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on 2/18/14 @ 9:25am:

just want to say for the record...

if folk are phoning in their parenting, mailing checks, or the state is mailing checks for them + they only show up for the "big events", etc.

though the standards among sound asleep Blacks = nonexistent.  therefore you are labelled with the quickness as the "good" dad.  just as the non-imprisoned BM is automatically "good" + other random nuggets of solid proof the the Black collective is spiritually + mentally on a solid lock down.

here is what you need to know:

you are not parenting.

you are skating through the project, pretending + putting off all the heavy lifting for the woman dumb enough to birth your children.

i pray to see the day when baby daddies are held in the same disdain/contempt as their female counterparts.  because as it stands, those with multiple baby mamas- though one is plenty- ( which simply means the joker in front of you does not know when to get serious.  he is a basturd + clearly is committed to making mo'.  literally.)  will actually fix their mouths to give their little opinion about the condition of women.  these basturds + basturd makers (understanding men control marriage) won't let stuff like having a daughter interrupt their womanhood disrespect horror show.  all while pretending to be "good" because they write checks + call from time to time.

this post was written from a place of utter disgust.

after foolishly attempting to dialogue with a basturd + basturd maker from 20 years in the past.  ugh.

then having another basturd + basturd maker dare to try to judge me while pretending he hasn't been skating + surrounding himself with woMEN.  they are so man-like...he doesn't ever have to/ nor will he...bother to act like one.

despite having first hand solid knowledge that his brethren would keep him PLENTY busy, should he decide to go let all the yuck in mouth out in their direction...this lost soul keeps coming for me.



thank you.

know that it is Love that has me share with you this Truth:

men already have dominion.  there is no need to employ perverted means.

when you do this with me...

shutting you down in Him/His Word with full Power, in Messiah's Name = my duty. 

i AM too old- ancient, in fact + see too clearly, at this point.

though working on Patience, suffering fools gladly/wasting time is not on my To Do list.  

just as while reading about Chinese sexist demons drowning the daughters of their nation- while esteeming the mind went directly to, "who, will the sons marry?"

watched as others caught up to that logic, years later.

i see clearly where this will go as well for humanity.

destroy the women= it's a wrap on humanity. 

i AM without apology coming through to help His People/my people.  with a focus on BW/Bgs.  since our protectors are now, in staggering numbers- proud:



look around then lie about it, if the Truth is just not in ya.  wanna see hell on earth?  peek behind the "marriage" curtain.  married men have more girlfriends/boyfriends than the singles...just a plague fest all the way around.


any devil- white devils, black devils, any devil will need to know...

He/His Word gives me Messiah's full Power.

you would do well to consider this notice:


                            "we need to teach our daughters to distinguish between:

a man who flatters her and a man who compliments her,

a man who spends money on her and a man who invests in her,

a man who views her as property and a man who views her properly,

a man who lusts after her and a man who loves her,

a man who believes he's a gift to women and a man who believes she's a gift to him.

and then...

we need to teach our sons to be that kind of man."



Leviticus 19:29 - Do not prostitute thy daughter, to cause her to be a whore; lest the land fall to whoredom, and the land become full of wickedness.


long has the Black man in america boasted of "pimpin'" the daughters of his own nation.

long has the Black man in america held a code of silence re: all the license many Black men have given themselves as it relates to the daughters of the nation. 

such being the case...

i don't really address Black men on the topic, anymore, expecting much to change.

just recently had to  boldly re-cast + insert a man's mother + daughter in the place he had cast me...for a double portion of misogynistic hatred/dehumanization/degradation.  promptly i suggested he go talk all his yang to his mother + daughter...since he thought it made such great sense to talk the defeated mess to me.

when he took offense- as anticipated (lol!)...i suggested he knock it off with other folks' mothers + daughters as well.  haven't spoken with that clown since.  may silence be kept until he fixes his mouth + manners when addressing me.  i want to believe his mother taught him better.  though he freely concedes he has taught himself how to be a man. 

i AM too old- an ancient soul + the chronological put me well past 23- so not much that the average man is spouting out loud strikes me as genius.  like it did when i was 23.  i understand why old, crusty, foolish men prefer young women.  like those in the 50 + sniffing behind teens and early twenties women.  folk may keep pretending it is about procreating + building families if they just love lies.   the average man today is emotionally/mentally unfit to interact with grown women + most disinterested in building a family with anyone.  those of US that are perfectly in tune with our femininity...are not trying to be neutered in order to get along with the modern man offerings.

