Friday, May 17, 2013

Congo is many different forms...affecting ALL

years ago at Shecodes' blog we discussed this impending upcoming event.  if one pays attention the wrath is engulfing the world.  the set up/snare is happening incrementally yet steadily.  if one pays attention they can see immoral 'art'/entertainment become the reality.  this is how the non stop devilish morality onslaught is justified, right?  it is just entertainment...why so overtly sexual and increasingly violent?  sex sells, what?  you know. 

that's usually how conversations that challenge the status quo sex cult-ure script end. 

years ago, i told someone that rape would not be afforded any serious consideration...until it became an issue that men needed to take seriously.  watch the signs folks. 

for years now many straight men have behaved like true jokas, wankstas, wanna be pimps and gangstas.  when this jacked up behavior is directed at routinely gets snickers if the topic is broached.  even from the so called spiritually evolved and enlightened set.  this happened recently in my journey.  i had to break it all down and lead it back to why men should be concerned when the women and children around them are being degraded, dehumanized, and exploited sexually.  of course, i had to bring it all back to them and how it directly affects their behinds.  literally.

look back and see that rape and pimp cult-ure has been heavily promoted to heterosexual communities- all colors.

articles like the one below is usually met with folks snickering and finding all kinds of disparaging and degrading words for the brutalized women (and girls) involved.

notice it is usually the ones pretending to care so much that do the most damage.  consummate wolves in sheep clothing...duality as well, which seems to be the prevailing theme these days in all things.

in keeping with the how this trend directly affects your behind conversation i had not too long ago, i explained that porn is its very root.  many heterosexual men are being primed for the flip.  if anyone is familiar with that term.

because of my love of a certain type of gay man, i have learned that flipping straight men is the cat's meow.  kindda like straight men tricking a woman that doesn't want to be involved in his dirt to be involved- despite there being many dirty women that will do dirt with them for the love of...dirt.  lol.  the straight man  snickers and is off to the next one.  they even got theme songs for the straight men behaving like gay men with women.  lol. 

gay men play the same game with straight men.  as quiet as it is kept, women's husbands turning up with boyfriend(s) is the flip at play some of these times.  though the official closeted gay man narrative is more palatable for most.  it is a great time to bash men for being cowards, selfish, etc.  one would not see him as a turned out victim, right?  not that comfortable to think about.  in fact, the truth seems  too scary for both men and women.  time to get fearless folks...the Truth is crazier than anybody's fiction.  know this.  being afraid won't stop the onslaught.  Proverbs 28:1...the righteous are bold as a lion. 

isn't a homosexual someone that is unable to establish lasting intimate bonds with folks of the opposite sex?  i know a lot of straight homos.  get it?  lol.  the genius is sheer wickedness.  the serpent stays busy and is indeed a subtil creature.

full circle moment...i think once this trend spills out of the prisons and military into the general population---and it will; i think just maybe rape might be afforded more serious consideration.  but then again...maybe not. 

it seems this  is what happens whenever folks try to sound the alarm.  remember, sounding the rape cult-ure alarm was his greater message.

here we see it happening again. 

what is one to do?  it is time to clean our spiritual houses.  i am not trying to convert anyone to anything.   all i can share is the information as it is revealed to me.  please know that all signs indicate the shift is imminent.  only those standing in Truth and Love will be able to withstand the upcoming storm.  Passover features prominently in this equation...

Scriptures are clear about homosexuality.  it is also very clear about all the things Almighty hates.  it has long irked me that heterosexuals will try to deplank the eyes of homos before ever considering all of the rampant moral violations committed by heteros.  those unfamiliar may go to Proverbs 6:16-23.  you got the problem and the solution right there.

ONE Love~ ONE People~ ONE Mind...release heaven to earth...Matthew 6:9-13 ONE Voice, Now!

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