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hi Universe-

1st let me interrupt the scheduled post on forgiveness, that i started to write back on 2/7/14, to cross link to one of aangirfan's latest post.

i have been waiting to see when all that's buried starts to surface state side, as it relates to the so called "elite" baby rapers.

please keep in mind, those that i link to...i don't endorse their thoughts.  i read their sites to challenge my natural inclination to look at things a certain way.  they dig for information + present it.   we don't really agree on basic things, at times, such as the very existence of Almighty.  or the reality of Scriptures.  nevertheless, the information that is shared has enough truth at times...i can link to it.

aangirfan does not do Scriptures, it appears.  just from having followed the blog for awhile, i have reached this conclusion.  no judgment.  my observations.  there is also a bit of a homo nazi on the writing team, it appears.  you can tell when it is their turn to post.  the whole world turns gay + anybody that doesn't like it/agree is closeted + frightened of homosexuals.


don't know if it were the same soul or another like spirited one that did a hit piece on Dr. Judith Reisman that was just whoa! with the hatred... in an effort to legitimize the perved out insanity of kinsey...

to each their own.  i reserve the right to Speak.  just as i respect the rights of others to do the same.  it is not necessary that we should agree on each individual thought. 

that said, take a look at one of the latest aangirfan posts:

  why does this pic look so sinister to me?

add some of this, to make it a horror show for real: 

and because it is always a good time for the devil to maim, rape + murder US: 

might be due to reading Brice Taylor's thanks for the memories horror tales;(  it truly is the same 'ole usual suspects.

year after year.  then they die.  and their children keep the rebel devil horror show going.

dating back to nimrod...

it is wild.

this one right here:    just won't ever be looking at him the same way.  ever.

now all that used to resonate as harmless, now looks sinister.


no judgment.

just aghast, despite trying not to be.

+ i AM prayerful that he made the pertinent pivotal turn of heart prior to peacing out;)

for Real.

if none of this rings a bell for you, get familiar here, as a place to start:

the information is out there and is truly stranger than fiction.  especially when you consider the fact that folk can walk around all tightly programmed without even knowing it.  if one knows what to look can see the candidates clearly.

an excerpt from the above link:

"Taylor endured more intensive programming based on Wizard of Oz, Disneyland, and "The Parent Trap" twin-sister themes, as well as NASA-based advanced mind control techniques."

we have a former space kid for president for the Love of Yah!

yet when one points out all the clear connected dots...the sleeping ones seek to name call;(

hence this post.

so let me not get off track.  lol.  i AM working on my forgiveness, on many levels.

those that would harm the babies would do well to consider:



Luke 17: 2 - It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.


i pray that Almighty will help me to not feel joy at the thought of baby rapers suffering.  to not want so badly for Him to get these demons + break them into a million little pieces.  writing posts like the ones linked just below, have been my effort to mitigate the strong desire to see the worst befall these fools that don't love Yah nor anyone else.

as MJ souled/tranced out, threw signs + sang out the Truth in rebellious the form of "entertainment" warned... 

they don't care about US:

and just because there is much to be forgiven.

much for Almighty to forgive US/all humanity for...

+ much we must forgive one another for, before we can even ask Him for forgiveness.  according to what is written:



Luke 17: 3-4 

3  Take heed to yourselves:  If thy brother trespass against thee, rebuke him; and if he repent, forgive him.

4  And if he trespass against thee seven times in a day, and seven times in a day turn again to thee, saying, I repent; thou shalt forgive him. 


i add this link, prayerful that folk will focus on Him/His Word more than anything else.  understanding that we are all called to be His Word.  those not even attempting to walk with Him/His Word appear to love to accuse those that are making every effort.

i suppose it is a ploy to get others to abandon their narrow path walk + seeking His Face mission.



it is not even in me to pretend otherwise as it relates to my violent thoughts regarding those that would hurt the babies.  when i say that whatever their twisted, wicked minds can think to do to our innocents- i pray it back to them in multiples of thousands, permanent for eternity!  + even that is an understatement, cleaned up for public consumption version of what i truly want for these devils.  the same goes for the woman haters/degraders that especially hate bw/bgs.   

