. it is not my job. for those black folks that love to surround themselves with non black folks and live and die by the "working from within" garbage; go inside the system and mandate the bi racial box. you know that box on government forms that make you identify yourself? notice those boxes aren't arranged alphabetically either. despite being the fourth from last letter in the alphabet the W box is first. will the "colorblind" negroes please wake up? we do not have to allow others make us accept internal enemies. watch and believe the behavior.

here is what i have realized recently---i am sick of indulging the silly folks that refuse to wake up, smell the coffee, summon their courage, decency and self respect; and go to work to address and resist white supremacy in all of its many forms.

black folks in america, even the ones that were lynched, raped, dehumanized, and tortured regularly were not at a certain point, all african. because they were so obviously black they met these fates nontheless. there are very white looking people that are not in fact white, and receive the benefits of white skin. so in the interest of getting real, black folks born of two black parents are black. children born of a black parent and another race person are bi racial. black folks would do well to err on the side of caution and not in our normal way, which is to assume folks are alright until we sustain, once again, more great injury as a nation. hello, insanity= doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results. what collective does that describe to a tee? only we can or will change that.

those bi racial people that are so non-white in their appearance and have no chance of being accepted by white folks typically self identify as black. those that can "pass" often do and behave anti-socially whenever they cross paths with blacks that may blow their cover. i speak from experience. i have wanted to say, "calm down! your secret is safe with me." black folks have sustained such a thorough brain twisting that most of us see ourselves through genocidal eyes and co-sign white folks' white supremacist wicked lunacy and parrot this lie.

this has been on my mind a lot. i find that i don't really care to continue to indulge those that are so mentally ill that they think by virtue of me pointing out white supremacy/racism that i am racist. uh, no, when i start prohibiting the human rights as well as civil rights of white folks and others, then i am racist. i am also noticing bi racials, black folks with bi racial children, white mates, love and long for all things white or at the very least non-black, that pride themselves on being around all white folks, as well as hold their access to white folks as some type of accomplishment; these are the ones that expect me to indulge that backwards thinking. i have reached the conclusion that i don't have to, and i am no longer interested to play along. this nonsense is not historically, genetically, scientifically, and quite frankly, good sense sound.

so having said that, let me address obama for once and for all.

i can appreciate that he married a black woman. however, i have met black women that have no love for their black selves or any other black person, so on a real note, i can't get too excited. and honestly, if Michelle had figured out a way to show up with natural hair, i could dig it more. the straightened out hair screams conformity. black women are killing ourselves trying to conform. it is an exercise in futility and we sacrifice so much dignity in the process. do our daughters need one more example of black women working diligently to alter their natural selves? where are the natural black women? however, again, i am happy she is black. i have given him props for that. i have also had to beat down the reality that quite a few men like black sex. they may care for that black woman, immediate family members, and friends. the rest of the black masses mean nothing to them. there are men that feel this way only about the wife. so i can't get too excited, knowledge of history won't allow me. none of this is new stuff folks. the names get changed and other little details, the rest is the same.

obama is not black. he is bi racial. he is the offspring of a white woman that as far as i can tell couldn't quite manage to procreate with another white person. she has half black offspring and half asian offspring. just as procreating black away is not indicative of self respect, love, and self acceptance; neither is procreating away your jewishness, white, asian, etc. i am not alone in this belief. it seems only jews and white supremacists will say it without apology. the moors are a great example of how great nations can disappear completely by engaging in the practice. unless you are trying to "transcend" blackness, i can't see how anyone can endorse the practice. it seems rather than give up on black folks it would make more sense to get serious about eliminating white supremacy and racial disparity in this "democracy". especially, since the new white folks walking around today are so different than their ancestors. isn't this the fiction that brain dead black folks and deceitful white folks like to push? it was interesting to note as well in a documentary on obama that the drug period of his life was his "black" side. did this man not see this and know that the fact of drug use, if faces are to be applied based on numbers, would be a white face? medicalize white drug and criminalize black drug use if you want. all along the way, this man has made it real clear that he could care less about black americans. he has made it abundantly clear that he is ok with us suffering injustice, and as long as we do it silently all is well.

