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the kinsey syndrome + fall out

folks have been trained to not read the book...but watch the movie.  so below i am posting a movie for your Sabbath viewing pleasure. 

much of what folks are running around swearing by just not based on truth.  folks swearing they are 'intellectual' that won't even address the information raised by subsequent qualified, well credentialed researchers on human sexual behavior...out themselves as the promoters of an agenda...where it does not matter who has to to be villified...that agenda will move forward. 

folks had best believe i don't intend to cooperate with any agenda that negatively impacts my well being and the well being of those i love+ humanity.

recently i had this experience with a gay bm that i have read and communicated with off and on for years. 

i am not sure what gay day complete with parade he was celebrating...however, in my world, folks don't 'let' me say or do anything.  special gay protected, new normal status changes this Truth...not

this person barged into a conversation with that stank, 'i am not going to let you tell me being homo is a sin.' and proceeded to just lie and lie on me to support his belief that hets and homos can't be friends...unless hets pretend homosexuality is sanctioned by all faiths. 

first of all...when you came into the convo you expressed that someone had already told you homosexuality was a sin according to Scriptures.  why would i need to repeat this Truth?  

secondly, unless you are prepared to point to 'homophobic' incidents where i have perpetrated discrimination, violence or even advocated violence or mistreatment of homos...i am prepared to write each frothy mouth, lying, slandering, delusional, angry no amount of corrupt man legislation changes Universal Law, gays+ lesbians...right the hell off.

so that you are clear:  this 'homophobic' term is getting to be invalid for me.  folks are not afraid of homos, while homos run through slapping this label on everybody.  hets just are not pretending the only pedophiles are hets like rabid, dishonest, slur hurling gay folks are.  folks are not so much afraid as they are just watching closely interactions with their children...from watching closely one can't help but notice gay pedos love classrooms and churches.   

you flawed thinking, agenda'd bishes are going right on over into the IGNORE file with the delusional bm+bw that want to talk about all the good bfolks only...when one addresses the hoards of bfolks on a refuse to act right tour that is detrimental to the Black collective.

interestingly enough...the gay bm that came at me claws out...can see with ease ignorant negro males.  the 'intellectual' lesbian that wants to discuss flowers, reptiles, and other creepy crawly things when folks are discussing human sexuality-she, too, can see clearly when it comes to don't act right males and especially hets.  when it is time for her to acknowledge the legion of homo pedos, zoo lovers, etc that are clearly attaching themselves to the 'gay rights' agenda...she can't see much less speak on it. 

not only that she forgets what the words 'lie' + 'slander' mean despite being 'intellectual'...then proceeds to hurl those terms in my direction.  keep pretending it is just nambla if you want to...Kinsey, himself, has made no age limit, not a lowered age of consent- no age limit! his objective at the start of his 'scientific studies'...keep playing that nambla strategic pr piece if folks are just committed to devilry+ lies.  i don't suffer from such afflictions.  don't take my word for it...research and READ...bold devils write their devilry down!  thinking they will hide it...and they do because ninjas don't read. 

here's a Truth folks can invest ALL their mammon wisely on the strength of:


i care for the Truth. 

telling the Truth does not mean i support those that would murder, rape and oppress homosexuals.  if folks are too whatever to get that...their personal problem+ not my business.

at the same time...i intend to allow no one to silence or 'let' me speak as they deem appropriate.  that  includes the government with all their silencing laws and most definitely newly 'normal' homosexuals. threw the i am 'gay curious' slur out there in your frothy, frantic, link posting, issue side- stepping fury...

since you brought it up- here is my Truth- there is nothing happening among gay men nor women that would be of interest to me.  i am not only not curious, i am most uninterested.  what gay folks do in their bedrooms is their business.  acting like your sexuality (who you do) is you is brand new pc garbage and i reserve the right not to participate in said foolishness.    gay folks would do well to consider that some folks really don't  care about who you sex.   everyone telling you this is not lying.  who you sex is not who you are.  newsflash:  folks are flip flopping around.  with a man today...with a woman next year...i.don't care.  what other folks do is between them and the Almighty of their understanding.  

