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making it plain...

    i Love Malcolm X.  this is easily my favorite pic of him.

is it bad/wrong that i find him...



him + a young waaay back in the day Miles Davis.



i'm back.  don't judge me;)

the quote resonates with me as well in the fabulous Malcolm X pic above.

as does the quote below, also attributed to Malcolm X:

"I'm for Truth, no matter who tells it.  I'm for justice, no matter who it's for or against."

i believe him.  there is nothing in his behavior that indicates otherwise.

please know those are my sentiments exactly.   as long as folk are on the Right side of Truth...i AM right there with them.  i will have their backs. 

anything outside of that= nothing. 

which is precisely what i got for the do what they will folk.  at this point, i don't even like keeping company with 'em too much.  doing whatever is clever usually tries to find its way to my front door at some point or another.  it's the problem with kicking it with devils.  socialize too long- if they need a sacrifice.  you got next;(  

i Love Malcolm X.

+ thank him.

there is no way to express how he and so many others encourage me.


i feel the energy + presence of my ancestors.

it tickles me to no end to have bold whipcracka 'ole timers call me an "uppity colored gal" in the last two years;)

i feel i owe it to my ancestors to not pretend like it's all Good.  folk chillin' like we have overcome.

it's not all Good + we have not overcome.

faaaar from it, in fact.

so while all gets turned inside out.

wrong becomes right.

right becomes wrong.

men become women.

women become men.

all become "fluid".

genders disappear altogether...

babies are raised with alternative ideas about everything if anything.

how many genders did folk just come up with in their "think tanks"?

then this manufactured info is released to the lost, sound asleep, hard programmed sheep...packaged as brand new highly educated info.

so these lap it up sheep now think... that they think... this madness.

brand newness for all the new age new brands.

so only seems fitting to flip the script(s).

i AM a woman.

in fact, Prince, if he still calls himself that these days- wrote a song 'bout women like me.  lol.  i will leave it there...folks may imagine whatever they like;)

nevertheless, folk accuse me of being a man or even a lesbian.  lol.  if i were, do folk really think i would hide it?  lol!

probably because they feel my decidedly turned up, taking inspiration from the greats of old.  going back, pulling strength from men + women.  to move forward powerfully...into the future.

this is a humanity project, that requires balance.

why would i not draw from all power?

the men + womenfolk = war nonsense.  this is only negatively impacting balance + divine order.  a lethal threat to humanity as a whole.  in the battle of the sexes, humanity loses.

Yah created men + women to work together.  which makes US unstoppable.


i AM too soft of my own nature alone.  soft.  shy.  quick to cry.  from happiness, anger, sadness or even excited joy.  this is why i look to my fathers from days of old.  Abraham.  King David.  Malcolm X.

without shame, i confess it is the Strength of  Almighty Himself and men like the ones just named that help me to Stand. Strong.

so to say that i AM coming through on an Abraham flow...ripping down all idols, should not leave any confusion.

there is a BW/no idols post in my craw, that i AM praying to flesh out soon.  pray for me...

you know, folk are either being evil or they are taking my Abraham flow all wrong, when they make the accusations about who i AM.


maybe, i should not assume that folk are praying + watching this play out + looking at it from a perspective similar to mine?  like lining things up with Him/His Word at all it is written.

maybe, i should not assume that folk are just dismissing how completely effeminate menfolk are becoming?  like menfolk that claim het status.  not to single out one flavor of manfolk humanity either.  the wickedness is impacting all flavors.

though the wicked ptb (powers that be.  those spiritually wicked in high places we war against, as written.) like to single out our sons to put in wigs, red lipstick + dresses.  to demean, degrade, and de-woman BW.  while simultaneously effeminizing BM.

to be honest, i have to look at it like it is our sons, to truly care.  BM have behaved so treacherously with Yah + BW.  i won't pretend to be motivated, by even the few good BM at this point.  if folk can look at the abandoned, unprotected women/girls + say save yourselves.  then that is my position with the menfolk- unless you are in my corner acting like you know you are a man.   and you really don't have to be Black to have my back or for me to have yours.  it's about the Spirit + Truth.  that's where i have always been on the topic.  though only recently have i been able to express things this way.

women are not the protectors of men.  nor are we to provide for menfolk, problem solve + produce for ya either.

there is a double push to invert the roles of men/women among Blacks.  it appears quite a few males love the concept of all of this role reversal.  yet, demand to be treated as men.  it is baffling + annoying really.  this is why i try not to focus too hard on any of it.  