i AM too old to play for long with other folks' improperly trained/schooled sons.  particularly the Black ones that have that special familiar contempt that they can't wait to unleash on BW.  Black on Black violence is not something that only Black men must deal with on the daily.   i will not play according to rules designed to destroy me.  verbal sexual violence/assault appears to be the fave for these a minute from a boyfriend + a period, overly emotional, super sensitive, socially engineered creatures.
this exercise- where i flip the convo whenever a wretched lost soul says the usual vulgar words to trigger the Act Right ladyboy/manchild lesson- seems to be the only time the average Black man can get that much needed clue.


for whatever the reason...the vast majority of these jokers have decided that only their personal mother or daughter(s)- if that- are worthy of respect.  with everyone else, it is open season.  i prefer to avoid these effeminate jokers...but when they refuse to flee.   i confess blasting 'em 'causes me to lose no sleep.

as long as they back + shut up.  there will be no pretense of caring.   i feel like Malcolm any means necessary- works just fine for me.  there will be no disrespect silently accepted.  nope.  stopping you in your tracks = what time it is.  all day.

a few Black men have accused me of sharing "too white" knowledge.

so if there are Black men writing + singing songs these days, about saving, uplifting + treating the daughters of the Black nation  properly...drop me an email/link.  i would love to post it + will type out all lyrics.

someone else told me to be nicer to men.  i AM prepared to do that...when to do so does not clearly = fool.  many mistake kindness for weakness.  i AM soft by nature + look forward to being able to be in chill mode.  maybe men should be nicer to me?  lol!  i know. i know.  it is always my turn;)

since White men have generally had a better handle on how to treat their womenfolk...

seeing utter chaos unleashed in white folks' camp = sign of times that rape culture is about to get turned up a notch or many.

   when white womanhood starts taking this type of hit...


then check in on convos like this:

The manosphere is a network of bloggers who refuse to put women on a pedestal as the Illuminati order them to do.
They ask difficult questions  like, "If feminism is so concerned with inequality, why doesn't it get more women to die of workplace injuries?"
They "game" young women, which is like "The Rules" except this time it's men who play hard to get. - See more at:
this excerpt cracks me so called het menfolk go right ahead + decide they want to behave like...


+ homosexuals.

these men are merely practicing homo behavior with women, first.  with theme songs:

on to the next one...on to the next one...on to the next one.  

lol! + ;(   then back to lol!  the whole bit is a foolish souls' game.  then there are the plain devils...warned about in Proverbs.

"the manosphere is a network of bloggers who refuse to put women on a pedestal as the illuminati order them to do.

they ask difficult questions like, if feminism is so concerned with inequality, why doesn't it get more women to die of workplace injuries?

they "game" young women, which is like "the rules" except this time it's men who play hard to get."


then folk act all shocked + awed when fashion week men fashions point to this as the manhood end game:

                                            as with all things...

Black folks are much farther along.  the enemy really hates US.

it would be wise for all men to take a look at Black men's image + know...

that's what the rest of ya'll got to look forward to as well.                 

it might not be so wise to destroy your help menfolk...

which is what women are created to be.

i AM on my job...since morality is the work of women.  but please know that i have minimal patience for those that seek to treat womenfolk as mules.  beasts of burden. breeders only built for disrespect.   etc. etc.  etc. 

fyi:  no healthy woman wishes for a man to worship them + feminism has resulted in double curses for womanhood of all colors.  many women are eating by the sweat of their brow.  providing for their families + playing submissive roles to menfolk that are not even trying to play traditional men roles.

as it relates to the pics...wonder why a man's mouth would need to opened like that?  hmmm...

anybody else notice menfolk are cross dressing like it is the new normal?
       i tend to agree when Makow says:

" sex belongs in the context of courtship, love, and marriage.  "gaming" women---f**king and dumping- is sick and exploitative.  the manosphere attracts many men with a chip on their shoulder which prevents them from forming a healthy relationship with women still in touch with their feminine instincts.  these bloggers seem woefully ignorant of the illuminati conspiracy and don't understand that feminism is elite social engineering designed to neuter heterosexuals and spread homosexuality."



when the damage happens to the daughters...

no one cares.  

quite a few menfolk seem to believe there are so many women +  many of US are disposable.  

quite a few modern menfolk seem to be addicted to porn + hate women/girls.  those of US that know what we are looking for/at see the signs daily.

quite a few menfolk name call the women in crisis trying desperately to figure things out.  solo oftentimes with no family support.  the baby daddies of the world dog out women the hardest.    name call in between exploiting as many said women/girls as possible.  will really fix their mouths to slam womenfolk when they have personally abandoned children.  i really don't care about these useless jokers' little sensitive feelings either.  they need to get as strong as they expect their abandoned children to be.  stat.