help me i see clearly + Stand Strong in Your Spirit + Truth, in Messiah's Name i pray for all of US, even now.  that we might Love You with all our hearts.  then forgive + Love one another.  then work together for the Good of mankind.

i pray that Your Kingdom come and Your Will be done, on earth as in heaven.

and so it is.


i AM thankful for the courageous, brave souls that refuse to be silenced by the devilish bullies that work overtime to shut folk down.

just as i AM thankful for the devilish bullies that work overtime while staying defeated to shut folk down;)

truly i count it all joy once the red clears from my eyes.

bold devils trying to regulate still cause me to see red.  i confess + ask folk to pray in Messiah's Mighty Name for me to conquer my impatience with said devils.  it is as if we recognize each other and the line gets drawn fast.  when i won't budge nor bow down...the accusations of knowing everything get hurled with the quickness.  even those that don't know Him/His Word seem to know the Truth on some level.  so yes...i do possess greater understanding.  He gave it to it is written, and will give it to all that seek Him/His Word. 



Proverbs 28:5 - Evil men understand not judgment:  but they that seek the Sovereign understand all things.


Yah, Father get me together so that i don't on auto pilot Stand + start verbally regulating bold devils.

Father help me to turn down/manage your FiYah/Spirit within me where i am not tossing verbal grenades just to say hello at discerned devils;( 

it is not permissible to take devils out on sight.

help me to discern the spirits you show me, then let my auto pilot be:



Be Still.

let it be as breathing for me to...



trusting You to give me clearance when/where/how/to move in your Spirit, You/Your Word.
help me to be a true: 

in Messiah's Mighty Name i pray.   this is my prayer for all sistas in You/Your Spirit + Truth seeking Your Face.

this prayer is for the kings as well;)  may they seek Your Face above all else and become the Kings you intended them to be.  ones that will Love their women as they Love themselves.  as it is written.  be we wives or neighbors...we should be getting much better than what is being given.

every woman is someone's daughter.  sister.  mother.  aunt.  wife.

it is my prayer that sleeping kings will awake + act according to You/Your Word.

that more will realize it is not wise to destroy your help.  

not only are sons being abandoned.




BW/BGs have not been given any breaks.  on the racism nor the sexism front.

by anyone.

we should be able to expect more from our brothers, sons, uncles, husbands.

not trying to be funny, here.  it just seems to me that until more folk get an understanding of how it is the women and girls that must be protected.  they really don't have a right to speak to the condition of Black women and girls.

think about it.

though to be sure, bw and bgs are making great strides. 

i Love humanity.

You/Your Word tells me clearly:



Zechariah 4:6 - ...Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Sovereign of hosts.

Proverbs 16:32 - He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.

Proverbs 25:28 - He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.


it is my prayer that He will take away all He sees in me that displeases Him.
this is my prayer for anyone struggling with any thorn.  they are there to keep US on the humble;)   looking at the upside.  'cause there is always one;)  Yah is Good!


didn't say it last post, yet it must be said.

i truly Love the souls over at the field.

even the football head new commenter.  lol!  not name calling, his/her little pic has a football head cartoon character in it.  when i scan his/her comments this pic cracks me up when coupled with the comments;) 

i am irked though by one soul in particular.  there is a strong desire to roll through starting stuff with them.

that ain't right.

so...let me stay from over there until that feeling passes;)  plus, there is not really too much more i can say to folk.  it all feels really repetitive at a certain point.   my role is not to cajole, convince, nor persuade.  Stand.  Speak.  teach if folk have questions.  learn from those with clues/ possible answers.  give Almighty Yah praise in it all + that's all.   

instead of picking fights with folk over in the field; it is my focus to better learn the Strength of:


as it is written in Scriptures...folk must repent.

bold devils that refuse to say they are sorry then stop it...

there's a song i wish to play for you.  it seems fitting that we roll it back to childhood with the images.  even small children are taught to say sorry/apologize when they are out of line.  even small children are known by what they do. 

which means everybody got next on this get Right tour.  according to the Law, one must repent.  this is not something that another can do for US. 


may more folk act like they know Him/His we head on into...


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