Friday, February 22, 2008

This is My First Official Blog!!!

This is my first official blog!!!

I am thrilled to have a voice. Thank you, Jasmyne Cannick, for your generosity in taking the time to show me how to get started. It is a gift that I will always appreciate. I look forward to the opportunity to pay it forward. I love you little big sis.

The prospect of meeting other people with similar thoughts and even different ones create a certain excitement within me. It is that feeling I get whenever I am about to embark upon a new adventure. It feels like the first skydive jump- scary, exhilarating, amazing.
What would I like to accomplish?

I, like most, would like to be well received and accepted. However, more than that, I would like to speak truth into a world of life robbing lies. One of my favorite quotes is from Audre Lorde- “…and when we speak WE ARE AFRAID our words will not be heard nor welcomed but when we are silent, WE ARE STILL AFRAID so it is BETTER TO SPEAK remembering WE were never meant to survive.” I want to be afraid to call what is as it is, and do it anyways, always respectfully, with love, in wisdom yet nonetheless.

I would like to address those issues that we all encounter on a daily basis, and feel powerless to change. I want to claim and encourage others to claim their power rather than that powerlessness. We are only powerless if we believe we are.

I would like to shake that haunting feeling that I am a part of the present complacent, apathetic, colorblind problem. We are not, collectively, honoring our ancestors- despite standing on their shoulders to claim considerably more comforts and opportunities than they. We are definitely, NOT, building upon their works. It seems to me that we are selfishly squandering our ancestors’ blood equity in pursuit of material things that are in the final analysis of no great consequence.

I have full understanding of the fact that all people of color on the planet are the victims of white supremacy. However, as an American of African descent, I am most interested to be a part of our healing and emancipation, for it is my sincere belief that charity begins at home. I refuse to adopt the unspoken, yet fully complied with by most, current position that it is wrong to speak on behalf of Americans of African descent or black people. I am without shame, pro-black. I do not hate anyone. I do without apology, hate injustice and white supremacy.

Furthermore, other nations of people understand, even as they strive to adjust their unique beauty to Eurocentric standards as well as allow themselves to be corrupted, perverted, and defiled by Western values, the importance of building and maintaining their economic power structures and communities.

I would like to help facilitate consciousness and two-way accountability. We must be accountable to ourselves for our actions and inaction in the face of crises. (It is safe to say that Americans of African descent are facing major crises in all areas of our society) We must also without fail and swiftly also hold others accountable for their white supremacist/racist depictions of us as a nation throughout the world. Other nations with a long history of enslaving, oppressing, denigrating us should be put on notice that we have had enough. I would like to be present when the cease and desist order is issued. I would like to assist with the organization of the financial blow in this material world, when willing compliance in the interest of humanity is not sufficient.

I would like to be a part of a grass roots black women’s rights movement that creates social change. I would like to work to end the mockery of our humanity that is so common place that no one even sees it anymore, much less stand with conviction and tenacity against it. I would like to participate in a 21st century human rights movement. (It has long vexed me that the movement of the 60’s was called a “civil rights” movement- were we not seeking then and still now basic human rights?)

It is my passion that we as a nation will reserve the right to educate our children, appoint our own leaders, invest in ourselves, finance our emancipation efforts and truly free ourselves by creating and strengthening our economic infrastructure. As Americans, I think that we would be within our rights to insist that the Constitution be applied to all citizens of this nation, equally, without fail. Our emancipation is our responsibility. It is in no one else’s best interest that we be free, economically. Manumission is not going to come, ladies and gentlemen. Let us accept and act upon this truth, immediately. Our survival is contingent upon this. Maintaining our mental and economic enslavement is very profitable for other nations. Let’s think about it, talk about it, strategize and do some things to save ourselves with focused purpose.

We are making withdrawals, daily, from an ancestral account that has been endowed with centuries of struggle, bloodshed, suffering, bravery, and the commitment to be free human beings on the planet. In the absence of change, we bequeath to the generation coming behind us, an account with a zero balance.

The foundation for my every thought is:


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