Friday, September 20, 2013

defeated angel of death...

on days when i truly believe i have been grown leaps+ bounds in His patience, love and restraint through direct experience...immortal technique is like...breast reduction.  lol! 

extra weight/pressure... gone!  talk about letting somebody else use their gift to  help you get stuff off your chest!!! 

standing down in the interest of not getting ahead of Him...leaves a lot on my chest.  i AM thankful He guides me through it all... 

pardon the mfs/ninjas thrown in so the ignorant ones can hear.  consider it...cayenne for kick;)  foodie in me jumping out!  lol!  folks threw down for Sabbath food on my mind.  back to the matter at hand- defeated angel of death- with a bit of my pc tweaking that there might be peace on earth:


i live life strangling death
i walk through the land where the fallen angel is kept
but i would never bow down to a pagan habit
like roman g-ds that were happy loving gays named after the planets;)

the connotations of Revelation taken for granted
mark of the beast, the government microchips implanted
i'll be branded a maniac for speaking the truth
and i'll be murdered as soon as i hit the streets with proof
illuminati trying to raise the devil at any cost
they probably cloned Yahushua (Jesus)
with the blood off the cross
and i know its the same MFs i see
that genetically engineered hiv
controlling the population according to mathematics
generated by masons and the military industry sponsoring terror
creating a profit margin that will last forever
the crusades and vietnam stand blasted together

and you believe in WHATEVER

even the federal promise,
but the spawn of satan/shaytan can never be honest
the poor people pay homage
and pray to a g-d the vatican themselves don't really believe in
cause they would rather worship money
and invisible demons
without biblical reason
i execute them for treason
i don't need an alibi
cause my place in history is the book of Malachi



LOL! @ the 'what?' at the end. 

delicious.bold.righteous.defiant.  folks best believe there are some of us here on assignment.  we are not here to play+ Universal Law/Math= we.can't.lose.    hear the young king when he says the next time rap comes through...guess who sent it?  LOL! 

be is by His Spirit the Victory is won...Yahuthim will be saved without guns, violence, it is written.


obey Yah and His apostles...if ye do believe...

this is where we are in history folks...believe or not.  as we head on into...


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