Sunday, February 9, 2014

the lights will go out...

or...should i say...the stars shall withdraw their shining?

this is the follow up post to let us pray for not ridicule them, as promised:

at the time that i posted the above- i was not sure how to proceed.

those closest to me...indicated that i needed to keep silence.

Almighty told me to keep quiet about certain things, as well.  not for the reason that the people around me appear to be thinking, though.

+ feedback indicates that i come off as "judgmental"...

it is my prayer, in Messiah's Name, to never be judgmental sounding.  or to sound as if i have hatred in my heart.

but then can i be responsible for what other folk want/are programmed to believe?

in a world that is insistent:

right is wrong.
wrong is right.

seems there is no making sense of that type of chaos + confusion.  seems being bogged down with chaos + confusion = foolish.   

i started to go in a totally different direction with the follow up post.  instead...while walking + seeking clarity; sorting my thoughts if you will.  i looked up and saw this billboard:    didn't even notice at the time that the billboard is for a tv show.  noticed immediately the caution to not judge.

coupled with the fact of my expressed intent in an earlier post.  + i had already posted this:

+ this pic, that means more when folk Understand:

call me whatever you must...

that you might be able to process what i AM saying...

it just seems life is a circle...with all things being related.

all signs indicate full circle is not far off.  those not familiar with the signs + symbols may go here:

understand that man thinks their signs and symbols rule.  even the wisest man's knowledge is but an eye dropper of knowledge compared to Almighty's Infinite ocean of Wisdom by comparison. 

Almighty Yahweh and Messiah Yahushua reign above ALL signs, symbols + creations.  so folk would do well to discern the lies from the Truth.  He/His Word speaks of the signs and wonders with which His People are to concern ourselves.  all of those point to end time/end game rapidly approaching.



Luke 21:20 - And when ye shall see Yerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.


does that ring a bell for anyone else?

i call it out, not for judgement/al reasons.


it is truly the path of least resistance- for a short time in the big picture- to ssshhh! this on out.


but for those of US- Called + Chosen for His Purpose, there's this Watch assignment thingy that must be factored in, no matter what:


Ezekial 33: 3-8, 11-12 

3   If when he seeth the sword come upon the land, he blow the trumpet, and warn the people;

4   Then whosoever heareth the sound of the trumpet, and taketh not warning; if the sword come, and take him away, his blood shall be upon his own head.

5   He heard the sound of the trumpet, and took not warning; his blood shall be upon him.  But he that taketh warning shall deliver his soul.  

6   But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand.

7   So thou, O son of man, I have set thee a watchman unto the house of Yacob, therefore thou shalt hear the word at my mouth, and warn them from me.

8   When I say unto the wicked, O wicked man, thou shalt surely die; if thou dost not speak to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand.  

11  Say unto them, As I live, saith the Sovereign Almighty, I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked; but that the wicked turn from his way and live:  turn ye, turn ye from your evil ways; for why will ye die, O house of Yacob?

12 for the wickedness of the wicked, he shall not fall thereby in the day that he turneth from his wickedness.  


ok...i know folk are quick to call + color me "crazy".  

i get that.

what i don't get is why the above information resonates with folk as anything but Good News.


i mean, really, i enjoy a nice heads up + full disclosure type of flow...

the whole spoon-fed/need to know (translation: one never needs to know.  anything.   if the others could keep things successfully hidden, they would.)

that defeated nonsense just doesn't work for me.

i AM thankful to be with Almighty.  grateful for His Call.

so many things He reveals through His Word.

much of my recent experiences have already been outlined ahead of time.  so it actually makes me laugh + cry...

on many levels for a whole host of reasons.

mostly from joy, though;)

in the midst of it all, it is always my prayer that all of our families will be healed.  reconciled where there is a need.  this prayer is urgent in my soul, since my son was mentioned in a threatening way, recently.  Heavenly Father, i pray that none of yours be lost.  may all of US that know You now, Believe + Stand.   

