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headed to Freedom...i will NOT bow down...

headed to Freedom...i will not bow down to anyone other than Him/His Word...

"Harriet Tubman, the great African American abolitionist who rescued hundreds of slaves and led them to freedom was born into slavery as Araminta Harriet Ross. She escaped slavery and made it her life's mission to help other enslaved blacks escape their miserable fate and lead a life of dignity. She had a very hard childhood as she was born to parents who were bonded slaves. As a small girl she was made to do backbreaking chores and hard work, and also physically assaulted and beaten up."

Once she was hit on her head so hard that she suffered from seizures, narcoleptic attacks and severe headaches all through her life. But, she was never disillusioned by the numerous problems in her life and found her calling in helping people escape slavery."

"She also worked as a cook, nurse and a spy for the Union Army during the American Civil War and became the first woman to lead an armed expedition in the war when she led several hundreds of slaves in the Combahee River Raid. She played an active role in the women's suffrage movement in New York and spent her later years tending to her family and other people in need."


we got these souled out clowns that need to bow down + show some Respect for the ancestors:

may she know not a moment of  Peace, on any street- 'til she takes it back jack.

Righteous Black women everywhere should stay in her face.  'til she on youtube crying her heart out asking forgiveness.

let me see + recognize her in the street- Queen Harriet Tubman- RIP.  'cause i got your back.

top voice, straight mega phone with it, get your big souled out azz home and make the apology tape NOW!
get it on the internet before sundown, you souled out for pennies, source of shame, i wish you were not Blessed Black clown.

chances are folk will just watch as it all goes down. 

you don't know?

don't nobody give two dangs 'bout me nor her.  her foolishness doesn't help.  but  this Truth will get leveraged.  all day.  don't make me take it all the way white lady with you.  where i am both the aggressor and the victim, too.  think i won't.  by any means necessary.  that's how King Malcolm X said to do.

that's the cleaned up, Yah has shaped me up, + i always keep my hands to myself version:)

moving on... 

this lispy, souled out to satan, closeted, viciously nasty to the Blessed Black true Queen + Mother of Humanity- needs to know it is business that i mean:

peep the images in the background of this grinning and skinning Queen Harriet Tubman dissing, souled out to satan clown.

we know the one Black parent max = where he's at.  choices of who to marry, make babies with + who to give his resources to, proof this observation/fact.

"preferences" be damned.

the fact that he strolls around with his knees in tact = indictment against the Kings of the nation.

folk get corrected for less.

i don't advocate physical violence, but sometimes accidents do happen:)  lol!

if he had taken such liberties with the image of a white woman, the Righteous men of that nation would have had his ignint azz making the rounds.  profusely lisping out an apology, visibly sweating, on every major station in the mf'ing (slave term used appropriately) nation.

ANYONE dare to argue? 

Professor Griff said if the minister would give the word.

folk best handle business and apologize later to the minister. indicate you misheard, misunderstood, hallucinated an order.  whatever.  ya'll know how ya'll do. when doing the do + whatever is important to you.   folk don't wait, they go to it.  then figure out how to explain things later.

+ the minister ain't giving no orders, 'cause he is likely too busy being audited.  considering the noi has been bundled into the church of sinister scientology.  

that sad fact aside:  have we learned nothing from integration + the White nation?

it'll be easier to apologize than to ask for permission to set about this Righteous mission.

the souled out traitors need to know they do  not operate with immunity as they sell out the dignity + legacy of the Blessed Black community.  while keeping other folks' pockets fatter than their enslaved pockets will ever be allowed to be.  some of US see...


you know, sometimes...

it is just plain and simply 'bout R.E.S.P.E.C.T..

Blessed Black men got none coming from any direction,  'til they Stand up+ act Right as Black woman protectors.  and not just for the BW that you can clearly see the white or other in 'em.  

retire immediately your roles of BW neglectors, baby momma not wife makers, BW denigrators.  (made up a few words, but folk would do well to act like they heard.)

i mean,  in this case, act white even.  dang.  the white man would not ever tolerate that mess.

Malcolm X, i Love and miss you so.  

make. it. plain. King.  

let these folk know, what a sista talking 'bout, Right now!


protect the image of the Queens that birth the Blessed Black man... your mothers.  did folk forget when enemies come with the disrespect, they usually start with ya momma?

mothers of the Black man whose image has somehow managed to remain deep chocolate Black.  white/er women do not really birth that.  

quiet cooperation with mf'ers ( slave term used appropriately) is for jokers, wankstas, soft lady boy menfolk that wanna be pimps + gangstas.   and if folk would wake up and pay attention, ya'll 'bout to be in dresses.  if not a dress, then in drag for sure.  folk already rock the prison, ready to roll, homo saggy pant steez.  please.  have folk not peeped what they are doing to our sons?  and daughters that suddenly "feel" like men then dress the part.

next level with this demonic, spiritual warfare + oppression. 'cause if Yah says it's an abomination...

oh yeah.  it's 'bout to be on.  folk 'bout to bow down either way.  to One who seeks to save.

or... to the other that seeks to enslave.

will the Real men of Yah please Stand up?!!

i mean, wt...

Professor Griff that's you, too.  got Love for you.  just sayin'.  brothas go to jail for less mess.

thanks though, for kicking the Real Knowledge on the wicked sex cult mind games, demons play:

notice folk stay talking grimey 'bout Scriptures.

ever consider that all you been taught 'bout it = white lies?

what if i told you... in that Book is your Power to reign again Blessed Black man?

that Book = political publication written by Kings for the benefit of Kings.

full stop.

whitening + keeping you out the Book= keeping you in your collective current pitiful spiritual condition.

a panel of devilish masons whitened +  re-mixed it.


however Almighty gave the devils perimeters and they stayed within 'em.  'cause even the devil knows Yah Almighty,  what time it is + trembles.

Almighty gave US the same power to regulate devils.  we war not against the flesh, so it isn't about color really.  look at 'ole uncle Russ and get Real clear on that.   go here, 'cause that brother knows + spit it:

 Kings, put down the Book and you may expect to stay asleep, couched low + shook.   

this is why despite being a hateful homosexual, like 'ole souled out uncle Russ is said to be.  by those that stay spilling the piping hot tea; King James had to leave the Law pertaining to homosexuality in the Book.  folk can't say they didn't know or never heard.  'cause it is clearly written in the Word.  

you know you dealing with demons Professor Griff...i heard you clearly say it. me get this straight.   ya'll 'bout to run up on said demons in whose Strength?

this is why ya'll in the sit down position.  unable/unwilling to Stand Strong as you are Called.  perfectly well adjusted to oppression.   

point blank.

full stop. 

but there is Hope + Good News, if folk will but Believe + walk accordingly:



KJV 2 Chronicles 7:14-18 

14   If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.  

15   Now mine eyes shall be open, and mine ears attent unto the prayer that is made in this place.  

16   For now have I chosen and sanctified this house, that my name may be there for ever:  and mine eyes and mine heart shall be there perpetually.

17   And as for thee, if thou will walk before me, as David thy father walked, and do according to all that I have commanded thee, and shalt observe my statutes and my judgments; 

18  Then will I stablish the throne thy kingdom, according as I have covenanted with David thy father, saying, There shall not fail thee a man to be ruler...


before folk hit play...

Black women are...


not just female.

Queen Sojourner Truth, i will answer your question, since folk- all colors- want to ignore it still.

really, it doesn't bother me so much, that historical enemies can't figure it out.

those that built a movement on I AM A MAN...should have a clue though.



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