Monday, March 17, 2008


feel free to play the song while you read:-) rage against the machine performs to the same level that i feel as i write. i am heated right now. especially, with the images of suffering iraqi women and girls seared into my memory. black women and girls have not and continue to not fare any better, in this country and abroad. standing against injustice is the only thing to do. that is, if you want to claim inclusion in the human circle; that is my humble, strong, unapologetic position.

the u.s. corporate owned media doesn't want us to know or see.

i think we all have the right to know and act from an informed place. don't you?

want information you won't find in mainstream media?

check out:

THE REAL NEWS!!! ---this source is also on my blogroll. support them. they have no strings, no corporate owners and behave like journalists (not the tabloid variety:-).

the iraq veterans against the war (ivaw) are holding a winter soldier's conference, presenting vets', iraqi, and afghan workers' testimony of u.s. imperialism's war atrocities. it is modeled after the testimony of u.s. war crimes in vietnam presented by vietnam veterans against the war (vvaw) in 1971.

the more things change, the more they stay the same. no?

the white supremacy/racism/corruption starts at the top and trickles is the american way...most americans without thought act as though the world is inhabited by lesser humans.

asking the u.s. gov't why? only ensures more gov't lies! true education is an individual pursuit. pursue knowledge. seek and ye shall find.

i salute these brave men and women that have decided to shine light in the dark places. it takes courage and i stand in solidarity. tell the truth and shame the devil! sociopaths are big on appearances, being worshipped and respected. it seems public humiliation is the only thing that puts them on the righteous path.

so we know where mccain stands. he supports torture and makes no bones about it. i can respect his candor. clinton has made it abundantly clear that she wants power and control even if she has to ruin her political party to get it. trust her with the world, do you? obama is as slick as snot, as such so many are missing the obvious... so let's examine fun facts...

...did you know?

both obama and clinton support the democrat carter doctrine: using military force to guarantee u.s. access to, control of, and profit from persian gulf oil.

though obama pretends to be the "out-of- iraq" peace candidate don't believe it! arch imperialist paul volcker's endorsement of obama should have been a great indicator. yes, that paul volcker---chief economist at chase bank, director of the rockefeller led trilateral commission, federal reserve chairman who put millions out of work by jacking up interests rates to 20% to bail out bankers in the '80s volcker.

this brazen soul went on record saying, he hopes obama's "leadership...can restore confidence in our vision, our strength, and our purposes right around the world." (wall street journal, 1/31/08) uh, sinister, anyone? anyone?

for those that don't know---harvard's kennedy school is a top imperialist policy factory, in my opinion. recently, obama fired foreign campaign advisor, samantha power (kennedy school guru! coincidence- no!) who specializes in disguising military invasions as "humanitarian interventions". on march 6th a bbc reporter asked her: "so what the american public thinks is a commitment to get combat forces out in sixteen (16) months isn't a commitment?" power's answer: "you can't make a commitment in march '08 about what circumstances will be like in january '09."

obama says he's "open" to keeping troops in iraq for years, if necessary. while the ny times reports the number of civilians killed in afghanistan is "alarmingly high". the u.s media doesn't count the death toll of non-americans. (history mandates as a black person that i don't ever forget that the powers that be don't count me and mine either! to forget is to be caught by surprise)

obama promises to redeploy more u.s. troops to afghanistan. the recently announced increase in u.s. covert operations in pakistan will continue, no matter who is president. bank on it.

don't believe, it is to your detriment to do so---the problem is just bush, the neo-cons, and mccain. capitalism is ruthless and inhumane. as evidenced by u.s. imperialism in its drive to control oil supplies, other resources, and as well as maintain profits. all signs indicate that ww3 will be a battle of capitalist rivals protecting their economic interests. the working class will suffer and die in large numbers as a result. we are expendable!

possible solutions? let's come up with them based on truth. i don't believe in trying to conform. i believe we need to come outside of the corrupt system, unite, and make this government truly of the people, for the people and by the people. though americans are not a monolith; i think we all want to live free and well!

talk to me...we are killing in the name of...let's rage against the machine!



Black 4 Black said...

I agree…we are in a state of emergency! We are at a crossroads, and which way we go will ultimately determine the outcome of our generation, and generations to come. If we don’t stand up now against the machine…we will be chewed up…not spit out … but used as the lever to further move the machine and it’s agenda. I am in support of our movement and am at your service and ready to protect you…by any means necessary!

Power to the People (Strength, resilience and endurance for ALL Black People!)!!!


focusedpurpose said...


you crack me up!

thanks for the love.


Khadija said...


PREACH!!! Your reference to the amero/nau the other day sent me scurrying through the internet to do some reading. Sister, you are an amazing fount of information! Thank you.