the notion that i have to love your homo sexual practices, in order to love you, resonates as evidence of mental illness.  i don't love some het sexual practices...on what planet would i burden myself with trying to love something that is a quite foreign concept (lesbians) and has nothing to do with my world(gay men)?  when folks keep trying to shove this ish in my face...when i reject it as the pc/behavior modification nonsense it is...homos start with the 'homophobic' crap.

from the thoughts relating to this perverse oppressive agenda...

take your need to try to force me to accept what i consider perversion into my life, your brazened  'let me speak', your defeated efforts to berate/ lie on me into submission with the gay agenda, and go on back over the rainbow.   stat.

if my refusal to walk lock step with something that has a much bigger agenda attached to it means we can't be friends...sobeit. 

just as i called BO back in the day...i am calling this, too.  got called every name in the book for refusing to quaff the idolize blackish man BO-aid.  likewise, there is an agenda attached to the gay agenda that has nothing to do with folks suddenly loving gay folks.  gay folks are not new...they have existed throughout time.  i don't pretend to know if folks are born that way or the product of their environments.  if i had time to ponder that question...i would start with hets since that is what i am.  at no time should gays be hunted, raped, killed, oppressed or any of the other civil rights violations with which they struggle daily. 

my suggestion that folks pan out and look at the big picture does not equal 'homophobe' nor hater.  it is interesting that the same ones that come with the 'g-d is love' message can only find love for folks that agree to disregard Universal Law, common sense, wisdom, etc. and embrace without question the gay agenda...brought to us by the same folks that engineered hiv to exterminate gay folks and other 'undesirables.'  short memory much, gay folks?

additionally AB, i don't need to read studies on twins.  i personally know identical twins.  famous ones no less.  one het.  one gay.  i was closer to the het twin.  despite your slander and bold faced lies...believe this or not...i AM the one that stressed to the het twin the importance of just loving her sister.  her sister already knows what Scriptures say...she does not require a 'reminder' in every exchange.  unless her sis was bringing her lovers to her house to sex them all in her face- what's the problem?  then we dropped the subject and moved on... 

i am prepared to do the same with others that bring the topic to me.  what i will not do is tolerate disrespect.  if shutting down flagrant disrespect makes me a 'homophobe' folks can add that to the long list of other failed silencing tactics.

AB, IF you are interested to discuss human sexual behavior with me, you will need to stop side stepping the Kinsey report/studies...which is the basis for the 'sex education', laws, etc in America where you and i both live.  in fact, America is divided into pre and post Kinsey among 'intellectuals' for a reason...surely this is not a newsflash to you?

get familiar + clued up here...then come again, if you feel so inclined:

since it is apparently not common sense...AB, please don't come to my house with your disrespect of Scriptures. calling them 'bull' while you link+ promote every bull book and notion written by men and women that support what you want to do. 

do you run up on your 'friend' Muslims with the Quran is bull spiel? 

i am Hebrew as written in Scriptures...not 'Christian'.  i have explained this before...IF you have 'friends' that call themselves 'Christians' but allow you to disrespect the Scriptures...please know that is not how i flow.  there is NO 'friendship' on earth important enough to me to allow such disrespect.  this is true for even close blood relatives.

further, i submit to you that anyone coming that way...outs themselves as one that has zero interest in a true friendship with me.  take that g-dless, yet g-d is love foolishness back on over to the slave plantation.  i have said from jump...i AM not a slave.  i just talk to them from time to time hoping to help free their minds... 

please be advised, in my house...folks will respect Almighty.  those invited to my house need to understand..these are the rules of engagement.  as such...your disrespectful droppings at my house will be eliminated.  consider it housekeeping more than censorship...

IF i invited you to dinner in person...when it was time to bless the food or revere Him in any way... and you started your Scriptures is 'bull' spiel...your plate, fork, napkin, wine/water glass and all you touched would be swiftly doggy bagged+ you walked to the door+ invited out said door+ blessed with the hope of a safe trip back to where ever you and that disrespectful mess belongs.  giving you what you touched would be less wasteful than trashing it outside of my house.  in my house folks will respect Almighty or you are not welcome.  blame it on being gay if the Truth is just not in you.

know we head on into...


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