Monday, January 6, 2014

just a friendly reminder...

felt compelled to post this friendly reminder...

for some reason the 33 degree was cut off in the pic.  nevertheless, it is wise to keep in mind that freemasonry is but a means to an end folks...the enemy has all bases covered.

as we move through the days, it is wise to factor in the time:

Satanic Calendar

7  -  St Winebald day:  Blood rituals, dismemberment.  Animal/human sacrifice.
17 - Satanic revels:  Sexual rituals.
20 - 26:  Sacrifice preparation:  kidnapping, holding and ceremonial preparation of person for human sacrifice.
26 - The Da Muer ritual:  Grand climax.  Sex rituals and human sacrifice of woman/child.

get familiar with additional information here:


folks appear to really love stats...unless said stats verify the "hunted" status of bw and children.  those stats are politely ignored to death.

but hey...we got convos like this one, going on.

where good "educated/professional" folk sit over there and pretend that bm are only abandoning their sons in droves.  not the daughters.  these girls/women are preyed upon, young, then expected to be perfect first teachers/mothers, out of the clear blue sky.  

okey doke fellas.  no argument from me at this point.  i got it.  ya'll don't care. seems quite a few lost, deadhead, "educated/professional" bm have decided that their seed is worthless.  wherever they deposit it...oh, well.  only she can get pregnant.  so it is her dumb fault for being there+ not moving away fast enough.

man= zero responsibility/accountability for his actions.  new school.

cue the dumb, scripted "equality" convos.

yet, these same ones can't figure out that the world is simply agreeing with them.

their seed has no value...

even in the full grown bm/bw flesh = no value.

so why are folks chasing "racism"?

when your sons and daughters are incarcerated or liquidated altogether daily, then why complain?

who cares?

those that regulate other menfolk, care.  those that speak to other men with bass in their voice...not like they are addressing a group of little sensitive, clad from head to toe in soft baby pink, girls.  these men care + do Love Him + His Word.

we are to resist the devil and he will flee.  we are to ensure our daughters are protected at all times.  our children.  sons are preyed upon much more than people realize.  notice the men wearing leopard print these days.  if our daughters are not protected, is the worst thing that can happen to society.  those are the future mothers.

first teachers.


and so many other things...



Leviticus 19: 29-31 

29  Do not prostitute thy daughter, to cause her to be a whore; lest the land fall to whoredom, and the land become full of wickedness.

30  Ye shall keep my sabbaths, and reverance in my sanctuary:  I am the Sovereign.

31   Regard not them that have familiar spirits, neither seek after wizards, to be defiled by them:  I am the Sovereign your Almighty.


everybody else is just talking.


for the wrong team usually.  otherwise, it is clear these are sobering times. 

folk are refusing to man or stand up.

more bw must wake up.

in bw's idolatry/disobedience... the worship of the Black man.  we release the curses of Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26 on our heads.

we birth our destroyers.

take a look around the world and see that the women of the congo, rwanda, and other places did as well.  who is used to rape the minds, spirits, bodies and souls of bw and children around the world?

did folks really think america would fare better/differently?

of course, bw's destroyers are encouraged + manipulated by their historical enemies.  smh.  nevertheless, this is where we are now, ladies.



Isaiah 4: 1- And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying we will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel:  only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach.


that's what you got out there to look forward to ladies...if you are walking according to your understanding.

i AM with Him.  i pray all within the sound of my voice will choose to be in Him/His Word.   

men= provider, protector, problem solver, producer.  old school.

guys, i AM not beating you up.  i AM simply bottom lining + straight talking the devilish thingy.

if the comment section of linked convo is any indication...there are not many men around these days.  
which is why following no man and only Him, as it is written...makes sense.

those women married to fools, i don't know what to tell you.  maybe a "if you go away from Him, you will go there without me moment" might be averted through your patience + prayer for your husband.   also the house he is responsible to lead+ guide+ provide+ protect+ problem solve + produce for...

those of you that have a "husband" that does not do the above...

you have been had.  you have no husband.  you have a roommate, if that. 

i had this lady's blog on my blogroll.  then the password fiasco popped up.  i will re-add to my blog roll as time permits.  while over at ...i noticed the new web address.

the women and children folks can't be bothered to care about are being hunted.  sacrificed.  snatched off the street to perish in the most devilish of ways.  their faces don't make the news too often.  so i always appreciated the owner of this blog for caring.  i pray they are able to continue to stand in His Light + shine His Light on what is happening to the least among US.  Almighty never indicated that He created worthless anything:

it is written that the friends of fools, shall suffer.

how much more the women + children of fools shall suffer?

sortta common sense when folks look at it like that, huh?

those operating outside of His Law, are freestyling to their detriment.  our virtue protects US.  time to come in from the storm ladies.   all colors...but i AM speaking to the Black Women that the world loves to scorn.  other colors have menfolk that give a care in much greater numbers.   

i pray more will have an ear to hear as we head on into...


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