Monday, March 24, 2008

1964..the ballot or the bullet?...the more things change folks...the more they stay the same...wake up!

for those of you that have elected yourselves to the board of "make sure white folks are not offended" please note that "cracker" is a historical reference. it is a term used to describe the white person, that wielded a whip and cracked it mercilessly on the backs of black men, women, and children, in an effort to brutally beat them into oppression.

additionally, please be advised that "cracker" children today are diligently about their fathers' (and mothers') business. trust.

be notified that keeping white folks unoffended and comfortable is the new jim crow law---i don't abide in it. be offended and angry if you must. be respectful as you voice your differences.


however, i must and i will be free. i don't seek nor need anyone else's permission. don't be mad--- if you have the heart, come join me!

coming out of last week---recovering from the effects of obama's speech and the gleeful reactions to it from black folks---most white folks were mad; they expect all or nothing and obama didn't give it all in his meally mouth, intermediary, buckdancing, distance himself from "tom" wright's performance. still, i say, wtf!

black folks, sadly; still have no self love, self acceptance, self respect, or standards. as a result, black folks accept pretty much any old thing---as such, most black folks were happier than pigs in sh%t following the buckdancing performance.

i must confess, i felt horrified, dismayed, and very tired watching it all go down.

i tried to think of what i could say.

i spent a couple of days thinking about it. while black folks dressed up and celebrated with the bunny that lays eggs.

i had to come back to the fact/conclusion that it has all been said before. so while we continue to pretend, move out, date out, marry out, and procreate out---feverishly---black male and black female---the battle is still the same. intermarriage did not save the jews from the holocaust and it will not save us. bank on it...we must come back to basics. and all roads lead back to...


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