Wednesday, September 4, 2013

think NOT that He sent me to bring Peace...

you know...i think of war/human sacrificing...and my mind shuts down.  not for fear...i RUN TO danger, truth be told.  He built me to SHUT IT DOWN of my own strength. how much more so, with His Arm?   + i am an adrenaline junkie.  my fight or flight instinct has been tested and i know what will happen when pressed.  what can i say?

however, deep inside i yearn for Peace...around me.  for everyone.   my dog's name is i call for what i want daily.  which is also my last name.   i GET what i want...then i give it back or to someone else.  lol.  this i what i learned in my rewind, and see clearly has been my pattern.  hard pattern interrupt executed by Him.  done with that...He sent me to get what i want for ALL of His people...which makes them my people.  His friends are my friends...His enemies are...toast, after a fair warning.  His fiYah when unleashed verbally, is quite interesting indeed.

i love all people.  scratch that...i am learning to love all people.

though all people don't love me.  tv tells them they should suspect me, ridicule me, lie on me, violate my person, insult my intelligence, etc.

that's ok.  My Father will straighten things right on out...folks had best believe.

a German told me as he spun me around and gave me a push in the direction i needed to go- not hard, just firm enough to get me moving in the right direction.  i love him to this day because he left me with this gem...GET what you want or don't want it.  IF i want it...there is no UNwanting it. 

that said...i want Peace on earth.  this is a spiritual battle for those that Understand.  He sent me to get the party started.  let's dance like David danced while He comes through and works this out for us.  we.can't.lose.  it is written in the Law of Universe.

here's the thing...folks have to stand in the Light of Understanding.  His Understanding...not our imagination or deeeep impressive intellect.

does anyone else see how arrogant and unwise it is to lean on our own understanding contrary to His Law?  i opt for coming in because i love Him.  i've hurt Him enough...doubting.  raging. flipping the script on folks on my own strength out of sheer rage that folks seem to think me a toy/joke/whore.  questioning why He was waiting to fix what anyone can see is backwards.  upside down.  nonstop fawkery.

at my most broken place...when i had done all i could to stand...yet could not find my legs...i called out to Him from my soul.  He answered in a Mighty Way...He called me to show others His Way.  i heard Him. 

He has shown me His Strength, and i can tell you from experience the smack down won't be fun.  you don't want it.  just get your mess together.  we are ALL messy.  this is the testimony/witness/charge for  Strong One Daily/Dailey...though folks that think they know me, call me Carole.

that's a little Ancient bring it wink - if you think you got it like that- you misled/reprobate devils that seek to intimidate and flip the script.  hear Tupac roar with death row BASS bishes- YOU SEE ME.  I SEE YOU.  MY ARM IS MADE MIGHTY BY ALMIGHTY.  BRING IT.

i AM here on assignment and He said we are about to flip this.  i will take back king Tupac's gift and use it to give Him glory.  it ALL belongs to Him/His.  but you lying devils already know this. 

come to bruise my heel.  he made me a pain machine.  at His Word, an ether kiss is all yours...before you BOW DOWN and acknowledge Him and His Law.  if He has to crunch you down as He did me...remember you were forewarned.

as for me, i am focused on staying low and close to Him.  lioness from house of Yahuthim/Yisrael tribe of  Yahudah/Judah aka mouth of the Southern Kingdom.

i AM reporting for duty.   i AM ready to deliver His Word to His People of this world. they will hear Him- His Word won't come back void as it is written.

i AM in possession of the Sword of the Spirit-His Word and a commitment to bring the's about to get heated as He re-mixes through me, the devil doctrines and rewind them on back to where things are supposed to be...with a permanent glue fix.  FINAL.

there is a Law which governs the Universe.  

please note:  there is nothing to argue about.  



those are THE options.  

He keeps telling me to say this folks.  there is an illusion of many options...THAT'S a little/GIANT lie folks.  Believe Him and His Word...not the world that specializes in LIES. 

Obey is a theme.  know this.. you will Obey someone...i would make it Him based on what He showed me.

He is currently flipping a masonic hex back before my eyes.  i will leave it at that...and continue to pray that all on the wrong side will get themselves in line with His Word.  

please know, i am working to slow things down on my end so that less errors occur.  only errors are mine to claim.  everything else is Him...folks best believe this.

what i write, as He leads me, is for you to go seek is NOT all you will need.  you will need to study Scripture so you can help the next one.  i pray in my obedience to Him, all that read His Word will feel empowered to pray to Him, ask Him to come into their lives, save them, and lead/guide them.

i ask your prayers as i STAND and DELIVER His Words.  i have to give it to you the way i am gifted.  if i did not have the needed skill set...He would not have Chosen me.  know this.  He and i constitute a majority.  there is no debate.  folks will bow down and know He is Almighty and His Word is Law of the Universe.

point blank.
full stop.

fiery darts will let me know how upset the enemy is...i AM remixing Pat Benatar so that it is flipped to give Him the glory...think that song- hit me with your best shot...

only Yahweh Almighty+Messiah Yahushua+whole host of heaven, returning your best shot with an Ancient double  

then you KNOW i am going to Light you up with His Word to give Him the praise for His Awesome KO.  THAT'S why i was created fyi.  i AM a Mighty praise and prayer warrior.

that's keeping things at a FULL 100% Truth level.   

