Saturday, March 1, 2014


the article below cracked me up.

the comments in particular.  more on that in a bit. 

so...MO thinks the youth of the nation to be the mention worthy knucklehead(s)?


she is riding hard...for her boo thang "in charge"... like sistas are known to do.

who cares about Truth at this point?  really? 

i don't care about the liberal/conservative silliness.  since it all strikes me as the flip sides of the same corrupt coin.

that said, with this i do agree:

"Being young is all about trial and error, lessons and mistakes, taking away a young person’s ability to decide what’s best for themselves doesn’t help them—it hinders them from becoming an independent adult in today’s world.

Liberals across the country are trying to create an over-protective parent that most students want to get away from, one that tells its citizens what’s best for them."

folk may read the rest of the article below:

other folk do, too.

pure comedy comment #1 from linked article:

"Michelle may be right about young people being knuckleheads. After all, they voted for Obama twice."

pure comedy comment #2 from linked article:

"What's amazing is that the First Lady called our nation's youth "knuckleheads", and one of the TWO reporters attending her press conference actually heard her, and reported on it! Kudos to that reporter... although I'm sure he/she was fired on the spot and is currently attempting to dig their way out of a box buried in the desert outside Las Vegas."


then BO will also make sure the irs audits said reporter for jeopardizing national security.

it wouldn't surprise, at all, if this is what reporting what was said by civil servants has morphed into, in our great free nation.

folks must trust the WH and its occupants more than Scriptures for all this to go according to the defeated rebel devil plan.  getting folk to embrace the opposite of Scriptures seems to be the plan.



2 Corinthians 12: 14 - ...for the children ought not to lay up for the parents, but the parents for the children.


but politicians seem to think the children should lay up + pay up for the parents.  while the politicians send all the U.S citizens' monies to apartheid is ra el and where ever U.S. income tax dollars ultimately end up. 

yep.  trusting those that deliberately lead US astray is vital for this nwo thingy to work.  idolaters will follow right along too.  forbidden bm calf worshipers = all in with rebel lying devil special + huffy if folk sound the alarm.

trust is crucial, particularly while this brother's keeper thingy needs to get off the ground.  wouldn't want folk to think those that seek to help, love and mentor vulnerable children might have ulterior motives.


yes, we can trust folk that come seeking to help our little boys only.  don't let reports like those mentioned here:

stop the trust either.



each and every soul that cries out a warning.     and this is what it seems Mr. BO feels about the constitution, bill of rights, the Truth, america, american citizens:         

keep your insurance if you like it.

here is the next big whopper that folk can't seem to spot:

brother's keeper = charity/love + some mentorship for under privileged, challenged kids.

boys only.  folk making that Real plain right up front. 

where have i heard something like that before?

   oh, that's right.

but the government surely is more trustworthy?

call me "crazy" or whatever...

but i wouldn't hold my breath folks.


it is my sincere prayer that folk will wake up and Obey Him/His Word...soon.  considering:



Leviticus 26: 21- 22 

21  And if ye walk contrary unto me, and will not hearken unto me; I will bring seven times more plagues upon you according to your sins.

22   I will also send wild beasts among you, which shall rob you of your children...


plagues aka disease.


cue the wild beasts...

disguised as charitable, loving mentors.  

wake up His People/my people.  for the Love of Yah and our babies.

as we head on into...


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