Wednesday, January 22, 2014

early a.m. brain drain...

early a.m. brain drain...

yesterday was a beautiful exhausting, both spiritually/physically, type of day;)

met a beautiful sound asleep soul.  quite the educated brother.  so educated in fact that with firm conviction he explained to me that there was no proof of Messiah's existence.

like...He never existed.


on the face of the whole earth.

the cold reality that not only has the enemy changed Messiah's Name + painted Him white...they have re-mixed the "Knowledge" to erase Him altogether.  it was hard to pretend otherwise yesterday.  there was proof of this crafty counsel, all up in my face.


telling it was Bible, what his professor told him.

then hit every new school lick.  spouting stuff like:

" marriage = institution designed to oppress women + children."
"just because we can't explain something, does not mean that it is the work of Yah."
"only people confuse things with talk of a Yah."

straight faced + serious as you please.

q:  what does a woman say to a man saying such things?

 a:  my, you sure are educated...then give that sleeping soul some UNIVERSAL LAW.



Blessed Black bold with it.  with Love from my soul + can you dig? dap (fist bump for the white folk;) at the end... 

bless him Father.  compel him to you...that he might walk according to your Purpose for his life, in Messiah's Name;)

much Love to the brother from compton + his professor.  who i can't wait to reach out and say hello to...


random, though related:

this has been on my mind for a minute.  ever aware of the need for sensitivity...i have been unsure how to approach the topic.  kindda like talking to my sisters about weight concerns.

bw tend to get real sick of hearing what all everybody else think about US + our present much manipulated human condition/images.  all the many different facets covered, though most things bottom line to the perpetuation of dehumanizing racist stereotypes.

i AM a bottom line type of person.

that said, as i drain my brain of the misc thoughts...i AM just going to say what's on my mind.

i mean no harm nor ill will.  it is something that needs to be looked at.  seriously.  with a sober mind.  i think one can see the minds of folks in the physical, in many ways, when they know what to look for...

since a pic = thousand words.  let me discuss topic with pics.  brain drain long, hard + with few words;)

wig hats everywhere!!! 

               LOL...                                does anyone else want the wig hat madness to stop?

i really want to issue cease + desist orders, at this point in the game. 

however, it is not my place. of course, those with medical, hair, scalp conditions  don't factor into the equation.  

i understand folks have the freedom of choice as it relates to hairstyles.  what is messing me up are the number of bw among US that hate themselves or wouldn't feel beautiful without the additions.  like there is a psychological lock, of sorts.   like, they would not feel beautiful nor acceptable without all the additions.  this is at the core of what bothers me.  it bothers me when folks don't love themselves.  these tend to be the same souls that are viciously jealous of those that dare to love themselves;(     

free your mind...the rest will follow...


another pic worth a thousand words:

 Photographer Dasha Zhukova Sits on a Black Woman Chair for Buro 247 Interview

what "sisterhood"?

the mothers of Psalm 83 folk don't ever give it a rest.

when i call it out...even the most subtle forms...folks can get as mad as they please.

Peggy Noland's Outrageous Oprah Dress

whenever the sons of BW do anything...folks want to bring the BW into it.

yet...for some reason no one ever quite ties ww into their sons/daughters' antics.  the ww- she can't be held responsible.  ever.  despite being the first teachers of the white nation.  their sons torment the planet + all people on the planet...throughout history.  just because. 



please know without apology, on an Abraham, i AM my father's daughter flow:

with Boldness... i will rip down all idols.

how folks "feel" about it = personal business.  between the Yah of their understanding + them. 

those that would feed + benefit greatly from the racist hatred aimed at  Blessed Black women, would do well to get to know the Truth:

any questions?


it is my sincere heart prayer that more will grow to know Him/His Word, as we head on into...


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