"slut" is a fave name to call, i notice among WM.  BM have created a cottage industry out of coming up with new hateful names +  slurs to call the abandoned in large numbers daughters of the Black nation.   what a disgrace these clowns humanity + manhood.

confession:  there is a spirit that causes me to snicker at  the clear end game quite a few menfolk have not seemed to glean.  man worship, of the spiritual variety, is not really going to work out so well for het men...


nevertheless,  i try not to indulge said snickering spirit too long.  i AM for justice + humanity;)  this is why i Stand Strong + Speak.   this is my soul/sole motivation.




if folk are not applying a spiritual aspect to all of this...
there is nothing i can say at this point to help folk.

lastly, i want to just throw out there my thoughts on a topic...that was raised earlier in the week.  

done so as a defeated means to threaten, silence, dehumanize + degrade me.

the first i ever learned of the "practice" was when reading about this madness:

those menfolk that think it advisable to sit by idly while folk come for their daughters with this madness...really will have waited too late by the time they see what the enemy to our souls has planned for the sons of all nations.

i must confess:

there goes the strong desire for me to let out wicked snickers, again.  since quite a few menfolk just refuse to do unto others...the devil is sneaking right on in the back door.


but that ain't Right;)

so i suggest that folk take a look at how they feel entitled to treat the daughters of all nations.  while het folk Love to bash/judge the gays, they may want to read what Scriptures says about sinful menfolk during the end times.  all the homo activity is not in reference to homosexual folk. 

i pray folk get familiar, then act like they know what is sown shall be reaped, as it is written.  

may more get with this program as we head on into...


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focusedpurpose said...

"i AM without apology coming through to help His People/my people. with a focus on BW/Bgs. since our protectors are now, in staggering numbers- proud:




to those that can't wait to point out the obvious that it is BW raising all of the above.


welcome to the land of obvious.

if you will look to the left/right/center/above + below...

you will see that it is STILL to the shame of BM that women are attempting to do solo- what Almighty did NOT intend that we should.

be clear, we BW have our share of shame to be sure.

let US consider though, that women are not able to prevent a man bent on adultery from his way. despite her best efforts. yet, suddenly women are able to make men stop something?

why are the courts not flooded with men seeking their children?

why do men that know they detest abortion...insist on or induce them personally? while folks play the shush game on this Truth.

interesting that homos, peds, furry friend lovers all got special protection. i checked out when it did not extend to pregnant women;(

why do catholics focus on abortion while steadfastly ignoring child rape? last i checked, the catholic church was not run by women...

the list could go on for quite the while.

folk will write daily about the litany of wm that are hellbent on the demise of humanity, freedom, Truth, worship of Almighty, etc. yet will bristle at womenfolk for responding to what is.


at the end of the day...all is written from a place of:

1) Obedience- according to my Understanding as Almighty Himself has seen fit to give to me.

it is my fervent prayer that as i with fear and trembling, work to handle His/my biz; any thing that is not pleasing to Him/His Word, i pray in Messiah's Name He will take from me.

honestly, i am sure there is plenty. is my heart's desire to be where He wants me to be. saying/doing what His Word says.

my wrath/fire side causes me to stumble.




+ apologize a LOT.


sometimes i ask why folk can't just stop talking recklessly + needlessly provocative?

like they come intent fully to bring noise.

a test.

gotta get THERE.

folks call me a tortoise, slow, etc.


amein. slow me down might be what it is all about, afterall.

or i might need to push even harder? speed it up?

not sure.

be anxious for nothing hits my spirit though;)


now, whenever i leave a comment to further my thoughts- i think of AB. i pray she is well. may her whole house be Blessed + well.

that's the Blessing for all souls who have crossed my path.

what is pointed out here is from a place of Love. it is my prayer that we will all seek His Face...

Him/His Word.

while the getting is still Good;)

as my Mother would say, back in the day.