Thursday, September 26, 2013

yet...folks are still UNclear...

i AM writing for my life...

with reverence/fear of Him + trembling at His Awesomeness...i AM working out my salvation, as it is written in His Word/Universal Law.  because i asked and believed- He has delivered in a Mighty Way.  i AM bound to give Him some praise!!!  it confuses the already defeated devil and his poor minions.

in-the-know devils already know the Law and do believe+ tremble.  i boldly + happily cast them out/aside and keep fishing for the poor duped/ensnared souls that need only additional information to repent, turn and know Him+ salvation.  truth be told...i care more for these souls than i mind the little defeated devil darts that bounce off my Shield like toy arrows found in daycare play areas.  for real.

it appears if you would like to wake up from the matrix fully, plus connect all dots for this full circle moment; one will need dots that one can only possess as a result of seeking it is written.   the Knowledge only He can give regarding His Word, has to come from Him.  that's the full Truth.  that's how you crack the true code of Scriptures.  seek Him...all else you need, He delights in adding to you.  newsflash:  no one will enter His Kingdom by scaling a wall or any of that short cut business.  in His Spirit and Truth is how one gains entry into His Kingdom+ rest, as it is written.    

the wicked horror show that reveals itself as He reveals humanity's true current condition + identity of humanity's common enemy...i pray you His Strength to challenge your natural inclination and resist becoming afraid.  ask Him to replace that fear with His Love, which will cast out all fear.  then seek His Face.  this is what works for me, and i now speak across praying it blesses the ear(s) He sent the message to, in Messiah Yahushua's Name. amein.

so it is.



Isaiah 55: 11-12 

11  So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth:  it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please and it shall prosper in the the thing whereto I sent it.

12  For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace:  the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.


folks are yet, still UNclear- despite my blog header clearly stating my focused purpose- complete with Universal Law. 



if it were not for Almighty...the episode that transpired a couple of days ago @ FN would have unfolded quite differently.  if it were a news story, i suppose it would have looked something like this:

breaking news!

two 'crazed' bw appear to have melted completely down in the hectic, heavily demon-trolled comment section at FN's blog.

an obsessively focused on BO, big bug- eyed, blasphemous, vulgar, vile, pornographic, uber masculine complete with 'wife' yet a girl fighter,  inverted thus perverted info having 'intellect' + 'scholar' was unconventionally restrained.   you could say she received a biblical whupping.



Proverb 17:10-11, 15-16

10  A reproof entereth more into a wise man than an hundred stripes into a fool.

11  An evil man seeketh only rebellion:  therefore a cruel messenger shall be sent against him.

15  He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both are abomination to the Sovereign.

16  Wherefore is there a price in the hand of a fool to get wisdom, seeing he hath no heart to it? 

the 'crazed' blasphemous bw has a well known history + holds current #1 spot for melting down in this putrid manner over at FN, so we will call her bw #1 for reporting purposes.  'crazed' for Almighty of Scriptures alone is bw #2 for the understanding of all.

bw #2  has already told all with an ear to hear, that she was sent by Almighty; the Ancient of Ancients + King of Kings to deliver His Word to His People.  then she proceeds to pray and share His Word which is needed for Strength/sustenance as our daily bread + sword of Spirit to fight daily spiritual battle all humanity is in currently...whether they know this or not.  the two are reported to have peacefully coexisted for years over at FN.  there was even mention of friendship, it is rumored.   apparently the idea of a discussion of the kinsey report/studies that never happened is the cause of bw #1's latest spell.  at least that's what the elder folk called it back in the day.  lol.  

after reviewing available evidence, it appears the blatant disrespect of Scriptures was what caused crazed for Almighty alone bw #2 to reach her time to subdue the earth, by any means necessary point...

this caused bw #2 to transporter movie style run up crazed bw #1's bad plaid/lumber jack boot wearing, new school bpa'd 'femme' attired body like the actor did the door in the film.

crazed bw #1 sustained a solid round house kick to her 'scholar' head by bw #2, which resulted in crazed bw #1 dropping to her knees.  all present witnesses indicated she appeared to be bowing down;) 

crazed for Almighty alone bw #2, produced what she called, her treasured, oldest copy of His Universal Law/Bible, so that salty devil could get as close to the Ancient Universal Law as possible then proceeded with focused purpose to beat crazed bw #1 about her big bug eye balls + blasphemous mouth area.