Now, the only place where I drop out from your rallying cry is the part about capitalism---I have yet to see any other system work at all [with the possible exception of Cuba]. *No "Commie-talk" for me!*

It's similar to my resistance to Muslim cries of "No interest!," which ignores the fact that modern economic systems are rooted in interest-bearing transactions.
In addition to fighting over oil, countries will also be fighting over something as basic as WATER. I've read scary stories of cities in at least one Latin American country privatizing & charging people for tap water. IIRC, resistance from the local people put a stop [at least for now] to this practice.

The water conflict is already one of the underlying factors between Israel/Palestine & its neighbors---Israel is stealing from its neighbors' water sources.

Black folks better wake up. And soon. I join you in lifting up my voice to speak the truth! The People United Will Never be Defeated!


black | woman | unhinged said...

Movements are for those who are willing to be moved.

focusedpurpose said...


hi. you are so welcome and ditto. i learn so much from you. i also greatly appreciate your willingness to tell the truth:-)

so let's look at where we seem to disagree, shall we?:-)

you said:

"Now, the only place where I drop out from your rallying cry is the part about capitalism---I have yet to see any other system work at all [with the possible exception of Cuba]. *No "Commie-talk" for me!*"

imagine if cuba had not been oppressed with american/european economic embargoes for refusing to be a puppet government and for assisting south african/haitian liberation struggles?

i think leaving people to do what works for them alone is always good. everything won't work for everyone. i am not too sure it would work in america. americans (which i am a proud one:-) are so indignantly ignorant, lazy, entitled and selfish for the most part. sharing hasn't entered the american collective conscience. white supremacy is also very much a part of the american "culture". the "don't ask-don't tell-don't even mention it" white supremacy policy only causes these problems to fester and grow in my opinion.

you went on to say:

"In addition to fighting over oil, countries will also be fighting over something as basic as WATER. I've read scary stories of cities in at least one Latin American country privatizing & charging people for tap water."

it is unchecked capitalism that we can thank for such greedy, inhumane, atrocious behavior. no?

who pays the most for these basic services? try... poor, underprivileged people.

so, twice, yesterday i had people hit me with the "communist" label. which is fine. i reserve the right to be self defined. i don't consider myself a communist. i everyday participate in capitalism. my husband is really good at it actually:-)

there are certain things that i cannot do, however. my humanity disallows certain behavior. i look around and see a reckless disregard for the humanity of others as long as there is profit to be made/had. when done to us we make noise. when done to others we are quiet. how conveniently wrong.

i don't pretend to have all the answers. i will say that open, honest dialogue is definitely one of the answers:-) i am simply trying to do my part. thanks for engaging me...

blessings to you my sis!

focusedpurpose said...



"Movements are for those who are willing to be moved."

so true. i agree one hundred percent.

let me clarify my point.

i think there are those that want something better. all colors of people. they just don't know how to obtain "it". there are some that are unwilling to do what it takes to get "it". there are some that the status quo works for and they realize they are enslaved and are happily so-"happy slaves"-history is full of them.

my message is to the first-those that just don't know how to obtain "it". i am not talking to the lazy happy slaves. they will be of no use in the final analysis.

shining light simply affords one an opportunity to distinguish between the three:-)

thanks for sharing your thoughts. you are always welcome here.

blessings to you!

Khadija said...


The thing is this: Communist/socialist governments have caused plenty of body bags due to starvation also. I'm thinking of the millions of Chinese that starved to death during the so-called Great Leap Forward. IIRC, Stalin was also responsible for millions starving to death in the USSR while he implemented one of several failed farm collective programs.

Sometimes communist/socialist rulers are so preoccupied with their pet theories that their behavior is as callous as that of greed-crazed capitalists.

I'd rather take my chances under a capitalist system.
As far as the general American psyche: Hmmmph! Any culture that is founded upon plunder doesn't have a lot of room for compassion for economic so-called "losers." Especially "losers" who don't resemble the majority population.

Another interesting thing is that Americans are programmed to self-identify as potential economic "winners" even when, in fact, they are losing.

Saul Alinsky called these people "The Have a Little & Want Mores." They have mentally positioned themselves between the "Haves" & "Have Nots." What's fascinating is that many of these people are actually "Have Nots."

I think back to all of the blue-collar "Reagan Democrats" in my city. These racist nuts continued to vote Republican even as the steel mills closed all around them. It was crazy.

Thanks for providing this forum---it's a breath of fresh air. I also checked out the Real News site---it's great!


focusedpurpose said...


i was thinking today and discussing with my guy...

...i need to figure out a way to charge for oxygen and breaths! i need to do this before someone else beats me to the pudding:-)

i am only joking. it seems to be a minute from just such a happening.

i cannot argue with any of your points. i think people need to behave more humanely and respectfully. i have not found a place in history where that was ever the case though.

indeed, human beings are evidence of God having a major sense of humor:-)

this forum and black women vote clears my head. it releases anger from my heart when i start to feel it. thank you for joining me. you add such a depth to the conversation. i appreciate you.