Monday, July 7, 2014

proud to be an american...

i love the song at the end of this a random side note straight off the bat;)

it occurs to me that much is held back from americans. 

many don't want to know. 

how else would they swear america is the greatest nation on earth, if they reckoned with the Truth?

when i hear "support our troops"...i always want to say, i do!  this is why i wish we would stop sending them in harm's way only to do evil to others.  much wickedness is done under the guise of doing something noble.   even now, america is engaged in destroying nations in order to "save" them.  many americans believe that without ever questioning.   are convinced that other nations hate the US because they are jealous or some other nonsensical reason.  

i am concerned for our collective karma as americans + pray without ceasing that Almighty will show US mercy for the harm we insist on bringing to our global community.  flagrant fouls to international law seems to be our special rights to exercise, again and again.

suggested movie night material:

Father, i pray for all souls, world wide, in Messiah's Mighty Name, as we head on into...


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