Saturday, February 23, 2008

transition complete!!!

whew! it took some doing as most worthwhile things do. my transition to blogger is now complete!!!

all of the posts with the exception of the first "transition" piece were pulled over to blogger from my previous blog home. although, it would be great if i could just sit and make that much progress in a couple days. not just yet...

random thought:

sunflowers make me ecstatically insanely happy. i love them more than any other flower. i love the way they stand facing upward. facing the infinite possibilities. ecstatically insanely happy, that pretty much sums up how i feel with the completion of my transition project, too. hence the sunflowers.

sisters, we can accomplish whatever we commit our minds, energy, focus and power, individually. imagine how much more so our collective minds, energy, focus and power. like any other muscle it must be exercised in order to be built.


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