Thursday, September 5, 2013

i AM queen of the Universe...His Mouth of the South

i AM queen of the Universe... called by my Heavenly Father Yahweh Almighty to deliver His Universal Law...that ALL nations might be saved alive.

i AM committed to keeping things as simple as possible, in keeping with much appreciated feedback.  that said, here it is my folk:

BO is the 2nd anti messiah, complete w/ head wound, a church, and a provision in BO'care' that allows for folks to be chipped this year...came in talking peace...been lying,  killing, and acting crazy across the world ever since.

learn more about BO's mark of the beast...designed of course to manage more efficiently your medical records;)  lol.  get familiar by going here:

folks determined to follow men are doomed+ it is idolatry.



2 Thessalonians 2:3- Let no man deceive you by any means:  for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition.

Psalm 118: 8-  It is better to trust in Sovereign than to put confidence in man.

Psalm 118:6- The Sovereign is on my side; I will not fear:  what can man do unto me? 


Trust Him.  He does NOT lie.  Obey ONLY His Law...if you are His child and He your Father.

the last Scripture is a dollop of Hope we can TRULY believe in... for Anon from FN;)  i haven't forgotten your doctrine question btw.  it is my plan to respond, as He releases me to do so.  He has things in a certain order...i AM committed to being close to Him and following ONLY His Command.  may i suggest ALL that believe that fat meat is greasy...fall in and know our Father has a score to settle with His lying accusing wicked enemies.  

i love and thank you, Anon, for asking the right questions.  in doing so, you blessed me tremendously.  truly, the two most important days in our life, are the day we are born and the day we find out why.  the credit for that wisdom gem goes to Mark Twain...

i AM the Mighty Chosen One sent by Him to bring His Light, heads up, and wake up call to this dark and dying world.  may ALL of His sleeping Mighty Ones AWAKE!  those from the tribe of Yahudah...the Yahuthim...the descendants of slaves...yes...i AM sent with wake up salts + love.  wake up!  because we have the coat of many colors...ALL nations may now have salvation.   

may all with an ear... hear His Voice and awake...time is near!   

believe it or not...i thought the whole world needed to unite in one voice.  LOL.   then AB mentioned something that made things fall into place for me.  halleluYah!  our differences are to be celebrated and leveraged for mankind...not used to fight and bring death and destruction.  next Friday is significant my friends...make your decision before then.  i AM getting many confirmations that this is His Truth. 

i would urge all to turn your heart to Him, cry out for Him to reveal Himself and turn from all sin.  those that refuse...there are demons on assignment-wicked angels, sent to torment you as a payment for all the sin serving folks seem committed to doing.  truly the wages of sin is death, as it is written.

if you go through the blog...He has had me show how to confess one's sins.  it is so freeing...  ask for forgiveness and turn from sin.  that is the purpose of His Law.  without it one would not even recognize sin.  we ALL must do this to have favor with Him according to His Law...we are to Obey His voice.   Obey His Law.  keep His charge.  keep His commandments.  keep His statutes.  the Chosen Mighty Ones, tribe of Yahudah, we are the givers of the Law.

ALL nations must come to us in order to be saved and learn how to live a life pleasing to Almighty Sovereign  Yahweh, creator of ALL and His Only Begotten Son, Yahushua Messiah.  ALL must confess these words with their mouths as it is written, to receive salvation.



John 3:16- For Almighty so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 


His Name is Yahushua Messiah.

if we continue to serve sin, there are no more sacrifices for our it is written in Hebrews 10:26.       

as it pertains to the big reveal that has happened in the last few years.  idolatry= bad.  this has caused a GREAT deal of problems. BO has a 'church' and so do others.  the country has been programmed to worship the image of the beast as g-d.  that is the name of BO's car even.  he has a head wound.  he is a wordsmith like no one's business.  came in on heels of peace, complete with nobel the way, the soul who the prize was named after was one violent son of a gun...while BO kills and kills.  look it up.  none of this is is ALL a bad wicked horror show.  folks fighting to maintain it are dupes or liars, sometimes both.  BO worshipers to the end won't fare well...

such is true for ALL idol worshippers...ANYTHING before or outside of Him is not permissible by His Law.  American Idol, the Voice,  etc.  these shows are pedophile central mk training grounds.  get familiar by going here:

btw...the writer of the Creole guy and Hollywood Illuminati blog appear to hate bw with a passion if they don't look white-like.  he is on the wrong team it appears.  i pray he has an ear to hear Almighty's Word and turn his heart to Him.  he writes another political blog as well.  his views are inverted...or he is afraid and needs to turn his heart to Him.  i pray he does soon.  this gentleman's information affords one a better idea of the inner workings...

