Friday, March 21, 2014

bring it on home, Father...


i AM fully committed.   

feels like i AM pushing to get to...

the next level...on many levels.
before i hit publish, completely by accident and then the computer crashed, so that when i came back two souls see/have seen pure uncut. 


i have to say, i AM having quite the Good time with things. 

so while i enjoyed a chuckle trying to imagine the reaction to the two souls seeing what is clearly not ready to post. while waiting to get back on the internet,  i also made a list of opportunities/plan on how i can help connect others to souls that seek to be a Blessing- again...on many levels.  truly things are all Good, depending on how you choose to look at them. 

that's the Name of the humanity project for me.  i seek to be a Blessing to others.  to shine Light and give testimony of Him/His Word amidst all of this darkness.  to Overcome by the blood of the Lamb.  truly not loving my life to death.   

again and again today, light bulbs went on for me;)  can't think of better way to say it, really.     

forever and always, it is my prayer that Almighty will direct our steps.  help me Father.  help US all to simply Bow down/ Obey You/Your Word and cut it out, already.


especially me.

it seems.

for Real.

i don't know if anybody else gets on their own nerves sometimes...but i for sure do.  many Peter moments, you know?

why did i just do that?!  just had to say it, huh?yes...they were asking for it.  so? 

these are the convos i have at times with myself.  then other times...

lol. + no lol;(= simultaneously. 

get it together Miss Messy. 

Act like i know Patience = companion of Wisdom.

that's my prayer from my soul for all of His People/my people.  i Speak across...never down.  

Proverbs 15:31-33 

31   The ear that heareth the reproof of life abideth among the wise.  

32   He that refuseth instruction despiseth his own soul:  but he that heareth reproof getteth  understanding.

33   The fear of the Sovereign is the instruction of wisdom; and before honour is humility. 


box US all in Father.  that we might walk according to You/Your Word.  that we might always stop to seek You/Your Face.

let US all choose to Obey You/Your Word, over all that stands in front of US.   trying to make US doubt You/Your Word. 

filthy, defeated, bold, slithering, subtil liars.

we are Called to fear no man.

we are Called to fear only Him/His Word. 

i pray a protective hedge around each and everyone of US, even now.  that we will walk Boldly  in the Mighty Name of Yahushua Messiah.   may the whole host of Heaven clear the path for You/Your Word...which is our Light and dwells in each of US...

do this that You/Your Word might get the Glory. 

ALL Praise and Honor to Almighty Sovereign of Sovereigns, King of Kings!!!

if He has redeemed your soul from snares + the pit...

like He saw fit to do with little 'ole me, from Memphis, TN...

this is where you get up and give Him some Praise + a dance, like King David danced!!!

then rejoice some mo' - 'cause the Victory is in the Praise;)

+ He inhabits where ever His People/my people give Him/His Word some Praise.

i Love Him, so.

with ALL of my heart.

He/His Word has been better to me, than i even knew how to be to myself.

so, as the demons stomp, huff and puff.   biiiiigggggg, boogie bad zombie werewolf from the dead with it.

threatening to nuclear (hear Dubya Bush voice.)  explode US all.  



dronegate US all.  don't forget microwave US, tell we get in+ tow the line.  rape our babies.  destroy the men and the women. kill the het contract.  all around raging against Yah like they just really ...


He will not be mocked.

woe on ya, if folk got ya thinking brand new...

how could that be Good when speaking of the Ancient of Ancients?  or worse yet, got folk thinking Yah Almighty = man.  very very bad math + the quickest route to damned.

so since the prayers of the righteous availeth much, here's the one He put on my heart, tonight.

hold up.  lol! 

'cause i already  told folk i did not know how to act...and my Father said in His Word,  i AM more than a conqueror in Him.

 is it wrong that i want to pray in a Tupac voice on devil behind up in hurr?!!!


Heavenly Father, i pray and ask Messiah + the whole host of Heaven + the pure soul of every aborted baby world wide.  plus i pray all saints that are with you  will all touch and agree, in the Spirit..  give US some dap Messiah, on releasing Your Kingdom to earth.



Psalm 9:20 - Put them in fear, O Sovereign:  That the nations may know themselves to be but men.  Selah.  


so that said...

i asked and received from Almighty my  C.oncentration O.P.ower, P.urpose, +  some mo' ;)

which happened to be confirmation of another C.O.P, i was fixated on for longer than a minute...

but that's another post.  let me wrap this one up.  i really do try to make them short and to the point, yet somehow there is so much to share, it seems.


here's a thought that hit me today:

"if you just get out of your own is amazing what will come to you."

it is my prayer that all that Love Him and are Called according to His Purpose Boldly Stand Strong, Understanding that these mere men wish US to doubt Almighty.   to sin against Him/His Word by fearing them.  what a dumb joke.  really.

Stand Strong,  then dance this on back to Him/His Word, like we rolling with the Ancients + know it.  Releasing His Kingdom to earth.  using the gifts He gave US to lift Him/His Word up. 

project be a Blessing to humanity- I AM Universal humanity project...according to your gifts.  let's Connect the dots, gifts, and opportunities.  Wake Up Now!  as we take back +  Build Wealth,  work, play, laugh, and dance hard to His Word...

i pray in Messiah's Name that all humanity will do a step in the name of Love. 

how's that for forgiveness?;)  for those that get the inside joke...yet, it is my True heart and Spirit as we head on into...


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