Monday, March 10, 2008

thank you my sister Karen!

"Politics of Black Hair...Kinky... The Other "N" Word...Nappy" is the name of Karen's blog. i love it.

check out Karen's latest blog. it resonated in my soul. it encouraged me. i am even more committed to wanting sisters to smile and be gloriously free...

thank you Karen for posting the video. i love what you do. thanks to the brother---Ty Gray-El, that put it all together.

it feels good to know that i have company. i am encouraged.

Karen is listed on my blog roll. you may also check her out @




Karen said...

And Thank You, focuspurpose for recognizing.

It's just a beautiful thing when Brothers openly express their love and devotion to their Queens.

- Karen

focusedpurpose said...


hi and welcome. i cannot say how much i appreciate you. so happy will i be the day when i see hair weaves, relaxers etc. are the rare exception and not the norm.

you are encouraging sisters to be gloriously, naturally, freely...themselves. thank you.

and thank you for highlighting the brother that sisters need that too.

i appreciate you. i support you 300%.

you are always welcome here. come again soon.

blessings in abundance,