Monday, March 17, 2014

keepin' on...

keepin' on...

with a song in my heart and in perfect peace with my mind stayed on Him/His Word. 

those closest, with their little fiery darts, may do what they need to do.

my takeaways from last week:

check delivery...a bit

while finding balance with the Truth nugget:

"don't change so people will like you.  be yourself and the right people will love the real you.

i can't do my journey like it is a popularity contest.  it is not.   

another goal of mine is to get spiritually here.  particularly since it is written in red and all:



Luke 23:34 - Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do...


it would be for me to lie to say that i am there spiritually, at this point in my journey.  in all honesty, when folk offend. i feel a decided vibe of,  f you or f ya'll.   then i set about verbally torching things.

that ain't Right. 

so in Messiah's Name, i pray that He will take that away from me.  sharp tongued wrath is not one of the fruits i would like to bear Father.  particularly amidst the tests. 

when i stand back and look at things for what they are...

this all appears to be a test.

a test to see if i truly believe what is written.

i do.

i have hope and faith in Him/His Word over all that i think i see.

so those that seek to give me a dose of their "reality" or who specialize in thrown rocks and hidden hands.  folk quick to get their digs in.  please know that even as i struggle with wrath, i got nothing but Love and appreciation for you.  without you...growth would be harder to come by, it seems.  so thank you.  truly may His Abundant blessings be with you.

started to post this back on the 14th.  it was the song playing in my spirit, as things began to click.  decided to take a quick moment and post it today.   many thanks to the soul that posted it on youtube.  i pray it blesses the next soul as it did me:


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