Stand Strong...

may those that don't quite know You, just yet, be compelled to You.  compel them Father in a Mighty Way, in the Mighty Name of Yahushua Messiah, i pray.  thank you for mending fences during this time.  making it possible for me to dialogue with souls that i thought long lost to the past.  thank you Father.

it is my prayer to stand in the gap for those that may now find themselves in a place of rebellion.  unwittingly ensnared by the enemies to our souls.  cover them with a sample of no weapon formed against US will prosper.  lol.  i say sample, so they may get some 'til they wise up enough to truly seek to get some.  hear my prayer Father and be with US.  give US triple portions of discernment during these evil times that we might all keep our spiritual grass cut...

so we may clearly see the snakes.

then pray for them.

that they will turn and/or flee- before head crushing-in the Spirit, becomes the Heavenly mandate.

folk need to get real clear-

 i.AM.wide awake + fully aware, in Him/His Word.

there is a spiritual battle well underway.  a battle for souls.  that we were all born into, whether we know this or not. 

His are Called to be armored up + prepared with the message of Peace.  we are more than conquerors in Him/His Word.  +  that's what's written.

so why are folk riddle speaking/acting as if His are supposed to be little, squeaky-if that, silent is most preferred + at times a must , much manipulated mice?

oh, that's right...

the devil is a liar.

if folk will buy lies...satan + his messengers got some to sell ya.

please know:  depending on the day, we can all act as messengers of satan.  this is why we are called to die daily.   

since folk are deceived more than evil sometimes, it is best to lean on His Word/Him: 


1 Corinthians 4:5 - Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Sovereign come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts:  and then shall every man have praise of Almighty.


His yoke is easy.  His burden light.

He is not expecting me to judge folk.  like judge + mete punishment.

His expectation is that we will Love Him.  Obey Him.  walk and talk with Him/His Word.   give the Law to the best of our abilities.  feed His sheep.  dying daily to our flesh + own understanding leaning, rebellious ways.

He expects that we will discern Good + evil.

then choose Good. 

evil is to be rebuked, corrected, reproofed.   then either shake dust + peace out.  or the devil with no Act Right gets cast out.  that's what's written in Universal Law.  why folk playing? 

i know nothing of my own.  i have zero power of my own strength.  He/His Word is my Strength.  i am not ashamed of His Word/Him/my testimony.  i will confess Him/His Word + give Him honor before men.  it's all Good from there.  



Luke 21: 15-19 

15   For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.

16   And ye shall be betrayed both by parents, and brethren, and kinsfolks, and friends; and some of you shall they cause to be put to death.

17   And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake.

18  But there shall not an hair of your head perish.

19  In your patience possess ye your souls.


the accusations, lies, fiery darts,etc will come nonstop.  this is understood, because it is written.  the battle is ancient.  folk did this first to Messiah...our walk will match Messiah's.  that's all + it's an honor;) 

so bring it, if you've just nothing better to do.

you lose.

heads up.  sneak attacks are not permissible;)

know that it is written that all past transgressions are blotted out...the day one humbles themselves enough to repent, confess, + turn from them.

so who but the messengers of satan would come reminding, accusing, lying, hissing that i should hold silence?

who are really the judgmental ones?

hint:  they seek to be judged for nothing at no time...ever.  they will declare Almighty dead, accuse + lie on Him/His Word before they will humble themselves to Him/His Word.  they are quick to accuse + attack His People...while on a fast track to hell.  not even attempting to humble themselves much less Obey Him/His Word. 

yes, in Truth, when folk really take a look, these same ones are hecka judgmental + mean spirited- once folk cut through the heavily coated, syrupy, sticky, icky, causes all types of ills + kills... sugar.  sugar coated, devilish, pc nonsense.

these souls need to know that He/His Word quite clearly informs me that my virtue protects me.  following Him/His Word is my safe tower.  brutes that would disregard my will even got it coming according to what's written...but if you just gotta hurl a few accusations + attempt to degrade me, i understand.


demons on assignment.  truly doa on many levels;)

those that seek to intimidate, insult, silence etc. need to know, understand, trust + believe- i ain't got no worries.  if anything, i AM more concerned for the souls that may need to learn of Him/His Word-



in 1 out 7...   

at the end of the day, what folk believe is their personal business.  my call is not to convert folk, nor save souls.  no judgment...though we will reign + judge with Messiah.  that's what's written- whether folk read it, like it, believe it, or not.

free will.

for now, according to my Understanding, we are called to be on a Love + discernment mission.   

my Call is to Stand Strong + Speak when He tells me to feed His sheep...

i have already told folk: there will be no interference by me in other folks' personal business that is Truly between them/the Creator of their understanding.

by the same token, there will be no allowed interference in my personal relationship business with Almighty Yah, Sovereign Creator of all.

that to me seems just + a reasonable expectation. 

it is my hope that this assertion does not sound anything other than sincere.  because i promise is the Truth as i Understand it for now + my Truth at this leg of my journey;) 

the way i live my life is more one of- don't start none, won't be none.

live, let live.

yet, Love folk enough to tell them the Truth.  so at least they can't say no one ever told them.  that to me is being a friend.  who needs folks around that will see them going in the wrong direction without speaking on it?  refuses to answer questions?  speaks in mean riddles?  won't call things what they are, ever?  who wants to roll with folk that are too afraid to question those that would wrongfully attempt to exert authority they don't even have over US?  who wants to roll with the happy, quiet slave crew?   

