Friday, January 3, 2014

common core curriculum victims...

it feels like i AM dancing in the spirit- with a song He gives me in my heart. 


Almighty is the dopest beatz master of ALL time- on this amazing song.   He keeps scratching + rewinding the record;) 

while He shows me His Knowledge and Truth.

it is the bomb experience when one can feel/hear the bass of the ancients. 

it brings tears to my eyes, folks.

i AM grateful. 


He shows me that all roads lead... back...

to the future;)

history holds the keys. 

only these defeated devils work feverishly to start the whitened, offbeat, bland record in the middle- of the song they got folks trancing/chanting bodies drop, nonstop, around the world. 

defeated devils know + guard fiercely the knowledge of time.  how the clock has been running much longer than folks' "education" starts.  this is why most so called american folk have no idea about these first "presidents":

  1. John Hanson
  2. Elias Boudinot
  3. Thomas Mifflin
  4. Richard Henry Lee
  5. John Hancock
  6. Nathan Gorman
  7. Arthur St. Clair
  8. Cyrus Griffin 

of course... folks got reasons why they reserved the right to edit the knowledge.

when they get done with all the "explanations" on the name change of the united states of satan + whatever else.  i still don't appreciate the liberties taken with that and all other information. 

yet, folks so defeated + devilishly call the whitened, spliced, diced, demon injected stuff "education"...when in fact it is demonic thought/ mind control. 


not to say there is no use for the training.  there is use.  unfortunately the ones with the most of the training have sold/souled themselves out;(  so they are not really even putting their "training" to Good use.  if you simply get paid to keep the corrupt evil flowing in tact...that's NOT Good use.  folks only caring that they are paid.  that's not Good.  at least not according to what is written.

may more of Almighty's people in key positions, due to their "education", works be to His Glory. 

otherwise, this song that has been kicking around in my head for awhile now is all i got for folks.


remember when someone that was paid for what they do was what a "professional" was?  back in the day, things truly were more simple.  lol. 

after speaking regularly with those that are "educated" + never let folks forget.  when factoring in all is hard not to come back with this:

if one considers the information would be crazy not to know that revolution begins in the hearts + minds of children.  it is no accident washington, dc wants to take control of "education"...since they are doing such a great job with everything else;( 


"hey, teacher!  leave them kids alone."

speaks volumes on many levels these days...

it would be wise to make sure our whole house is in His strong tower.



Proverbs 18:10- The name of the Sovereign is a strong tower:  the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.


in Him, there is safety. 

may more stand in the light of we head on into...


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