Friday, February 22, 2008

Other Voices of Women of African Descent

American women of African descent- we have to save ourselves. We have to establish our own organizations that will protect our interests. It is no accident that no other group of women has been singled out and subjected to non-stop ridicule, degradation, denigration, and sexual exploitation; both historically and presently.

Everyone has decided that we are to be assaulted, verbally and physically. I listen to all types of music. I have to say that I have not heard other men treat their women and themselves by extension with such utter disrespect and at times hatred. Yes, other nations have a healthy dose of sexism built into their practices. However, we happily participate in this whole other extremely sick thing against ourselves, and rationalize it.

In the interest of responsibility and accountability, if you don’t stand against it and work to change it-you silently condone it!

I am ever searching for other like-minded people. In the absence of their voices I feel like I exist in a vacuum; which can be mind numbingly tiresome and quite depressing. I found an amazing website that has a lot of different voices together, or Check it out. Let’s become inspired to do something to help save ourselves.

Ladies, if help was coming, it would have come by now. If the powers that be were going to stop, they would have stopped by now. It is up to us to indicate that we have had enough and make it stop. Now. Think about it. Act on it.


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