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there are three (3) associations or meanings of appears.   they are as follows:

1)   Connection of children of Yahuthim to the Set Apart Land as well as with the biblical commandments that are required to be performed to be there.

2)  Search of a community tied together by a common religious and cultural heritage; for a homeland free of persecution.

3)  Specific political and strategic policy decisions of various administrations of the 1948 state of Israel, which are often anti-religious.

Definition- A world wide (1895-1900) Jewish movement that resulted in the establishment and development of the 1948 state of Israel.


Incidently, Black Zionists helped establish an independent Liberia in 1847 many years before the emergence of modern Jewish Zionism.

Jewish folk have canonized no new prophet in quite the while.  They shudder at the memory of their false messiahs, and look with both longing and horror upon the last generation's procession of Black prophets:  Malcolm X, Medgar Edgars, and many others.

Depending on one's prediction of the outcome, Blacks and the Jewish are either intimate enemies or quarrelsome cousins.


the above information was gathered while is from other sources outside of my head;)  i would give credit...i just don't recall where i read the information.

i have to say...the information definitely causes one to pause and re-examine official stories.  then there is this:

khazar jews converted in the 7th century.  ashkenazi are not biblical Yahuthim.  according to Jewish Encyclopedia, 96% of all Jews known today are descendants of Khazar tribes of Russia, eastern Europe, and western Mongolia.

1980 Jewish Almanac, page 3- it is incorrect to call ancient Yahuthim a Jew or to call a contemporary Jew a Yahuthim or a Hebrew.

Encyclopedia Americana 1985- the Askenazim are the Jews whose ancestors lived in German was among Ashkenazi Jews that the idea of political zionism emerged, leading ultimately to the establishment of the 1948 state of Israel.

khazars are a non semitic asiatic mongolian tribal nation who emigrated into eastern europe about 1st century, who were converted as an entire nation to Judaism in the 7th century by the expanding Russian nation which absorbed the entire khazar population, and who account for the presence in eastern Europe. -the Jewish Encyclopedia

some more helpful information as a place to start.  see if what is written below syncs with Scriptures/Law:

ps.  the dragon in Scriptures= the government;)

KJV Genesis 15: 13-14 and KJV Acts 7:6-7 

to see the Chosen Mighty Ones described.

KJV Luke 21:24
KJV Matthew 24:16-22
KJV Daniel 9:27 
KJV Obadiah

to better explain where we are now...while folks look to the Gentiles to Light to His Way to Him.  truly His people perish for lack of knowledge.

i should say from last post...i have no problem with the 13th tribe...there just needs to be a desire on their part to worship Him in Spirit and Truth.  stop making up racist oral traditions designed to kick other folk out of the human circle.    please.  thank you.

Almighty did not make any unimportant people.  those intent on hating, raping, stealing resources and killing...will be plucked from the earth by Almighty, as it is written.

i AM called to give His Law...

as He guides us into...


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