Saturday, February 8, 2014

portion of my daily bread...

in reading + preparation, on so many levels, for the coming days ahead...

my daily bread, led me here.  thought i would share, with those souls on a faith walk of epic proportions.  not for a moment do i believe that i am alone.  it is written that there would be a that means there are more like spirited souls out there. 

we just need to find one another.  pray for one another.  encourage one another. 

i Love King David.  as he walked and talked with Yah Almighty, his prayers really touch my heart/spirit.  i think King David epitomizes the faith walk-as he flowed righteously... 

it is my prayer to walk upright with Yah all the rest of the days of my life.  in Yahushua Messiah's Name, i pray.  may He lead, guide, bridle + loose my tongue according to His Will- in all matters- in keeping with His Infinite Wisdom. 

this blessing i pray for my enemies as well.  help them Father.  help US all.

loved the pic below, so i had to include it. 

i Love the notion of the day, as written, when all His creatures/creations will fall into their natural place in relation to Him/His Word. 

it is my prayer in all beings + things that Almighty will get the  Glory.  only He is worthy...




Psalm 19:14 - Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Sovereign, my strength, and my redeemer.

Psalm 20:1 - The Sovereign hear thee in the day of trouble; the name of the Almighty Yacob defend thee;


just a portion of my daily bread. 

i originally started to write this back on the 4th of Feb...posted more of the study on the 6th in greater detail, from a different view sortta, here:   

you know, rather than worrying about other folks' paths.  which i cannot control.  it seems wiser to focus on Him/His Word + my walk with Him.  everything else He will add to me as i seek Him...with no thorns attached.   that's what's written + what's Good;)  i Believe.  

it is my prayer to learn better ways of liking, mastering + employing the art of indirectness. 

indirectness makes me tired;( 

spiritually, and physically. 

confession:  i am being a bit dramatic here...yet candid.  'cause dealing with hostile, bold, defeated rebellion is tiring on many levels.   

i would rather shoot straight from the they used to say, back in the day.  verbally, of course;)  yet, it seems the rules to this new school, sex/death cult-ure are:

folk can only behave like grown ups when it is time to discuss sex.  outside of is time to be extra, super, special sensitive little children, regarding all matters of spiritual/physical life + death. 

folk really don't seem to like shoot straight from the hip type of Bold flow folk.  especially those souls that reserve the right to have a no holds barred approach to most any topic.  there is no subject too sensitive for them to go there with...but gee, hit 'em with a pure uncut back atcha = the end of their little world. 

+ these jokers start spouting Scriptures like they mean it, only it is hurled back as an accusation.  not as  a prick to their spirit.  not as a reminder of what Laws should have been on their mind, to obey, before they recklessly lobbied the verbal grenade my way.  lol.  one must laugh when said this way...

even so...i must do what He calls me to do.  just be more mindful.  understanding the purpose of my focus + Call as a soul fisher;)  an Angelou quote jumped out at me...paraphrasing:

folk won't remember the words you said...but more, how the words made them feel.

it is my responsibility to deliver His Word in a manner that the hearer will know the Love in my heart that motivates the message. 

so... i will be the bigger person as best i can, ya'll.  if i should fall... taking out a few reckless mouth devils with me... all i wanna know is: 

can a sista get a prayer or two? 

in Messiah's Mighty Name?

can a sista get some Love, 1 Cor. 13 style?


why did typing the above crack me up?


Heavenly Father it is my sincere prayer that you will bless each soul that visits here + put favor in the hearts of those whose paths cross all those of my house- on all sides, wherever they are in the Universe.  this blessing extends to those on-line, off-line, any time;) they say back home-

all ya'll;) 

in Messiah's Mighty Name, i pray for You to be with US all as we head on into...


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