witnesses say she appeared to be praying aloud, as she beat bw #1, that Almighty would help the deceitful demon possessed crazed bw #1 either hear/speak according to the Law, flee or respectfully hold her peace when she hears RUMORS of bw #2's presence on the plantation to address the enslaved that seek to be free.

other witnesses report hearing bw #2 indicate she strongly believed bw#1's parents taught her better respect for self and others.   as she kept administering solid big BO eye+ big blasphemous mouth Bible blows of reproof, correction + love.   

bw #2 wants all to recall her consistent confessions of struggling with wrath and not really knowing how to act...He is still working on me...


those that don't believe...really should consider taking a second look at the information i AM calling your attention to.  the fact that exactly none of what i described above, is actually what i did- ALL is due to Him.  He is Real and will box you in if you ask Him to, so you can't mess things up.  i ask Him. it is written we win in i AM determined to stay close. 

so, too, is your enemy real. 

of course in the comment section, one could not become physically violent, so i AM speaking of my flesh natural instinct approach to bold, crazy enough to sound off, lying by little/GIANT LIE omission demons.  literally, i get enraged+ committed to taking these jokers out on sight.  i confessed that before, too.  though i must say...a lot of whoofing is not necessary.  tell these jokers the Law and they take off!  or hide from you if they live next door even...

i want to take this moment to thank the puerto rican sister that thought it made sense to attempt a racist klan rally puerto rican style about a year or so ago.  after the initial shock of her complete ignorance of who she is...much less who i AM...i politely cussed her out.  no cursing.  cussing.  no Scripture, just here you go chica.  of course this, respect no boundary in the world, much less Law of Scripture lady, could.not.wait. to tell me that i ruined my witness for Messiah.  i literally heard defeated satan say...gotcha!

i pray she does not have post traumatic stress disorder from that all new everything orifice ripping she took.  nope.  homegirl was so out of pocket she gets all new everything.  not just one.  the delicious mauling was tasty for only a minute.  i felt so bad later, i gave her my blog link and asked her to please just help me be free from sin and go peace and blessings.  i mean that, too.   take His Law and go.  if you ever need my assistance, and i can give it to problem.  it is the Law.  

you know, it was remembering just how unpleasant going back and apologizing to homegirl was...that speed bumped then slammed the brakes on my strong desire to hit folks in the face with Scriptures again and again.  i was even going to upgrade from cussing since oh vile one spewed demon puke all through the comment section.  i suppose demon puke + visceral/exorcist type reactions to truth is what demons do, huh?  so why get so mad? 

in the interest of this not being too long of a post, i will come back later with His Law that kept me in a place of being angry...yet sinning not.  in fact, when clowning lying devils by beating them about the face and neck area with Scriptures first came into my head, i could not laugh about it.   my desire to execute mind's eye vision was so strong.  then...He had me go to His Word, at which point i could not stop laughing.  typing that crazy mess above, on the other side of His Understanding, has made me laugh until my stomach hurts.  i pray He will forgive me for even letting the thoughts into my mind.   

i haven't gone back to the slave plantation since the enslaved soul came just in general crazy.  i won't allow my crazed for Him to look like just regular run of the mill, g-d is love + we do what we wilt including blasphemy+ if you don't like it or keep quiet= 'homophobe homohater'.  that is seriously bad math.  now that the whole episode feel like an absurd passed time permits i will go assess the human wreckage and see if there are any surviving souls of the serpent's subtil ways.

seriously, that was madness.  LOL!  there was the crazed person #1 obsessively posting irrelevant links and spewing demon puke all over the comment section, anguished Anon trying to figure out wtheck!, Black Sage fighting the crazed divert+ divide demon(s) while not falling in the snare(s), the angry 'hate whitey!  hate whitey!' mutant man soul= pure cometragedy because he is serious,  and other imps that kept repeating crazy bw #1's doubled perved out blasphemies like i was not responding because i did not get it, devils throwing up their little 'prayers' which i flipped and permanent fixed final where they needed to be, ALL while i refused to go IN!  LOL!  sheer chaos. 
the Law i share with others is what keeps me in check.  Obedience is worth more than sacrifice.  obeying His Word is what one does...when they love Him.  if one boiled down Universal Law to 2-3 essential ingredients, it would be as follows:

  • Love Him
  • Love each other
  • Stop doing so much folks...Set Apart and keep the Sabbath, which is currently conveniently named after saturn- saturday, here in the defeated devil's soon to be former playground that belongs to US, His People. 

folks would do well to consider He is Real, the devil's a liar...and whether folks like it or not...we are headed into...


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