He specializes in using the simple to confound the so called wise as it is written:

1 Corinthians 1:27- But Almighty hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and Almighty hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty. 


His Law as written in Matthew 10: 34-39:

34 Think not that I am come to send peace on earth:  I came not to send peace, but a sword.

35 For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law.  

36 And a man's foes shall be they of his own household.

37 He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me:  and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.  

38 And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.

39 He that findeth his life shall lose it:  and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.

please understand this...the Scriptures may be interpreted:



here's a CLUE:  THAT nugget of WAKE UP above is best taken spiritually+ literally.  folks might want to disregard what they heard or made up in their much manipulated heads. 

my mission is focused on the LOVE POLICE aspect of things.  we will flow through mega phoning it.  think we won't.  me with lip gloss and powerful dna coiled locks down my back.

white vans i know you know me when you see me.  i am the one that comes out and looks at you hard.  then smiles and waves at you;)   Almighty had me flip your rides to black, yesterday.  lol!  ALWAYS bet on Black people.  

here's a promise to the defeated devils:

approach reckless, if you feel extra super bold and scary.  i got something that will hold my purse (Bible/Sword) and written on the tablet of my heart.  Tyler Perry baby...flipping the madness back, Madea.  LOL...devils can come get some of His Wrath, if you forgot who He is.

this is our stuff and i AM sent to take it back-lease over thieving, lying, murderous bishes!

plus, i AM here to bind you hateful baby hurting critters back to the pit you are headed to anyway at the appointed time.  i am simply shouting out the heads up.  it's all love.   the Ancients don't do sneak attacks.

everybody bold enough to stop and holla will get an earful.  those that keep it moving will have their faith activated by the hearing of His Word.  that's how the Universe is set up.  i AM His queen of the Universe...let's get this mess together.  

i AM not called to do violence and such.  that is not my program.  He will deal with that aspect.  i have NO WORRIES...He built me well for my role.

Shout it Out and Stand.  i like to step aside all cool like you know He put it in us.  the same Blessed Black coolness the world copies-while denigrating us.

coolness...when things get crispy heated as He showed me...folks gonna wanna be keeping it cool with Him in His safe strong tower.  He will personally Light Up anyone unbelievingly dumb enough to touch the hair of His Anointed sent to speak His it is written.
i am trying to get down to ten words;)  i got the 2nd grade simple concern is trying to soundbite His Law and that won't do.  maybe folks could just turn off the tv and learn to love to read again?

the revolution will NOT be televised as king Gil told us...not sure why i have thought He was joking for as long as i have.

as i see clearly...i am committed to going to work like the planet depends on it.  it does.  plus it is ours.

our birthright.

i came on the scene speaking the intent.  hard knocks be damned...i AM thankful i knew to ask Him to make me strong enough to keep standing.

i AM back!  He sent me to speak His Word and STAND.  He's got the rest.

when i AM knocked down...i come back in multiple of stubborn and hard is my head.  i AM thankful to be called to the right team.  devils betta tremble...hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

i AM coming to take pleasure in having folks bow down to His Law.  know this.  it is loooooong overdue-yet right on time. 

i asked as a little girl if there was a button to push to be rid of white lying pasty devils and the idiots that love them...if i could push it?  He told me NO.  i AM called to LOVE. 

according to my gifts He assigned me to Love Police patrol.  write for Love and Life.  He wants that none be lost. 

He is an AWESOME Yah.

i AM bound to give Him some praise...100 miles and running...hear the BASS of the Ancients as we flip the script on these bad boy devils in blue, trained by the israeli military...come to see me for following His Law...on WHAT authority?

state your code and i will issue the smack down with His Law.  His doesn't need guns...nor violence.  just love, belief, and obedience which is worth more than sacrifice.  we can blow the enemy over with 1/2 a breath...and folks want to stress over nonsense that is not even real?  not me.  i am focused on waiting on Him.  obeying ONLY His voice.  holding His Hand to let folks know my Almighty Powerful Father wants more to come in because they love and revere Him...don't believe fat meat's greasy?

you WILL learn.

soon...there will be only...


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