Yah knows even our sons are on the last nerve, for me, at this point in the game.

but i Love them anyways.

i Love Black People + humanity in general.  i get on my own nerves with my human flaws.  it is all apart of the human condition.

btw, our sons = our daughters as well when i say it.  they are all our children.

our promise.

our future.

all very important + needing of our protection, cooperation, support and provision.

it seems most women get this.  it is the menfolk that appear content to let the daughters come to whatever end they come to.  fend for themselves + hold them to a higher standard than most will apply to themselves or other grown men.  while they reserve the right to break as many girls and young women as possible.  often times starting with the womenfolk in their own families.  let's get real already.  though i AM not waiting for it to be general consensus to do so.

this is why i Love Malcolm X.  he was not afraid to call it. 

i will get back on track with this post.  lol!  promise.  i realize i went on a tangent.  which i will conclude by simply saying, all hues are being genetically modified...if you will.  menfolk are being programmed to be deeeeply in touch with their feminine sides + will tell you out loud almost immediately.  while womenfolk are being programmed to compete with men at work + act like men the rest of the their detriment.  this all to the very extreme at this point.

why do folk think we are being sprayed like bugs on the regular? 

stop chasing mammon long enough to look up.

i know.

i know.  

conspiracy theories.

conspiracy theorist.

aka "crazy"...

+ some mo' with a biiiig dollop of hatred on it.  topped with some sexual violence references.  'cause you know if BW call rapey anything...

we be lyin'.


always + forever.

despite all the raping that's surely been going on.  whole new races created and all.  though it is written that we Hebrews would come back quite mixed.  so it is all Good. 

let folk that refuse to meet the Truth -ever- tell it anyways.  we BW/BGs are lying + UNrape-able.   

they are not even trying to run into a chance encounter with the Truth.

willful ignorance.

these jokers practice Truth avoidance with a vengeance .  


ok...back to Malcolm X.  who is still on my mind after earlier in the week convos.  where the sexual deviants wanted to focus on his sex life. 

the BM that won't acknowledge + speak Truth, ever-so busy are they worshiping themselves + other bm.  to this day, refuse to apply Malcolm X's teachings...while worshiping him.


posted this elsewhere recently.  thought i would revisit it here, since Malcolm X is on my mind. 

for those that don't do Scriptures...

how do they reconcile all the other nonsensical things they rationalize in their highly "educated" state?

how are they so committed to being helpless + hopeless?

when even those that are supposed to be bright scholars, according to man, have already told folk:

"everything is energy and that's all there is to it.  match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  it can be no other way.  this is not philosophy.  this is physics.  - Albert Einstein
how do folk discuss "politics"...while leaving out the political publication, written by kings for the benefit of kings?

that book aka the:



how do folk do it?

then wonder why their efforts come to naught?

year after year?

century after century?

probably because i never really paid attention to spiritual matters; before He started tapping me on the shoulder all super gots my attention right now! style...


if it's ever happened to ya, then you know what i mean;)

but revisiting the Malcolm X post years later with a different set of eyes + ears, reveals so much.

menfolk have been attempting to own strength this spiritual battle.

like the tribe of Yahudah...



have we not had enough?  aren't we ready to go:


gotta take it back to Malcolm X and other like spirited souls...

otherwise i get sad.

like Father please don't leave US here to suffer.  hear my cry out for Your People.  if you will scan seeking just one that will stand that you might save your people... Father help me to Stand.  Strong.  i will stand and call out to you in faith.  yes...folk look at me strange.  i don't care.  lol.  i hate the conditions of Your People and the nonstop human suffering more than i care for what others think.  

our enemy wants US to cry out to them to save US.  i read where they wrote down that they will try to make US cry out to them.

i refuse.

forever + always.

i cry out to You.  asking in keeping with Your Word...that you awaken your People in a Mighty Way, in the Mighty Name of Yahushua Messiah.  that you will have mercy on Your People.  Galatians 3:28-29 style.  all those that are not quite in that number, yet...

compel them Father.

awaken more of your kings that they will Stand Strong + make it plain, like this king:

with a whole lot of this:

in greater depth written here:


just want to say for the record:

i saw how his name was slandered early on.

how folk so readily wrote him off as a disgrace.  a punk.  + some mo' ugly names.

i saw how he was murdered.   .

in plain sight...while few took notice.

they are content to worship his grandfather, though.


idolatry.  Yahudah's stumblingblock throughout history.

Heavenly Father, i pray you make it plain to folk.  that they will make their position plain.  as we head on into...



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