obama is having his behind handed to him right now. i am enjoying it. all black folks are not stupid. nor are they as gracious as the much maligned Minister Farrakhan. all black folks are not mealy mouth cowards that shrink, shrivel, and hide when it is time to go to battle. Rev. Wright is linked to obama and clinton. he has been a spiritual advisor to them both. this is a matter of public record. how is it good politics for only obama to condemn his words and distance himself from Wright? why should Wright not put this internal enemy on blast? according to what good logic must Wright compromise his commitment to tell the truth so obama can get in office and show his whole behind? if obama would have some self respect, apply testicular fortitude, and get real, he would have put clinton on blast awhile back. mccain, too, for that matter. mccain's spiritual advisor has been doing the most, on record. since, obama's buckdancing behind thinks this isn't a "white nor black america" and he is the candidate for "change" what about you tell the truth for a change? obama's change is he isn't even going to try to pretend that he will do anything for the black masses. not even to be elected, unlike elections from before. that's the change folks. and once again, black folks can't wait to guzzle the okey doke and wonder why they don't feel well and garner no respect. he has handled the pit bullish hrc with kidskin white gloves. he was quiet as a church mouse when his black wife needed someone to stand and protect her. he has stood back with shrunken testicles as Michelle has come out fighting on his behalf. but then you know, he also got the message that black women are to protect their men, not the other way around. and wouldn't you know---OBAMA GREW BALLS ONLY LONG ENOUGH TO ATTACK REV. WRIGHT! how convenient. negroes grow big balls when it is time to go after other black folks. that submissive, unoffensive high road is only for dealing with white folks.

i don't think Rev. Wright should be quiet. in this integrated day, all black folks should tell and act on the truth. whoever is on the wrong side of truth---ready?---ARE THE ENEMY! black folks need to go back to history and get that quickly.

for the naive black folks that really seem to believe and are very vocal with this nonsense; "well he has to ignore black folks right now, cuz when he gets in office, then he will acknowledge us". WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

show me where this has been done in history and i will show you an assassinated/exiled/imprisoned individual. oftentimes, quite a few innocent citizens perish as well in the bloodthirsty quest to murder the person that got special and committed treason against white supremacy and the american manifest destiny. we just witnessed this with Saddam Hussein in my lifetime i have seen this happen with Aristide and Manual Noriega the links for Hussein and Noriega also lists the history of the cia and their activities. don't sleep on the fact that the cia at one time, was headed by the devil poppa bush whose spawn is out of his right mind on a global scale in office, despite not being elected by the american people. read! think! read! think! read! think! read! reading, thinking, and acting on the truth is not the american way and this is why america is the disaster that it is!!!

so, my last words on obama. he is full of shit like all the other major politicians. he knows full well invading iran, pakistan, and progressing africom is the plan. this plan will be in full effect and it doesn't matter who is sitting in the oval office. black folks that want to see black folks in the white house should support Queen McKinney. i don't agree with everything that comes out of her mouth either. i do appreciate the fact that she will tell the truth. "playing the game" means that black folks must act against the best interests of black folks. you won't see this on the news or tv. it is happening nonetheless, all day, everyday. be responsible, do the work. seek the truth.

i don't care to write anymore about the buckdancer that is insistent on insulting my intelligence. Glen Ford, over at black agenda report breaks it down. i really can't and don't need to add anything else at this point. for those black folks that can't hear me, let me just say this---it seems some have grown accustomed to disappointment and disillusionment. i said all of this in the name of...



faith said...

Wow....that post gives me something to think about. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I want to immediately protest it and say that you're wrong....but you could be right. The only caveat I'd add though is that there are people out to derail his candidacy and so it seems if some major players are in opposition that it might mean there's some good...but I don't know. He does seem to really think that 'we can bridge' or it could be that he wants to eagerly co-opt to white people. Being married to Michelle threw me off admittedly because I think she is fierce and....a 'real' sister. I have a sinking feeling that you are in fact correct in your analysis. The does anything we do matter?

Khadija said...


I'm also bored with He Who Shall Not Be Named. I grew up in Chicago & I'm familiar with the local politics there. I have distrusted & disliked He Who Shall Not Be Named from the very beginning of his career in the Illinois state legislature.

