Friday, February 22, 2008

We Have GOT to get to Plankton

Folks, all I can say is that it must be nice…

Imagine, what it would be like to have particles of “plastic so small it’s like plankton” be your greatest concern? He is dead serious.

I quote:

“plastic is a huge problem, it’s so small it’s like plankton”…

...“alligators can’t mate, those are the kinds of things we need to really start working on”

“that’s where you can really go and make a difference in the planet”

Make no mistake; the preservation of the planet is vital. However, it all comes back to respect. It stands to reason, those that have historically and today, demonstrated a gross lack of respect for his/her fellow man will also disrespect the earth.

If this commercial doesn’t make it abundantly clear that we have got to free/save ourselves, ladies and gentlemen, I don’t know what will. Alligators’ right to mate is more important than human rights for all human beings. We have got to get to plankton.

I have been charged numerous times with being too serious. People that don’t know even know each other have described me this way. I accept that I am the common denominator. Ok, it must be true. I have heard it so frequently that I have reached the conclusion that I am a misfit. I look around and it seems to me that everything is upside down and backwards. Circumstances mandate my seriousness. I, quite frankly, don’t understand why or how everyone else is so light hearted, most of the time. But then again I did say that it is all backwards, right?

From my vantage point, standing in the light of understanding, great friends with the truth, ever prayerful for wisdom, and committed to walking in love-despite hundreds of years worth of reasons to hate; I answer the charge with the response that in the absence of humanity and freedom for my brothers, sisters, and myself I will be focused and purposeful in my quest to raise consciousness. This is the difference I would like to make on the planet.

We have GOT to get to plankton.


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