all roads should lead one back to Scriptures/His Law however.  we are to live by every Word that proceeds from His Mouth.  His Word is TRULY our daily bread.  i believe i have already posted on how to remove the leavening.  focusing on Him will give one Peace.  i am a living witness.

it is tempting to research the occult more than read the Word.  please don't make that mistake.  if you are not prayed up with much Word in you to try the WILL be deceived + programmed.  this is NOT an own strength type of party folks.  this IS spiritual battle and things are very REAL.  bring your Sword, prepared with the message of it is written.

i find it exciting to hold my Father's hand while He has little 'ole me from TN run spiritual circles around and sometimes slay demons with His Powerful Word/Sword.  LOL.  folks had best Believe and Obey ONLY Him.  there are ONLY two choices.   Him or the beast government...which all around the world has stockpiled ammunition that they swear will not be used on citizens.  we know politicians don't lie, right?  yet...folks want to believe them over Him.

the blog below is written by a lady...she is uncovering much information and sharing it.  she was the one that helped me better understand the wicked angels that have been released to the earth as punishment.  there are deep underground bases as well...when at the appointed time folks that worship everything but Him will have an opportunity to get well acquainted with the zombies from there.  all bad folks.  choose Him because you love Him because He loved you first.   come in from the soon to be even more turned up chaos...



1 John 4:18-19

18  There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear:  because fear hath torment.  He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

19 We love Him, because He first loved us.


IF folks insist on idolatry and following won't work out so well.  i am told Tiger Woods has a church as well.
for me, i have had enough and only want to know Him.  i urge ALL to make that decision for themselves.  He is SO wonderfully kind, loving, merciful and SO many other things too plenteous to list here.  (keeping things as brief as possible;)  

mlk was the first anti messiah + an illuminati puppet.  He stood up and spoke Truth however.  THAT'S what got Him killed.

don't take my word for it...listen to him:

he knew dying would be necessary as evidenced here:

recall Malcolm X told us that Dr. King was a puppet? he also said bw needed to be treated better in order for the nation to rise.  both very wise true observations.

when i found out that MLK's name was not really even Martin, but Michael; it started to really sink in that NOTHING has checked out or is real.  it is all cometragedy theater.  nevertheless, it saddens me to report that he was an illuminati puppet.  notice his pyramid hands:

MLK was the 1st false messiah, illuminati controlled puppet that we could expect according to his credit, at least he was from the south.  lol.

mk survivors often refer to their altered/programmed state as a 'dream'...get familiar here, as a place to start:

now this one right here- Mr. War...that's a take two on false messiahs.  not sure where he is from...folks are NOT telling despite Mr. War's 'promise' to be transparent.

i truly pray that both BO and Flotus turn their hearts to Almighty and are saved.  that is my heart felt sincere prayer for anyone that does not know Him right now.  i pray folks will do this right away.

side note- why are the devils always so cute to me?  BO is devilishly cute...literally.  THAT'S also how i knew i should not pay attention to what he says too closely.  cute devils+ lies= almost certainty, a great percentage of the time.  don't follow men.  lol!   and when BO opens his mouth...those lies fly out like no one's business.  he just smiles through all the overwhelming supporting evidence of his lies.  LOL.  folks are still sold though...will get mad and call you names if you point out said evidence.  try to intimidate and threaten you.  folks best wake up soon...BO is not decrying war...he is waging them.  with no end in sight...folks can dream he is like mlk if they would like.  outside of the mk aspect...i don't see much that would support folks believing such fantastic crazy talk...YET folks want to say i AM crazy?   nope.  the devil lies all day long.  i don't buy lies anymore since i hold His Hand and He gives me His Words.  allows me to better Understand.  Almighty gave me real eyes to realize real lies.  halleluYah! He will give them to you too...just ask Him to come into your life.  confess His Son, Yahushua Messiah, and see how your life changes.

