Tuesday, March 11, 2008

during...moment of serious thought?

i hope he is giving serious thought to his next move. i hope as he sits there...enduring the setting of his ridiculous hairdo...he thinks about what a mistake it would look and behave like...a black ass, money grubbing, sell out, publicity chasing clown.

in fact...i do more than hope. i pray for his sake that he just says no...or better yet...pulls another no call---no show in florida. time will tell.



Khadija said...

Absolutely ridiculous! And this is exactly why I'm sticking with the "hot comb" reference. This individual needs to be de-legitimized on every level. And if it gives people a few belly laughs along the way, so much the better! *Smile*

I actually remember noticing a few years back [late '90s?] when he starting transitioning away from being seen in public always wearing jogging suits. He's made a point of wearing business suits in public for years now.

The next step for him would be to get a better hairdresser. Someone who could make his poorly maintained collection of split ends look more like Johnny Mathis' "do"!

Thanks for making me laugh with the picture! I needed it!


focusedpurpose said...


hi sis. i noticed the slight image adjustment as well.

you cracked me up today. i thought i would return the favor.

because i have long recognized this clown to be a joke, today's news was not enough to surprise nor anger me. when it escalated to a full on assault- as i perceive it- that is when it angered me.

when i am angry, i feel heat in my bellow that rushes like fire to engulf me. it is not good. i have learned to manage it by looking for the humor. or going race car driving. or writing.

this clown has made it hard to miss the point. i say with certainty there will be those that do anyways. male and female.

let's go to war. let's take his clown @#$#$$g head...OFF!

focusedpurpose said...


i meant to say belly:-) it does cause a bellowing internal sound though. i had to practice all of the management tools today. i am toying with the cuss words post. it is the realest, rawest, unfiltered form of expression.

blessings sis!

Anonymous said...

All he needs is the red nose and the big floppy shoes and his outfit will be complete.

focusedpurpose said...


i laughed out loud again! you are hysterical. thank you!

you are always welcome here.


Invisible Woman said...

I can't stand to even look at this dude anymore--even in a sad picture like that.

focusedpurpose said...

hi Invisible Woman-

i like looking at the audacity of my enemies. they motivate me and keep me focused:-) there is an upside to everything.

thanks for dropping in. you are always welcome.