What bothered me from the beginning is his not having paid any dues in terms of civil rights work. I don't trust Black people who's "activism" & "community organizing" only pertains to issues that won't really upset Whites. Especially in the context of the racist & polarized local politics in Chicago.

Anyone calling himself a Black community organizer who's never done anything that really pissed off racist White folks is suspect.
That sort of thing is resume-padding, faux activism.

Peace, blessings & solidarity.

JJ said...

Preach it!

Damn u been rumbling around in my head huh? I knew I was feeling a little light headed for a reason.

And the church says - AMEN!

Ensayn1 said...

FP, this is fyah! Just plain FYAH! What you say is the truth.

@Faith, how does one oppose the pure real truth? He wants to bridge what? Nothing, cute catch all words.

Will Obama sell his very eternal Soul for the white house? Then what type of man is this?

Anyone that runs for president is an hyper egotist, but I still love Queen Cynthia Mac, egotist or not. Her possible egotism does has not removed her from the people. I live in the ATL, and I have seen her work, I have attended her rallies and I have seen how this Queen operates, without fear. Obama is the perfect marketing package, period.

focusedpurpose said...

hi Faith-


of course there are people out to derail him. this is politics. what major players that stand in the best interest of black people are in opposition? do you mean his political opponents? why should obama be allowed to shuck and jive for white folks and refuse to address the needs of black and other non white americans?

Michelle is a plus. it doesn't distract me from the needs of black folks in particular. the fact that he refused to stand and go to battle on her behalf makes me real sure he won't for me, either. i don't know him, have no children with him, and am not his wife. he hasn't behaved so well with the minister that married them that he has known for 20 years either.

when black folks come out from among them, work on ourselves, stop waiting for white folks to change their minds about us, and save us---yes, what we do will matter. add this with self love, self acceptance, and self respect and it will be a new day. not a moment sooner, i am afraid as far as i can see.

Faith, thanks for stopping in. i look forward to your next visit.


focusedpurpose said...

hi Khadija-

if you look into this special one's background you will find a pleaser looking for a place to fit in.

the books that were duds initially, were re-issued after his "handlers" decided he was good, clean, and articulate enough to play the part. when this happened they became best sellers. coincidence? i don't believe in them.

i have to go back and re-read it, however, if memory serves me correctly, Queen McKinney was putting his area of responsibility on blast in response to the "speech". which makes his race neutral/transcended/bridge nonsense all the more intolerable.

thanks for stopping in! i always love when you come to visit.


focusedpurpose said...

JJ welcome back!

Ensayn 1 hi bro:-)

to you both i say, i see it as my civic duty.

you are both welcome at any time.


TLW said...

Make it Plain!!! I've been thinking this about the guy for the longest ever since I heard his speech when he stated that there is no Black America or White America. OY!!!

You just laid out everything that I have wanted to say but I am not that good when it comes to writing it out. I am much more of a speaker/people person myself, computers just seem so impersonal to me.

Anonymous said...

He is being true in one sense - he is truly the son of a white woman. He does not and never will advocate for blacks. I am sick of the racist condescenion of so many bi-racial people. They are taught and are constantly spouting their uniqueness or how special they are because they have the best of both worlds nonsense. This is racist master race type talk no matter how you dress it up. Straight from the mind of Joseph Goebbels.

Khadija said...

FP referred to He Who Shall Not Be Named as "this special one."

{Gales of laughter} Thanks for giving me today's belly laugh, sis!

Peace, blessings & solidarity.

focusedpurpose said...

hi TLW, Anon, & Khadija-

thanks for the feedback. it encourages me to continue to refuse to compromise.

this blog is dedicated to black people. i love black people. i am committed to doing my part to see us healthy, happy, and whole.

i will share that sometimes i feel discouraged. i feel hurt at times that so many people have bad math and think loving black=hating white. your encouragement blesses me. for this i am very grateful.

Khadija:-) laughter is good for the soul. it is my pleasure.

blessings all,

Anonymous said...

Great post!

It's refreshing to see a Black American not fall for the lies and foolishness of the one drop rule and politicians.

I agree with anonymous too.

Keep it coming sis! :)