Messiah did say  He did not come to bring Peace.  talked about that on the below post + gave the Law as well.  pardon the tone of the post.  i was fiYahed up at the time i sat to write.  lol.  each day brings greater growth in Him/His Word.

flaws and all, i AM committed to following Him/His Word + doing what He has Called me to do.  those flaws you see, i pray souls will pray for me.  that's why you see them.  even if you couldn't see them...know we not that we are called to confess our sins to one another + pray for each other?  so i ask for prayer in Messiah's Name.  as i continue to pray for all that seek to be who He Created US to be in Him/His Word.  may we all know  to seek Him/His Word.

you know, if i had to image my take on this journey, as i walk with Him/His Word.  while learning daily how better to be Patient.  Meek- among many other blessings- He seeks to freely bestow on US that Love Him.   this is what it would look like:


then duty calls, with an image more like this: 


Joel 2:1-2 

1   Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in my set apart mountain:  let all the inhabitants of the land tremble;  for the day of the Sovereign cometh, for it is nigh at hand;

2  A day of darkness and of gloominess, a day of clouds and of thick darkness, as the morning spread upon the mountains:  a great people and a strong; there hath not been ever the like, neither shall be any more after it, even to the years of many generations, 

Joel 2: 12-13, 21

12  Therefore also now, saith the Sovereign, turn ye even to me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning:

13  And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the Sovereign your Almighty:  for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil. 

21  Fear not, O land; be glad and rejoice:  for the Sovereign will do great things.




Joel 2:31-32 

31  The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the Sovereign come.

32  And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the Sovereign shall be delivered:  for in mount Zion and in Yerusalem shall be deliverance, as the Sovereign hath said, and in the remnant whom the Sovereign shall call.   

Joel 3:14-15 

14  Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision:  for the day of the Sovereign is near in the valley of decision.

15  The sun and the moon shall be darkened, and the stars shall withdraw their shining.



Joel 3: 19-21 

19  Egypt shall be a desolation, and Edom shall be a desolate wilderness, for the violence against the children of Yahudah, because they have shed innocent blood in their land.

20  But Yahudah shall dwell for ever, and Yerusalem from generation to generation.

21  For I will cleanse their blood that I have not cleansed:  for the Sovereign dwelleth in Zion.

Obadiah 1: 21 - And saviours shall come up on mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau; and the kingdom shall be the Sovereign's.  


it appears all soul fishers are saviours to some extent;)  what a Blessing!!! 

never forget this Good News is for all keeping with Him/His Word.



Galatians 3:28-29 

28   There is neither Hebrew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female:  for ye are all one in Messiah Yahushua.

29  And if ye be Messiah's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.


this is a battle...

folk won't change their minds- even as they demand i change my mind, tone, message, me, etc. 

someone even told me their daddy was dead.  double speaking all day...thought this person was a friend, too. you know, Truth be told, i don't even think this person/soul recognized how they were being used in that moment.  i don't know anything about other folk for sure these days. 

what i want is to believe + think the best of folk.  it is hard to believe that folk are just evil.

whatever the case, He/His Word, already warned me:



Ezekial 33: 31-33  

31  And they come unto thee as the people cometh, and they sit before thee as my people, and they hear thy words, but they will not do them:  for with their mouth they shew much love, but their heart goeth after their covetousness.

32  And, lo, thou art unto them as a very lovely song of one that hath a pleasant voice, and can play well on an instrument:  for they hear thy words, but they do them not.

33  And when this cometh to pass, (lo, it will come,) then shall they know that a prophet hath been among them.


we are in a definite place of go...for what you know. 

those Standing Strong with Him/His Word- i encourage you.

Stand Strong. 

those not yet down with Him/His Word...i pray you will get some Good News soon;) 

from my heart with all Love, as we head on into...


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