He will give His Understanding to ALL that seek His Face.

i love Him so much.


now... the speech folks have been harping on...this little ditty right here:

Don't let anybody make you think that g-d chose America as his divine, messianic force to be policemen of the whole world.  g-d has a way of standing before the nations with judgment, and it seems I can hear g-d saying to America, you're too arrogant!  And if you don't change our way, I'll rise up and break the backbone of your power and I'll place it in the hands of a nation that doesn't even know my name.  Be still and know that I am g-d.  -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

 recall my saying that the enemy's flow must look like Most High's?

Deuteronomy 28:63-64 is the closest to the speech above.  however MLK took the Chosen Mighty Ones of the Law and inserted a foreign nation (israhell, no doubt)...that most definitely does NOT know His Mighty Name nor His Laws...clearly.  it is US-Black Americans/Hebrews- that ALL nations WORLD WIDE must come to in order to receive His Law.  it is US that must be still (observe Sabbath and His Laws) and know He is Almighty.  then we must forgive ALL other nations, love them, and welcome them so that we can live as Yahushua Messiah demonstrated and told us we must do.  Love is the greatest commandment...we are called to love even our enemies...once they come in Spirit and in Truth. 

if the doctrine you practice does not look like what i just is FALSE DOCTRINE.

how UTTERLY offensive to claim to be Yahudah+Yahuthim...then murder your racist, wicked selves across the Promised Land, like no one reads and recognizes the behavior for what it is.   plus folks don't know Law...Yahuthim are not to make folks feel unwelcome much less slaughter them.

these gentlemen do an excellent job of giving secular information:

i linked Paul Eisen already.  believe or not, David Duke is telling some truth as well.  all of these men don't quite seem comfortable with relinquishing their white privilege just yet.  may they come to a place of Truth soon and relinquish their Psalm 83 status.
recently, i have even had an Israeli inform me that the land is tainted since BO stepped foot on the soil.  with the quickness, i told this person that the land had been perverted in 1948 when the 13th tribe occupied the Set Apart lands...the 13th tribe is the Zhazars/Ashkenazi/Europeans who call themselves Jews but are not.  as it is written in Revelation 2:9 and Revelation 3:9...who are more closely related to Atila the Hun than anyone in Canaan.  clearly they don't know nor practice the least those that run their racist beast government...which now runs the U.S. government...though folks are afraid to say it in large numbers.

are those that call themselves Jews, poor?  been enslaved for 400 hundred years in this land?  suffering any of the curses for disobedience in Deuteronomy 28 and Leviticus 26?  having their prophets killed time and again?

they ARE is not for being Jews is for their behavior and their service to their true the practice of usury.  

good decent Jews that practice Torah, will be scapegoated for the deeds of a few...unless more tell the Truth.  just as all that will not worship Him in Spirit and Truth will have very hard days it is written.



Revelation 2:9- I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

Revelation 3:9- Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie:  behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.


an Israeli told me Ashkenazis are the 'elite'.  with the quickness, i, pointed out the white supremacy ALL over that statement.   i have to laugh at the absurdity.  yet folks are trying to say i am 'crazy' for calling the Truth.  all of this madness is designed to have the fallen one's false kingdom manifested on earth, which would destroy mankind.  THEY LOSE.  Almighty will NOT be mocked.  through the Chosen Mighty One's disobedience to His Law...He allowed for ALL to be saved.

salvation is for everyone that will humble themselves and Obey His Word.  Love and trust Him.  Love one another.  wash your hands before you eat;)  THAT last little bit cracks me up.  washing hands is the popular reason for why folks find it difficult to follow Almighty.

as it relates to 'be still and know that I am g-d.'

now that is a bit of Law.

Psalm 46: 10-11

10 Be still and know that I am Yahweh.  i will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

11 The Sovereign of hosts is with us; the Almighty of Yacob is our refuge. Selah


one would be hard pressed to claim that the Law is advocating against itself.



KJV Genesis 15: 13-14:

13 And He said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years.

14  And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge:  and afterward they shall come out with great substance.

see it also confirmed in His Law here:

KJV Acts 7:6-7

6 And Almighty Yahweh spake on this wise, That His seed should sojourn in a strange land; and that they should bring them into bondage, and entreat them evil four hundred years.

7  And the nation to whom they shall be in bondage will I judge, said Almighty Yahweh:  and after that shall they come forth, and serve me in this place.


i AM His Mouth of the Southern Kingdom of the Yahuthim, tribe of Yahudah, from which the sceptre will never depart.

i AM His queen of the to give His Law to which ALL must BOW DOWN and OBEY...that they might be we head on into...i AM UNIVERSAL...


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