Sunday, December 29, 2013

writer's block...

alas, i find that i AM struggling with writer's block. 

so i find myself instead talking to folks on the field,  which = ;) + ;(

 at times...

the same can be true of off line folks as well.  let's be real;)  we people are funny creatures.  proof positive that Almighty is the flyest of ALL time!  He still Loves Us.  we just need to trust.  believe.  seek and obey Him.

believe it or not, if folks would just accept that i will be me + breathe freely without asking permission...not expecting anything less from the next.

if we must agree to disagree.  let's get that done respectfully.

then move forward...powerfully, in peace. 

folks would not hear a peep out of me, outside of asking questions or sharing additional views.  we can all walk in peace.  in whatever direction we feel led by the Creator of our understanding(s).  i really don't require a great deal of debate these days.  i seek to listen, learn, speak, agree, disagree, carry on or move on. 

disrespect, bickering, fighting, etc. = bad.  all things that do not increase the peace= bad.

bottom line.


i have to laugh at it all.

Almighty is no joke.  He will not be mocked.

so i just need to do what i AM called to about my Father's business;)

is what i just described too much to ask, really? 

i kid.  i kid.

this is planet earth after all.   a.k.a the land of the serpent.

for a spell anyways.



moving forward...powerfully.


need to get this post that has proven my sticking point, for a minute,  out of my spirit/soul into the blogosphere.   it seems there is an order.  until this particular post is up...i can't move with as much inner peace.  so let me honor that truth and get it done. 

for those on-line + off-line souls, currently being used mightily to grow me in Patience + Love...

thank you.

i Love you all.


it is my prayer that i will have the ability to overlook + hold silence as i strive to be patient.  understanding that once i have patience...i will have all else;)  not only that, but there is this:



Luke 21:19- In your patience possess ye your souls.


much to be done.  as He leads US on into...


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